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  1. I have moved a few times but all my addresses are on the experian report, i have been in paid employment at current company since 04/06 and previous to that for about a year then a six month break and then all the way back to 1999 when i left school. My partner hasnt got abad credit history at all, but she is not linked to my credit report in anyway, no one else is, as regards the bank i rang tonight to see if they would upgrade me but wasdeclined again due to credit report, the guy was suprised as i have been with the since August last year and he thought that after 6 months i should have had no problem getting a normal debit card, no such luck though
  2. I was once offered an 02 contract if i paid a £400 deposit but i could not afford it, i havnt been offered anything at all since and i have tried every vender, i was told t-mobile would give me one but i got a straight no, i wasnt even offered a 'solo' sim card.
  3. Hey, Thanks for the quick reply tried it, several times - straight decline, i even appealed with the reasoning above (that it is for people like me) no chance they said ???? Yep fair enough, but i have had PAYG for about 4 years now, just fed up of not getting any free minutes and having to use an old brick with a broken screen, i just wanted to get one so i can save money not having to buy a camera , MP3 player or wifi internet browser - i think i deserve to have some toys with all the hard work i do and there is no chance of forking out for them so getting one from a contract with free minutes seems like a good money saver , but an Asda Sim doesnt really help in this instance, which is a shame as i live 2 minutes walk from ASDA where I save a lot of money not having to travel to shop and get a good deal on my groceries i have tried and the only thing i can get is a cash card, this cannot do DD and had no overdraft, to fair i dont raelly want to use direct debits but they are convenient and some companies wont accept anything else so i have to pay outright, it is also an Electron card that i cannot pay my council tax or rent with with and cannot use for a lot of online retailers , been with them for well over a year now and no chance to upgrade the account, i last asked about 2 months ago but will try again. thansk for the input though.....
  4. Wow , i was just going to type a short post, sorry if i sent anyone to sleep just reading this ofrum i find another example staright away 'my "credit score" is 290 out of a 1000 not too bad i have 4 defualts for around 40K and can still get credit. crap one gave me a Credit card with 1.5K limit MADNESS ( i need the card to fund company travel expenses)' I read this and was like WTF ? how can that be ????
  5. Hi, I don’t consider my self to be bad with money and I don’t actually have any debt outstanding at the moment, but I cannot get any credit due to my report, the only think I have managed to take out recently was a BT line for my new (rented) house and I had to pay £50 deposit for that, cant get mobile contracts or open a bank account. In fact I have little desire to acquire any debt, it would just be nice to have a credit card to make money off or use for convenience, and to get a contract phone so I can have a new device without having to pay out £400 + bills for PAYG, I have nothing I need to pay off no CC, no loans no OD etc. I know the deal with this or at least the basics and have been on and off, when I first checked by credit file I had 3 issues 1 HSBC default 2 NatWest default 3 Orange, missed payments all these are from at least 3 years ago, I wrote to HSBC as I knew that was their mess up (wont bore you with the details) and that was removed pretty quickly, I wrote to NatWest and they ignored my letter (probably for reasons I will explain shortly) and Experian wrote to them, and then chased them for an answer which was eventually leave it as it is. I know the NatWest one is a load of rubbish based on their poor organization and not knowing their **** form their elbow; here is a brief description............. 'were many issues with the account, most people didn't even think that NatWest did non-customer loans (a loan to someone who did not have a current account with them, which they offered for about 1 month only then withdrew) and the difficulty I had trying to communicate with anyone was ridiculous, even if they did know of the loans department the account numbers I had for my loan were not recognized, the final straw was when I was told I had to pay my payment by cheque and mail it to some obscure department in a building in Glasgow specifically otherwise no one would know what it was about, the first time using this method I sent of the cheque and several weeks later it was sent back to me after being passed round several departments complete with internal memos and letters marked as not to be sent to customer telling me that it was a non existent account, I then sent it to head office with a letter of complaint and I was sent a letter of apology and a £70 compensation cheque for the stress they had caused, but that was enough so I paid off the loan in full and took it to another lender with which I have not had any such problems with - I was not told anything of this notice on my file by NatWest and why it was there (although I guess its because my payment didn't reach my account straight away but that was clearly the fault of NatWest which they apologized for but unfortunately didn't communicate to the department that looked after non customer loans ),and I only found this out (together with the HSBC one) when I enquired a few months ago because I could not open a basic bank account. Now I can’t speak to them directly all I can’t do is ask Experian to ask them to remove and they just keep saying NO when it is obviously total rubbish. I am not so fussed about the orange missed payment as I don’t think this effects me as much and should only be on there for 2 years I think even though I think they have the dates wrong, can anyone confirm this for me or advice on missed payments to mobile companies? I would also like some advice on the NatWest situation, I find it annoying that someone in an office somewhere that knows nothing about you or your life cant dictate what is on your credit file based on something they have read and not on what actually happened and I am powerless to do anything other than wait until after 2012 when it is 6 years from there record date (which incidentally was several years later than I actually had the loan. I have been given an address to write to but they failed to respond when I sent a letter last year. Also, maybe someone can help me understand how I cannot get credit when I have nothing outstanding (anything on my credit file has been settled) even with a default it shouldn’t be that bad, when looking through forums and such or even talking to people I regularly find out its common for people to be in massive amounts of debt and still be offered more credit and have CCJ;s and multiple defaults on their files, and still managed to get more credit, im kind of glad in a way as it means there is no way I can get into debt but its annoying when it comes to the small things like above, even specialized companies dealing with bad credit cases refuse to give me anything. I see people that have got over 4 credit cards with outstanding balances on that they are being chased for and they go on to say they take out further loans and credit cards to pay, I know that is not a good thing but how do they get accepted ? It just seems very backwards that people with loads of verified debt can take out more agreements when I with my 1 bull**it default can’t even get a current account - do they just not like me or what? I Also cannot understand how peoples arrears get so high with mortgages and such, surely if you miss one payment they are on your back and threatening to make you pay it all back in a lump some straight away yet people manage to have months and months of arrears with no consequences, if I missed one rent payment I would be out on my a*se. A final point, all this confuses me even more as I put my bills before anything else, every bill I have (Rent, Council Tax, Insurance, Broadband, Electric, Water & Gas – I have no mobile, sky, credit cards, overdrafts, loans or subscriptions at all, I don’t go out or spend any money on clothes or anything else other than an inadequate amount of grocery) these are all paid by standing order as soon as I am paid , I even go without food to ensure these bills are kept up to date but I am still treated like I would expect to be if I had about 50k outstanding through loads of companies with default etc but im not, I have no outstanding credit, I am a very prompt payer why am I being denied so much ? I was mildly annoyed before as I didn’t want any credit but I am looking at getting a mortgage now as it makes financial sense and I have an opportunity but know one will even touch me for a preliminary quote. If anyone can clarify what is happening I would really appreciate it as it is driving me mad. You may wonder why I would wont anything else if I don’t have spare cash to pay for the things but the fact is for the last 3 years I have been paying all these bills alone but living with someone and supporting them also, well the month has come when they are actually going to start helping me out by sharing the living costs and giving me a break, I am also taking on a lodger to bring me another £300 a month so next month I will be pretty flushed (well a lot more so than the last 8 years) and may want to make a life a bit more convenient with maybe a credit card, a contract phone and a bank that can do direct debits. Any way that’s my dilemma and advice or comments received gratefully. Thanks
  6. Letter to court manager This is what i have written not sure if the wording is appropriate but i think you get the jist of what i am tryin to acheive - If anyone has any advice or comments, they would be much appreciated as always. "Blah Blah Blah Please can you take this letter as notification that myself and the defendant have reached an agreement of which I have sent acceptance, however until I have finalized this agreement with and received the payment from the defendant I would like to hold the claim open if possible. Upon receipt of the payment as agreed I shall contact the court ASAP to inform you of the conclusion, but if the defendant should default on our agreement I would like to have the claim reinstated forthwith. I respectfully request that this notification be attached to the particulars of my claim. Blah Blah Blah" Thanks Anthony
  7. Hi agian, OK so my biggest fear is not a problem, i called the courts and they said its fine i just have to put it in writing (that i have reached an agreement, am i awaiting finalization and will inform the court when this has happened) So now its just my response form DG, I have emailed, recorded mailed and faxed this over so they shoul dget the message soon. Will update asap - Cheers
  8. Thanks people - would never have even started this without you lot or this site, amazing how this non profit site can help so many people so well yet other large and extremely profitable organisations can get everything so wrong and make its customers so unhappy : ) no names mentioned My acceptance letter will be sent to day then hopefully we can agree for once - though of course i will not be finished until i have my dolla, Anthony
  9. Hi, I have made a decision, i am going to accept their offer - i think i have done well anyway considering i got this far and they are paying the courts statutory interest so i can see that as a kind of compensation or costs on my part, i am getting more than originally owed anyway, the 8% was a bonus. My only slight concern is what i do now, i can write a letter of acceptance (there is no form to sign on this letter) but i am not sure how to word it best, what i should and shouldn't say etc but i think my main issue is with the court, obviously i need to call them and tell them what is going on but again what do i say exactly, i don't want to end the court action until i have the money but this could take a while so what do you think my chances are of a time extension due to continuing negotiations ? Any one have any thoughts, ?
  10. Thanks bong - i need to compose myself and decide what i'm going to do, this definatley is a help if i do feel i can carry on or even if its worth it for me. Latty has pm'd me with some helpful words, you peeps are great.
  11. Hi, Just got home and found a letter marked D+G - i didn;t get excited but couldn't think what it could be except the full offer, but they are still arguing , i will type the main bits out 'Dear Sir (Without Prejudice) You state you are seeking to claim the portion of overdraft interest which was caused solely by the application of the charge. In order that we investigate this further please confirm the calculation used to calculate this portion of the claim. It would appear from a review of your statements, that you were overdrawn over and above the charges applied to your account. In any event you will be aware that even without charges applied you would have incurred overdraft interest and it is basic condition of borrowing that you should pay interest on monies borrowed. The statutory interest, pursuant to s69 county court act 1984, which you seek to claim is, in our opinion, adequate recompense in respect of the charge from the date it was applied to the date of your claim. we do not believe that you are entitled to any interest over and above that which you seek to claim at the court statutory rate. If you believe this is not the case then please confirm to us the relevant legislation upon which you intend to rely' Advice ? anyone had this one yet ? It goes on to say they still uphold their previous offer of £2311 I don't know what to do , i know that they are taking the p and i don't want to give up but i cant deal with anything too taxing right now
  12. Yeah , a bit worried now it seems that its quite widely stated that all this info should be sent no less than 14 days before else it can mess the whole thing up so i think i better get it all sorted for Monday and hope they are as leanient with me as they are with DG. Is there anyway of finding out if DG have supplied the required info ? It all seemed so far away at AQ stage and i was banking on not going this far, though the one thing that confuses me is that i havn't had a letter confirming the directions. i have just had one letter since i filed the AQ, and i got the impression that i'd get another when the judge had looked at it containing details of what i actually need to provide. Regardless i will get all this sorted and get it in for Monday - first thing though read through all my court letters and put the peices back together.
  13. Cheers Lattie, your absolutely great; don't get me wrong its just my feelings that I'm expressing and i am ever so appreciative of all your help and support - i fully understand this is a consumer forum, and people post about the issues at hand, hence me giving it a break because i wasn't in the right frame of mind. i need to get my head right and get on top of it like I'm having to do with a lot of things right now its just a case of getting my priorities right, once i have sorted my head out and i know when I'm going these things will be sorted (if its not too late) Its just a shame things always happen at the wrong times for me (like there is a good one) and usually have knock on effects - but thats life. Maybe i should go an post on some crisis websites - would i see you there offering advice as well - i know little info of anyone on here even the ones that post the most just that they have been ripped off and want there money back or the even more kind hearted (yes you) want to see others get there money back too. that probably doesn;t make perfect sense but like i say i find it hard to concentrate right now, my mind keeps wandering to the same unsolvable quadruple edge sword of a b1tch [email protected] problem and constant heartache:evil:
  14. Hey - yeah they filed there AQ, i will have to look at the letter i got from the courts (it was ages ago now) but i though they would write to again and detail when i needed to send he stuff in or in fact what i needed to send. I have downloaded the court pack and had a read about but tbh i have become rather detached from my previous effort due to happenings in my personal life (things that make you see the insignificance of money) that and being very busy, which i have to be really to keep my mind off things. I will call them on Monday (after researching this weekend), once i know what to do i am sure it wont take me long - i doubt whether DG have sent anything in yet and the courts seem fine with giving out extra time - its two weeks to the court date sure i can get things sorted by then - but All i wanna do is open a letter saying have your money, i think i would accept an offer at this stage as i don't feel i can carry on with it actively much longer but i will see what this episode brings. Cheers Lats - I'd feel like i was letting you down not me if i got this
  15. Damn , it was a week ago when i thought i'd get some kind of cummunication but still nothing - though i have bee told 'it will be dealt with in due course' hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i best get my court kit ready this coming week - Court date 22nd
  16. The only slight confusion i have (due to it being new territory) ids when i need to send the 4 bits of info to the courts - in your thread you say that the courts give 14 days to get this in but from when ? I though that you didn;t have to bother with it until it was 14 days from court date , but i guess as long as it its all there by the court date it should be OK. I basically just want to make sure i have everything ready in time and correct, i don't want to fall over at this stage by forgetting to submit something that i over looked. Cheers
  17. Yep 22nd - Yep did the draught order of directions
  18. Hi, I did have similar thoughts myself and didn't go with the bombarding tactic - instead a sent an email to Rachael and today i received a response although not very revealing as to what is happening. Here is the response, i simply asked if they had received my second rejection letter and if my claim was being dealt with...... "Dear Sir, Thank you for your email. We can confirm that we have received your recent correspondence dated 17 February 2007 and will respond in due course. Yours faithfully Rachel Tomlinson" I wonder when due course will be - days are ticking away to the court date i will need to make sure i have all the info required for an appearance soon - I'm gonna need some help with that Cheers for all the support and \/ibes!
  19. Just sent some emails : ) BTW - Julie's email doesn't work Thansk for all the addys and numbas Netty - theres more there than on the info thread !
  20. Hi, just to let you know - still nothing - 17 days until court date i think i best give DG a call soon and see what they have to say........................
  21. Thanks again Latty - how can you keep so much optimism for so many people ? must be a lot of good in you !
  22. Oh yes an AQ- I remember that back in the day - LOL :-p sorry slight nuts with all this waiting, good luck - take my post as a worst case example - it cant go any worse than mine - nothing ever does. So providing you have all info correct - you'll have you money before me : )
  23. Cheeers lats, i was about to check ouy Andy's thread see if he had any luck!
  24. Still no news here ..........
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