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  1. Yes I came through it but as a different person.I hate banks with a passion!!That incident when I said to Nat West manager I thought you said there was no problem with my wife leaving.He just laughed and said weve changed our mind we will take your house.That has stayed with me making me very bitter and changed my whole personality.The successes in my signature and some of them are my dads has become a bit of an obsession The worst thing for me is still when i see something i like i have to buy it.This stems from not having a penny and to cheer myself up i buy something!!
  2. one account contained PPI. I had been paid a token payment and I will now be chasing the rest but I believe this altered the terms and conditions of the loan,also the signature on the other account looked like it had been copied and pasted plus the agreement was an application form in some one elses writing making it unenforcible (hopefully!!)
  3. Blimey so sad!!!I too lost everything in 1990 due to my wife leaving me.I had a cottage dating back to c1725 two lovely daughters.The mortgage and bills hadnt been paid (unknown to me for 3 months)People were turning up for money and constantly ringing at all hours.They wouldnt let me try negotiate any thing.Finally after seeing a fabulous counsellor at CAB,she rang everyone and sorted payments,I was advised to let the house go,with that I also lost my business.The total debt was £160,000.The house was repossessed for £60,000 (recently sold for £287,000!!)I did not handle this correctly i move
  4. Phishing list?? learn something everyday.Reason for asking was my dad has just rung and said we have another letter from a different solicitor I will send it you on.
  5. Yeah cerberusalert thanks for that but who is paying who now for the debt.Common sense should tell the twelve company they arent gonna have much luck with this purchased debt!!!
  6. I registered a complaint to FOS regarding being harassed by a debt collection company over an unenforcible agreement.Basically since 2006 I have had 28 threatening letters and fourteen phone calls each time I have told them the agreement is unenforcible,give them the reasons why.They go away say they have investigated and we start again.Anyway I put a complaint in and stated that I didnt want a ruling stating anything regarding unenforcibility,just that I wanted it stating if they couldnt prove the agreement to be enforcible to stop harassing me.The FOS came to the final conclusion he didnt th
  7. Hi Everyone,I wonder can anybody tell me is it unlawful for a debt to be passed around? The reason being I have dealt with a couple of unenforceble agreements for my Dad who is very ill. Lloyds tsb and barclays went very quiet but Halifax wont give up. They have admitted they dont have a credit agreement in writing but keep passing the debt on to solicitors and debt collection people. This is not a problem as such I contact the companies tell them the debt is unenforceble,they then pass it onto another who sends threatening letters and around we go. It just seems stran
  8. Not sure what you mean you by you have put them on notice of default,the ones I got removed were 1.When i was paying a DMP i could prove i had never missed a payment 2.MBNA and a DCA tried to both add a default but after 6 years when mbna sold the debt to DCA.ICO ruled mbna should have defaulted six years earlier in 2000
  9. Thanks for that,we go months and I fob them off then I get more threatening red letters from another one.With my own agreements I never heard anything more.No two are definitely application forms with little or no data on them but its like Mercers keep threatening so I just report them to OFT.The letters look frightening to my old dad and hes getting worried
  10. Hi Everybody,I was just wondering I am dealing with 3 banks for my father who is 78 and now in really bad health.The agreements were either application forms or in one case the bank has admitted they cant find the agreement.Unlike my own which just seemed to be uncontested my fathers seem to never end and we go a couple of months then we receive a new debt collecters letter,I tell them the account is in dispute and report them to OFT who now dont reply to me and around we go. However just lately I saw an article saying they can produce ANY other form now which constitutes an agreement and
  11. The owner now Apex produced one of the agreements about a month ago thats just 2 years
  12. Two years ago I was paying to Yorkshire through CCCS ON debt management plan from 2001 to 2008 with some other debts.Other debts were paid that left two which wasnt allowed to only pay two on DMP so i asked Yorks if I could settle as I had paid nearly 75% inc charges,they refused so I thought I would ask for CCAs and challenge them that way.Asked for CCA from yorks never replied until 1 month later said they had sold the debt to Apex so I asked Apex and for the last two years every couple of months I have received threatening letters and then just lately copies of the agreements.Apex own the d
  13. Can anyone legal tell me and I know weve discussed this on here loads of times,when a agreement is not produced within 12 days it used to be an offence.As that was scrapped what happens after 12 days now,ie apex produce a credit agreement in 2 years. And apex have been threatening every couple of months for 2 years,the agreement was put into dispute 2 years ago as both agreements are unenforcible,its like dealing with a comedy act.I must have told them around 6 times the agreements are unenforcible and why over two years,they go off investigate tell me they are totally enforceable.This ti
  14. There doesnt seem to be a law to protect the customer,I paid the debt back in good faith then challenged the agreements which are unenforcible.They are still bothering me after 10years.This loan on my credit file says settled.I am not too worried as this has gone back and forth since 2009 just sick of em!!If they were gonna take me to court I think they would have done so by now:confused:
  15. I am basicly trying to find any legal point to get Apex off my back.I paid this debt thru CCCS till 2009 from 2000.I paid back over three quarters of the totals.I found that both agreements were unenforcible but Yorkshire sold debt to Apex who are now after me to pay.They just send letters I tell them I arent paying as they are unenforcible they disappear for a month or so then come back and tell me the agreements are enforcible and round we go.They have only just produced the agreements i requested in 2009 from them.On the 6years it is just a hope,if the agreements were valid Yorkshire could
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