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  1. thanks for that andy, i havent been on here much but your post makes sense as i too was wondering when my loan will end, its 3 yrs is up dec but looks like due to interest will go beyond that with no missed payments, think i need copy of cca and will send it to fso and fsa for clarification
  2. hi thanks again lr, although i have 2 teenage daughters, the youngest is 14 and waiting to go for heart surgery, hence my need to move i cant get a grant from the family fund as she is not "severely disabled" im really appreciating your help here guys you keep giving me something to aim for,
  3. thanks guys, there is a possiblity i may be able to get a grant from macmillan having had cancer last yr and now unable to work, im hoping my councellor/star worker can help me with that, fingers crossed x
  4. hi guys please dont fight on my behalf lol, i live in a housing assoc flat and have been offered council housing, im greatfull allwood didnt know anything about the above and as my local council was mentioned in there,, ive applied to their floating support services before i curl up and die.
  5. thanks for the reply jack i wud so love to jsut jump on a train but as i only get £65 quid a week i cant even afford 2nd class ticket. i dont have any family that cud help me out the removals are going to cost in the region of £500 +, and as erika states im not on a qualifying benefit for a community care grant, been in touch with council welfare and health in mind who im under to see if they can offer me any help but so far cos ive worked all my live im 48 now and worked since day i left school i cant get help yet i get the same to live on as people on income based but have to stretch mine fu
  6. hi thanks for that sod-em means cos like i thought im contribuation based esa i cant get any help with anything, oh :-xthe joys of working all your life and paying into the system, that dont help you when u need it makes me angry:-x
  7. Hi can anyone offer any help please im currently on esa, contribution based and live in essex ive been offered housing back in my native north east which i desperately want to take but the cost of moving is restrictive to say the least i only recieve £65 pw esa and no other benefits and im not entitled to a budgeting loan or community care grant because im contribution based esa does anyone know of any help i may be able to get to help me move? would i be able to get a crisis loan for this? all help appreciated thanks:(
  8. no news yet from post wonder where he gone do you think hes been abducted by atos aliens?
  9. update today recieved whole waft of dwp papers as its been sent to truibunal service , i sent off extra letter 2 weeks ago as im awaiting xray results and now on very strong painkillers for my back and dwp havent recieved them even tho sent recorded delivery,,, as its now gone to appeal can i send these again, they also state i didnt send any infor from medical professionals i have been waiting 3 months for my referral to health in mind so dont have a therapist until 5th may and would of thought my dr signing sick notes would of been enough, any advice appreciated thanks
  10. just want to offer you my support to bendy, been depressed and suicidal because of debts and dca's calling forcing me to pay more than i could ever afford, but with the help of the guys n girls on these forums dca baiting is now a hobby, they ring me ask to confirm my details, so i ask them theirs and refuse to discuss anything on the phone, i would send the letters back marked not at this address then they gotta find you again by which time the debts will be statutte barred as already been said get your housing situation sorted even b&b is a start, have you been to the local council to re
  11. sorry for the delay in replying ive not been too well is it worth my while do you think in sending off cca to oung & pearce,as well as a letter explaing my situation, the agreement was signed in oct 2007 with a re-write in feb 2008 both signed off the premises as they came to my house. any one had any dealings with young & pearce,? help pleasse as received 2nd threatening letter this morning and im trying to get a clean slate after having a very bad year with ill health
  12. thanks for your advice ive sent prove it letter recorded this morning, and will keep a keen eye on things thanks for the advice x
  13. thaks jed im sending prove it off to him asap, not even sure if its my debt as cc was only for £200 i maxed it never used it or paid anything since 2001:shock:
  14. thanks for the quick reply they didnt even send a prepaid envelope or one with a return address on so had no choice but to open it, **** bags, off to find prove it letter x
  15. Hi, im after a little advice please, ive recieved a heavy handed letter this morning from bc stating that i have to pay £643.61 by 25th march or they will take me to court blah blah -the letter was addressed to a surname i havent used in years and as it doesnt have my full name i cn only think its for a crap one credit card that i took out in 2001 and havent had anything at all to do with since, so it will be statute barred that i can guarantee. as its a surname i no longer use, it was my ex partners name we aint been together for 7 yrs, i have no idea where they got the address from shall i
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