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  1. I am currently in the process of taking Next to court over a default, I will let you know how I get on.
  2. I am looking at the Court route now, could do with some advice.
  3. Apparently I opened the account in April 2006 (that's what they have told me), never missed a payment but in 2010 they decided to withdraw credit on my account due to their monthly inspection of my credit file (nothing had changed on my credit file). I placed the account in dispute, sent a letter etc, but only had the threat monkeys chasing me. I kept telling them that the account was in dispute and to put all correspondence in writing. I changed my phone number due to their constant harrasment, but never received any default notice or account statements. I discoverd last year that th
  4. Hi, Was there any update on this case? I am having my own battle with Next and would appreciate some advice. Dave
  5. Thanks guys, I am trying to get the default removed, but struggling big time!! I don't mind settling the amount, but then the 6 years will start again, I have 5 years left until the default drops off.
  6. It only says about processing data, no selling on or termination of account.
  7. Thanks, but should that be stated in the terms and conditions?
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if you have to be 8 payments late for a default to be reported on your credit file? For instance, can a default be recorded if you are only four payments late? I have looked th my supposed CCA and it doesn't state how many payments late before the default is recorded. Thanks in advance. Dave
  9. Hi, I looked at my credit file the other day and discovered that I have a default placed there by Next Directory. although, I contacted them and agreed to repay the amount in full if they would be so kind as to remove the default, I was told that this was not possible. Has anyone else had any success with getting a default removed by them? Thanks in advance Dave
  10. Can you also send him the documentation that allows you to register a default? I thought you would have to have his consent to process his data?
  11. I had an account with Next, for which they withdrew the credit facility last year. I had not missed a payment on the account since it was opened around six years ago. Apparently, they review credit files on a regular basis and decide to remove the facility. as they did this, I stopped paying them and they have defaulted the account, I have been getting letters and calls from Debt Manager LTD, yesterday I got a letter from them with a load of old statements and a completely blank agreement!! So I would say that unlawful recission is quite commonplace with Next.
  12. I thought this site was on our side, obviously not!
  13. Moderators, could you please move this thread so that everyone can see it? Thanks in advance.
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