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  1. I am also with talk talk and calls to Australia are completely free. I also have a new package with Tmobile that gives me 60 free mins to Oz, landlines and mobiles.
  2. If you bought the goods off the company after it had finished trading then surely vat would not have been payable as the registration would have ceased, in which case you could try claiming the original vat back as an overpayment.
  3. The duty is paid by the manufacturer not the retailer. When it arrives in the shop then the duty has allready been paid.
  4. Surely the shops will still be carrying pre tax decrease stock and will have to wait for post reduction stock to come through?
  5. I went to a rally where we had all de registered our cars and thrown the plates in a skip. Had a really good time but when i tried to leave i couldn't work out which was my car so i had to come home on the bus.
  6. Just turn up wearing a Star Trek uniform and say it is because you believe in "truth and justice as defined by Space Directive #3742".
  7. The shop is in a sub divided unit and no meter,the LL appears to be plucking figures from the air. A registered charity is entitled to a reduced vat rate of 5%.
  8. Thanks for the link. What makes it more complex is that she is entitled to reduced vat (5%) so she needs a full vat invoice from the LL which he is not supplying.
  9. Thanks for that Surfer. Can you point me to the exact legislation? I can only find the part that relates to domestic.
  10. I have a friend who runs a charity shop and her landlord is charging her for electricity but refuses to provide an itemised bill. I know that there are regulations covering the re sale of domestic electricity but are there any covering what is essentially busness use?
  11. A little help please as to my rights. EASY JET cancelled my flight on christmass eve. the plane was on the tarmac and our luggage i believe was on the plane when the flight was cancelled 10 minutes before we were due to board. It took easy jet 20 minutes to send some one to the departure lounge to tell us what was going on. We were told "its due to the weather" this was despite the fact that we could see planes taking off out of the window. When we asked about alternate flights we were told "i dont know". When we finally made it to the easy jet desk after collecting our bags and going through border control (despite the fact we had never left manchester!) we found easy jet staff had run away. some passengers were told the flight had been cancelled as the crew had failed to turn up. I managed to book an alternative flight with monarch and made it to spain albeit 12 hours late and different airport. What are my rights under the european regulations for flight cancellation?
  12. I had 2 endowments,one of which was a top up. I have been sucessful in claiming on the top up and the claim for the main endowment is on going but the various companys involved are only supplying me with limited documents which is why i need to use a subject data access request to obtain all the documentation they hold as they appear to be with withholding a great deal.
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