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  1. yes I just called the court. They said that I need to apply to have the case reinstated. I need to use form n244. It is available at http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/n244_0400.pdf and pay a fee of £35. Is there any guidance as to the best way to fill this form in? Once filled in, the judge will decide whether to reinstate it or not.
  2. Can someone tell me if I can still save this. Please this is URGENT!
  3. The order is dated 26th june 2007. Please can someone tell me if there is anything I can do. If so, what can I do? Thanks.
  4. Yeah I didnt notice. It says: "It is ordered that: 1. The claim is allocated to the Small Claims Track 2. The Claimants shall by 18-May-07 file and serve: (a) Copies of any statement or other document relied upon as showing that each and every charge repayment of which is sought has been made; (b) A statement of the Claimant's own evidence, if such is to be relied upon as tending to show the alleged charges have been made, or that they are irrecoverbale as penalties. If the Claimant fails to comply with this order, the claim will be struck out without further order." I then got a letter which says: "It is ordered that : 1. The Claimant having failed to file documents as set out in the order of the Court dated 26.3.07 by 18.05.07 or at all, the Claim is struck out in accordance with the provisions of that order. 2. The hearing listed for 23rd July 2007 is cancelled. 3. This Order has been made by the court of its own initiative, without hearing the parties or giving them an opportunity to make representations. Any party affected by the order may apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed. Such an application must be made not more than 7 days after the date on which the order was served on the party making the application." I don't know if i have lost the right to claim it back now:???: Please can somebody help me out. Many Thanks.
  5. My Claim against LLoyds TSB has just been struck out! The letter from the court says the claimant did not submit documents within the specified date and now the hearing is cancelled. I did submit the AQ, with copies of the Schedule of charges. Does this mean the end?????
  6. Defence filed by bank. I have now sent copies of the schedule of charges to the court, along with the Allocation Questionnaire. I now await a date to be set by the court. Here's hoping......
  7. Can I wait till the court is transferred, before I send the schedule of charges? Because you obviously couldn't do it on the moneyclaim website, and they have thus far only acknowledged my claim. The claim was served on 31st January 2007. What is the next best step from here-shall I wait for the case to be transferred to my local court, or shall I send the schedule of charges now?
  8. Cheque sent back with rejection letter. Court Claim filed online, the bank has acknowlegded it. Is it likely that Lloyds TSB will enter a defence?
  9. This claim is for a closed down account -well before the claim began. Also it appears that there are no conditions attached to this, it's just the final response from the bank. They havent said it's a final settlement or anything like that they just offered to refund part of the money and said the cheque will be with me in the next few days. In this case shall I still send the cheque back and reject the money? Or shall I cash the cheque and go to court for the rest of the money?
  10. After sending the letter before action, I have now recieved a letter saying: ...Generally we don't agree to adjust any of these charges, but i can tell you that on this occasion we are prepared to reduce the charges by repaying you £750." (total claim is £1074.50 excluding interest) ..."I need to let you know that this does not mean we consider we have any legal obligation to do so. You will receive a cheque in the next few days" "This letter is the banks final response..." They do not say it's a final settlement or it should be accepted as such. Shall I cash the cheque and continue the claim for the rest of the money via the courts or send them anothe letteR?
  11. I have received what looks like a fully standard letter from lloyds tsb. They are defending there charges. They have taken slightly less than the 14 days I gave them for a reply. Shall I send the claim off now? Or do I still wait a few more days till the 14 days have passed and then send it?
  12. Letter with schedule of charges sent! Now I await 14 days, for a response.
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