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  1. i am in the process on starting my claim on mcol. can any one advice me on how to go about it with regards to claiming contractual interest eg the wording in the particulars of claim and do i add the statutory 8% on top or offer it as an alternative if the judge says no to awarding contractual interest or just not mention it at all?thanks in advance if anyone can advise me
  2. if i add contractual interest it will add alot to my claim but how successful are they? as im really scared i will ballz things up and end up with nothing.
  3. thankyou! i have been trying to read up on requesting contractual interest but im stil trying to get my head around working it out. i want to make sure i do everything correctly before i send my request for a refund off but am finding it quite daunting now!
  4. Hi all, iv recently started making an effort to get back my bank charges from halifax. iv got a current account and a credit card account with them. i sent off for copies of my statements and so far iv only recieved copies of my current account, my question is do i wait til my credit card statements arrive, then add the total charges of the two up and send a request of a refund or do i do it separately and send the first lot off now then when i receive my credit card statements work out how much iv paid in fees and send that off later on? thanks in advance if anyone can help and id just like
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