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  1. The clamper had fed the chain behind the driveshaft. There was enough slack to get behind the plate and remove the wheel. To remove the chain, I undid the driveshaft nut (not easy - 134lbft!), split the bottom balljoint, pulled the hub off the end of the driveshaft, and looped the chain over the end to the ground. It was a very satisfying moment! To add: I do a lot of trackdays and I am quite handy with a spanner...
  2. No, although after stating the situation, I effectively hung up on him. I returned an hour or two later, and the clamp had gone.
  3. I have removed the clamp (carefully) and phoned them to let them know. The clamper claimed it was a criminal offence to remove the clamp, and I informed him that he was wrong. What now? If I park in the same car park again, can they clamp me even if I have a valid ticket? I left the clamp by the parking bay and took photos. Any chance they might claim it wasn't there?
  4. My car was clamped by CP Plus on private land. To release the vehicle, they are demanding several £100s including "previous unpaid tickets". I accept responsibility for the day in question, but not for the previous tickets. I have offered to pay the charge for the day in question only. They have refused this. What are my options? Do I have to pay the total amount and make a claim to recover the disputed portion? Can I insist that they release my car on payment of the fee for the day in question? I have refused to pay for now, but I am worried that this will become more difficult if they tow my car.
  5. Since my 2 successful claims in 2006/2007, I have incurred quite a few more charges on my One Account. They are still charging £29 per unpaid item . What is the current status? Can I go through the claim process again?
  6. Quick update: I sent a letter based on a template from this site ("As the keeper I deny that I am liable etc...") nearly a year ago and I have heard nothing since. Result.
  7. I've now got photos of the sign and charge notice, but I can't access photo hosting sites from work. I'll upload them tonight.
  8. Thanks, some interesting replies there. I'll photograph the sign (the only one I can see is next to the actual ticket machine) and the "Charge Notice", wash and post.
  9. "The other thing to bear in mind with these tickets is that if they don't mention the byelaws then they are just ordinary invoices." But they do say "AS DETAILED ON SIGNS" I am still a bit unsure whether I can treat it as a PPC invoice or as a PCN.
  10. Unfortunately the sign in the car-park does mention CP Plus Ltd by name as the enforcers of the parking policy.
  11. Thanks for the replies. The charge notice definitely does not mention the bye-laws. The notice is for "NOT DISPLAYING A VALID PAY AND DISPLAY TICKET, PERMIT OR VOUCHER" and states "IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT RELATING TO PARKING AS DETAILED ON SIGNS".
  12. Checked the sign this evening and the car-park IS covered by Railway Bye-laws, but it doesn't mention the Transport Act 2000. CP Plus Ltd is a private PPC. What are my options? I've done a search, but only found posts stating "railways are different", without much detail.
  13. I'll check the signs tonight; there is nothing on the charge notice. Another question: My car is parked in this car park everyday. Is it realistic to ignore/resist many charge notices over time, or is that taking the mickey? Are there any examples of a PPC company changing tactics against a persistent "offender"?
  14. I have received a "Charge Notice" from CP Plus Limited when my car was parked in a railway station car park. I intend to use the information and advice on here to resist this charge. Before I continue, I notice that some additional laws apply to railway land. Does that apply here? The notice look like a typical PPC charge notice with no mention of any specific law.
  15. Update: We received a letter from SC&M stating that all claims are being stayed until after the test case, but that their client's offer still stands and requesting that we confirm our acceptance. This we did and received a letter stating that our claim would be paid directly into our bank account within 7 days. Today we received a letter from the court stating that our case was being stayed until further notice, so it looks like we got in just in time!
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