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  1. Well I received my S.A.R back after numerous calls explaining I did not just want statements. It was posted on the 23 Nov 06, although I did receive a letter telling me it would be 10 days late in processing. On receipt of the S.A.R I rang MBNA and played stupid and said that the forms were confusing and could they send me their interpretation of what I paid in charges in a slightly simpler format. The told me they were happy to oblige and I would receive this within 7 days. 4 Dec 06. I just received the charges as promised with a goodwill gesture paid to my account of £650. They have asked will I drop my complaint. Funny thing is I haven't made acomplaint to anyone. I have worked out the amount of charges on the statements they sent and it comes to £1376 (not incl any interest). Would it be advisable to call them requesting the full amount of charges and if so what interest exactly do i ask for? Just a quick thanks for the templates and help in getting this far and in advance for any forthcoming help.
  2. If you look at my thread, they tried a similar thing but I may have contacted them in time... Good luck
  3. MBNA try and pull a fast one!!!!! My S.A.R was received on Mon 23. I called today to clarify that I wanted a complete S.A.R as requested and not what was offered (see earlier reply). I was put forward to Paul Miney who told me that he was happy to send statements for free, I reiterated that I wanted a complete history etc, he then told me I needed to pay £10 and send ID. I asked what happened to my payment that was enclosed and was informed that they had used it to pay £10 off my balance. I asked who had authorised this and was told they did it for my benefit as it reduced my balance. I again asked who authorised it and was told he did not want to get into an argument with me. Can they legally use your money at their discretion. He was also adamant he wanted to know the reason for my request.
  4. I maybe wrong, but a S.A.R is a legal right. The fact that you are requesting this could be for a number of reasons. If a Financial Institution was to close an account on the grounds that you exercised your legal right the you could hold them liable. My current job involves law and looking into this with work colleagues leads me to believe you are safe in applying for a S.A.R. If I am wrong I stand corrected. If anyone else knows different please let us know as I dont want to give wrong advice.
  5. Thank you, It certainly does help. The last thing I wont to do is cut corners. So far I've followed advice in the examples to a T. It seems MBNA are trying to smooth people over with a bit off sweet talking. I'll ensure if I dont get what I requested then I will give them 'the good news' so to speak, and inform them through the other letters of my intentions. Thank you again.
  6. Thank you for the advice. What you have said could work to my advantage. I have asked for a full account history under the S.A.R (as per the template). If they provide what they think is adequate, surely this goes against the S.A.R request and is illegal on their part. If I ask again for a complete history, surely any difference in amount could be beneficial to my claim.
  7. Just thought I would ring Paul Miney as he seems to be the one in the know. I didn't ask about refunds etc. just the procedure for S.A.R. He certainly is a polite helpful guy. He said that they dont actuall treat you S.A.R. in the correct way but oblige you by sending the details about your account which you requested. This would normally be £2.50 per statement but they will provide the requseted info free including returning the payment for £10 originally sent. All Seems good so far fingers crossed.
  8. I called MBNA this afternoon to get a name to make out a postal order for the £10 SAR charge. The gentleman i spoke to refused to discuss anything until I discussed my arrears and next payment with him. Long story cut short, we had a heated debate over charges at which point he stated that MBNA charges are very fair at only £12. I asked if these had been implemented on advice from the OFT. Sudden silence came over the phone as he realised I may know more than he thinks. He then stated that THEY had decided to change their rates in line with other banks. I the managed to get put through to another department who said they would only supply 12 months of statements. I the explained the Data Protection side of things, again a silent pause... I then informed them they had 40 days upon receipt to action my request or I would inform the Data Protection Commisionaire. Certainly Sir, was the reply we will happily oblige. This sight really does help with the lingo needed to make them realise you mean business...
  9. I recieved an MBNA card back in May of '98 for £1500 credit limit. A few days after receiving the card my wife had family death in Canada. So a flight for her and our daughter plus car hire etc. swallowed up the credit immediately. It is now 2006 and I am still trying to clear this debt. Back in 2001 I had the balance to around £400. But things went downhill and again i was unable to make payments. The card has been froze since around may '99. Over the years I have paid God knows how much. My balance is currently about £1900. i contacted MBNA and they said they would knock £200 off the amount if I settled immediately. I explianed that I had paid them somewhere in excess of £4000 on the origanal amount and that the total paid would be in the region of £6000 once settled. There attitide was tough luck. This site has given me a new hope in clesaring the bill. I have just completed the Data Protection letter. I will inform you off the results.
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