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  1. Further to realising that Barclays owe me £2k, I sent Data protection letters to Lloyds x2, Mint, Marbles, Tesco and Barclaycard along with £10 cheques for each.

    Lloyds debited £10 from my account for copy statements and haven't sent my cheque back...pah!

    Mint and Tescos have sent me letters acknowledging receipt of the cheque (and have paid it in) and say they will post me the statements within the 40 day timescale.

    Marbles haven't done anything yet.

    Barclaycard sent me statements back as far as May 2004 and want to charge me £3 per statement going back before this date as they claim they are stored on Microfiche and as such are not "readily accessible" within the meaning of the Data Protection Act.

    Can I use the ICO verdict on the Abbey's claim about Microfiche and sent a letter to Barclaycard demanding the statements? :rolleyes:

  2. I received the standard letter from Mike Brophy "...I am sorry your unhappy...A full report or an update on our progress will be sent to you within eight weeks..."


    Preparing the LBA letter (for posting on Friday). Bring it on Barclays, I look forward to having my money back and buying my wife something nice (after making a donation to you guys!)

  3. Hello, I was redirected here from the Martin Lewis Website (I heard him talking about this on Radio 2 a few weeks back). What a wicked site. I feel very motivated reading other people's cases.


    So here is my story so far...

    6th October - Sent a letter to Barclays asking for details of all my statements going back 6 years.

    12th October - received all my statements (but in a different format to normal)

    16-20th October - Read through the website

    20th October - Preparing to send my prelim letter claiming £2000 plus £381.63 overdraft interest


    I hope someone can help me...I have used The Vampiress Google spreadsheet to calculate the overdraft interest but mine seems quite a high amount to claim in comparison to other threads I have read...I have redone it twice but still get the same figure am I doing something wrong.

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