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  1. I think it is a great idea - my only comment is that I did it for American Express and the line... 'I would be happy to collect the Data from my local branch.' Isn't relevant. Great work guys.
  2. Fianlly got all my statements and sent them a letter requesting £355. They replied and credited my card with £155 saying that was the difference between £12 and £25. Please can someone advise me on how I claim the rest? I am thinking of sending an LBA saying thanks for the partial repayment but I would like the remaining amount of £200 in 7 days or I will take court action. Please can someone advice me? Thanks in advance
  3. I live in Bath but its gone to Bristol court!
  4. Thanks Falcom - do you know which bits I need to tailor?
  5. I have received a court date on 12 MARCH 2007!!!!! Please can someone direct me to the basic court bundle and explain what I have to do?
  6. Hi Tanz Read your thread with interest as I am in the process of claiming my wife's barclaycard money back. Good luck , we'll get there in the end!!
  7. Nightmare!!! Barclays acknowledged my claim yesterday (14th day is today). Then I re-read my particulars of claim and realised I had made a mistake. I forgot to include the interest in the Amount claimed box so I was claiming £2000 instead of £2732. Also notice that I was claiming charges back to 1999. Called Northampton County court and spoke to a very helpful lady who told me I need to fill in another N1 form send them a cheque for £35 (payable to HMCS) and complete a N244. Please can someone help me with the N244 form http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/n244_0400.pdf Thank you very much in advance and I realise that I am a muppet!!!!!!!!
  8. Congratulations - I'm a few months behind you (just sent them a letter saying give me all my statements after receiving the standard microfiche blurb!
  9. Congratulations, great to read. they have til dec 2nd to send me all the statements or this mild mannered individual is going to turn into one nasty *@&*^%%.
  10. Please can someone advise me on their thoughts with this letter that I am thinking of sending to MBNA in response to their goodwill gesture. With reference to the above, and to your letter dated 15 November 2006. I wish to thank you for your offer of £530 in respect of bank charges levied over the last six years on my account. I will be happy to accept this offer as an interim payment (not Full and Final Payment), but wish to inform MBNA that I require the outstanding balance of £730 to be paid within 7 days. I require repayment in full of this money. If you do not comply fully within 7 days then I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus interest plus a claim under ss.7 and 13 of the Data Protection Act 1998 plus my costs and without further notice. Do I still need to send them a prelim letter and LBA letter or can I give them 7 days and then go for a Mcol? Thank you in advance
  11. Just spent 29 minutes on hold before getting the same message..due to circumstances beyond our control...blah blah blah
  12. Having read Cantsay's thread I tried to call Paul Miney on 01244 - 672628. Got a message saying "The number cannot be connect due to reasons beyond their control please try later" I guess poor Mr Miney is snowed under...will keep you posted!
  13. I have received a similiar letter from Rachel Claridge offering me £530 goodwill gesture (though they owe me £1200)...Good luck with your claim I will be following it with interest.
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