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  1. Received my details of charges back a few days ago. Whilst the majority of these are within the 6 year limit a couple of them are form October 2000 and therefore slightly outside the "time limit". I have requested these back from the bank with all the others in the second letter I sent earlier this week so am waiting with baited breath on the reponse I'm gonna get. I wonder if the bank will knock these (its about £24)from the total amount? We will see:rolleyes:
  2. Cheers, Currently I am a Previlege account customer for which I do pay a subs fee every month. Whilst working through my statements from 2001 I have discovered the following: A monthly charge of £8 plus variable amounts of "debit interest". If I had exceeded my O/D limit within the month this then increased the monthly charge to £10 and added "Daily Excess Charges" of £4.50 per day. These fees increased at various times throughout the period I am claiming back. There were also "Commission" charges debited on occasion. I just need to know which of these I can claim back to ensure the bank does not stall in refunding what was illegally taken from my account. I know if I spend a while going through the threads I will probably be able to discover this but this info will be useful for other newbies like myself if restated again. Paulman
  3. Hi, These were around 2001/2002. I am currently trawling through the statements but the Co Op certainly make life difficult for you!! Am I correct in thinking I can claim back anything which is not a monthly fee for the running of the account? Paulman
  4. Its a Co Op account. I didnt think I could but thought I`d better check. I think I can claim debit interest/commission/daily excess charge. Paulman
  5. Thanks for that, I`m not sure whether I can claim back the monthly charge of £8 (later £10) or not. I doubt it?
  6. I have just received my wad of statements from the Co Op and need a definitive list of exactly what I can claim back. If anyone can help I will be very grateful!! Paulman
  7. Hello all, Started the ball rolling by requesting list of charges from the Co Operative and they have acknowledged my letter saying they cannot do a specific list but will post out all my statements from the last 6 years. Here we go!
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