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  1. Well, I THINK i have got a result! Allthough i received a letter from the court stating that cap one were defending, i have now had a letter from cap one stating 'that as a gesture of goodwill' and 'to resolve the matter without the need for a court hearing' they will pay my full claim of £1101.66.....however, even though i stated i would only accept a cheque for the full amount, they have credited my account, which leaves me £317.33 in credit(I was fairly over my limit due soley to charges). They are sending me a cheque within 14 days for £317.33..... This isn't QUITE what i wanted, BUT i thought they would automatically close my account, as it happens they have made no mention of closing my account, and have advised me that if i use my account again i should keep within my limit and not pay late....blah blah.... They havn't given me any option not to accept, but im wondering why they have ignored the fact that i wanted a cheque for the full amount..... However, if my account is too stay open, then i am happy with the outcome. .....Could they suddenly close my account after i have confirmed settlement with the court?
  2. ....I know...i keep telling myself that!...cant help but worry tho...maybe i'll be the one who loses out! ...will take it all the way tho, if i have to!
  3. Court claim sent yesterday...but i received a letter from cap one regarding my last letter to them rejecting their offer of £180. They are confirming they will NOT be refunding my full amount asked and are happy for me to take more action if i feel i need to.......:o but £180 is their final offer..... Im just getting a wee bit worried now!
  4. Sending off court claim today .......!
  5. Have sent capital one a letter, declining their offer of £180(!) They now have 10 days to respond,inc 2 days for posting...14 march, then!
  6. Oh! I see! ...looking in the corner of my screen, i see i have the 'done'and ! sign too!
  7. Chezt...I was using the N! route anyway, i used it last time and am familiar with it! x
  8. Yep...that helps..I will leave off the 8% then:) Many thanks
  9. I am just about to start a court claim against my credit card.....I have added contractual interest throughout the claim. My question is....as i am now starting the court claim(just about to fill out the forms), do i also add 8% interest, or do i leave that out as i have already added contractual? xx
  10. I seem to have lost the link that allows me to update my signature....does anyone know why this may be? Thankyou! x
  11. Received a 'goodwill' gesture from cap one of £180.....! ...Having looked at the FAQ...it has copies of letters that should be sent if you receive an offer of settlement...does a goodwill gesture stand as a settlement offer? Or can i go ahead and continue with my claim?
  12. Thankyou, I thought that to be the case!
  13. Thanks for setting my mind at ease!..It did get me worrying that i would end up with a huge bloke at the doorstep demanding money! But yes, my account is in dispute and am awaiting a reply to my LBA... x
  14. Appologies if this has been mentioned before, but has anyone else heard about Capital One 'selling' your debts to a dodgy 'debt collector', who will then procede to pay you a visit and DEMAND payment...(the debt has nothing to do with cap one then...!) Not sure how true this is, but i heard this via my husband who heard it from the radio(bbc4) Anyone know what im talking about? ....Its got me MEGA worried!:o
  15. Have received a letter from Mr Udy....they are looking into my claim, could take up to 4 weeks....I take it this is to be ignored and i should continue as planned?...At the moment, they have until 24th feb, before i start claim with court(LBA sent on 10th feb)...
  16. Oh! I see! Will get that done now then! Thankyou!!!
  17. No response from capital one re prelim! Ok i have now sent the LBA... See if i get a responce now!
  18. So, to clarify...i leave the date which is on my spready as 27/01/07(under 'date of claim') ?
  19. Bit of a dumb question now! I have sent off the pre-lim along with spready calculating contractual interest...dated 27/01.07 As i have had no response from cap one, i am just about to send LBA with updated spready(to accomodate the new charges!)...should i change the claim date or keep it at 27/01?...maybe i just havn't woken up yet, but i can't think what to do!!!
  20. Thanks chezt...got there with the link you posted... xx
  21. I have been opening my spreadsheet by going to vampiresses chambers and following the link to the spready i want...now that the first post has been edited and there is no link to the chambers, i can't get to my spready!!!(clicking on the relevent link on first post just comes up with page unavailable!!!) Can someone point me in the right direction(spready 13 i am using) as i really need to update and get my LBA off.. many thanks xx
  22. they didn't...all they told me was to buy a dvd that was listed in their code booklet, which i did and it was. now it turns out that just because the manufacturer is listed, doesn't mean that the particular dvd player will work...they did not advise on a particular model, and particular models are not listed in the booklet they supply, just the manufacturer.
  23. Finally got round to sending my pre-lim letter...now waiting for the nice 'no no' letter from Udy!
  24. Sorry, i didn't realise there was another post!... The new dvd player we bought especially for the bubble is an alba...
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