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  1. I too find this thread HIGHLY OFFENSIVE and it should be REMOVED! Though doubt it will as most are 'helpers' posting!
  2. I have already done this last week. Stopped all my direct debits. How can I get my £400 in charges back - I am left with £3 a fortnight to live on, how can I not be a hardship case They took over £200 last month alone so now I am spiraling out of control in debt
  3. I hope someone can advise. I have had over £400 taken out of my Nasywest account, all benefits. I took the advice here and filled in a customer financial statement form. I am left with £3.00 a fortnight to live on. Natwest say I do not come under the financial hardship category. Where can I go from here? I have stopped all my direct debts and have my benefits paid into the post office now so I do not get caught for anymore charges. Any advice to where I go from here please?
  4. Thanks SSL I am being harrassed 10 hours of every day and it's driving me frigging nuts. Have just written a letter from here telling them to leave me alone! I am seriously thinking of going bankrupt, I'm so tired of these banks..
  5. Update. I have been refused my claim for hardship. They have stitched me up for £200 in charges, that all my benefits - I am so fecking mad - I apealed through my local branch and head office refused to return it. I am drowning in debt here
  6. Hi I have been paying off my Halifax credit card at £1 a month for the past couple of years as I am long term sick. All this was done through the CAB. Last month I got my usual bill and noticed they were now charging me interest, over limit fees and late fees, this adds a whopping £147 a month onto my bill. The over limit is because of them adding interest on my account! I have called them and they say they are within their rights to start interest again after 1 year. Now my minimum monthly payment is £300 monthly. I don't even get that a month in benefits! Help please.
  7. Does anyone know anything about these laws and how to go about getting things started? I looked online, but most deal with libel cases. Thanks.
  8. Received a letter from Calders today dated 16th May 2008 "Final opportunity to settle your debt" They "have agreed to by way of concession, accept a settlement offer in payment of your outstanding debt" And telling me I must call within 5 days to discuss repayment.
  9. Received another letter from NatPest - they thank me for my letter and have sent another Customer Financial Statement to fill in. Shall I fill it in just to shut them up or continue with my 14 days on the LBA?
  10. Never had so many DCA's after me in all my life - I feel better now I have sent letters off to them all. I hate Cornflakes, egg and soldiers for moi please
  11. Hi Rory It is a account I no longer use and haven't done for a year (since I claimed all the charges back), I have been paying it off at £1 a month like all my other debts. I have sent a letter both to my bank and the DCA offering £1 a month - hope it works
  12. I have no charges to claim on my account, but I am being chased by DCA for money owing on an old current bank account, what can I do please?
  13. I think sometimes we just need reassurance and a kick up the bum. I have people all over the place demanding money right now - feel like running away Thank goodness for CAG
  14. This isn't a credit card, it's a bank account. I thought we could only CCA a credit card? I'm confused now.
  15. Thank you for all your help Kenny. Letter drafted and will be in the mail today.
  16. Hi I am having a real hard time right now regarding banks hounding me for payment. Today I have received yet another letter from a DCA. This one is for a Halifax Current Account. I claimed my charges from this account last year and won. This left me £300ish overdrawn which I have been paying about £3/5 a month as I am on Incapacity Benefit. They refused to stop the interest so my payments were getting me nowhere near to clearing this debt. I have no money going into this account as I opened a new account elsewhere. The letter this morning from Blair and co says.. Despite several attempts to contact you, you have failed to respond to our requests for repayment of the above account. Our client has issued strict instructions that we are to recover the full balance from you. They also want me to call them (which I WONT) and go on to say that a debt collector will call at my address or I face court action. All I want to do is pay my debts and stop these people harassing me, I am living on Incapacity Benefit and trying my hardest to keep all these people happy and from my door. Please help me if you can.
  17. Thanks Tilly - these banks are doing my frigging head in
  18. Ok here's the thing.. I have received a letter from HBOS retail collections regarding my Halifax credit card. I have had an arrangement with them for a year to pay £1 a month with all interest stopped. I have kept to this agreement throughout. I called them today and the guy on the phone said that my agreement was up next month, the interest will start and I will have to pay the minimum payment per month. I told him I am in a worst financial place now than I was last year and how was I expected to meet these payments, he said that my account would be put in to collections and I would have to deal with them and I would be defaulted, at that point I thanked him for his excellent help and hung up. What can I do about this, I don't think it is fair that I am defaulted over this and can they start the interest again? Can anyone help me please? Edited to say I am on Incapacity Benefit.
  19. Yup will do trotter - thank you for keeping an eye out for me I am battling Barclaycard AGAIN too :o
  20. LBA in post today, recorded delivery.
  21. Thank you so much Paul, I'll get that in the post today.
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