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  1. I too find this thread HIGHLY OFFENSIVE and it should be REMOVED! Though doubt it will as most are 'helpers' posting!
  2. I have already done this last week. Stopped all my direct debits. How can I get my £400 in charges back - I am left with £3 a fortnight to live on, how can I not be a hardship case They took over £200 last month alone so now I am spiraling out of control in debt
  3. I hope someone can advise. I have had over £400 taken out of my Nasywest account, all benefits. I took the advice here and filled in a customer financial statement form. I am left with £3.00 a fortnight to live on. Natwest say I do not come under the financial hardship category. Where can I go from here? I have stopped all my direct debts and have my benefits paid into the post office now so I do not get caught for anymore charges. Any advice to where I go from here please?
  4. Thanks SSL I am being harrassed 10 hours of every day and it's driving me frigging nuts. Have just written a letter from here telling them to leave me alone! I am seriously thinking of going bankrupt, I'm so tired of these banks..
  5. Update. I have been refused my claim for hardship. They have stitched me up for £200 in charges, that all my benefits - I am so fecking mad - I apealed through my local branch and head office refused to return it. I am drowning in debt here
  6. Hi I have been paying off my Halifax credit card at £1 a month for the past couple of years as I am long term sick. All this was done through the CAB. Last month I got my usual bill and noticed they were now charging me interest, over limit fees and late fees, this adds a whopping £147 a month onto my bill. The over limit is because of them adding interest on my account! I have called them and they say they are within their rights to start interest again after 1 year. Now my minimum monthly payment is £300 monthly. I don't even get that a month in benefits! Help please.
  7. Does anyone know anything about these laws and how to go about getting things started? I looked online, but most deal with libel cases. Thanks.
  8. Received a letter from Calders today dated 16th May 2008 "Final opportunity to settle your debt" They "have agreed to by way of concession, accept a settlement offer in payment of your outstanding debt" And telling me I must call within 5 days to discuss repayment.
  9. Received another letter from NatPest - they thank me for my letter and have sent another Customer Financial Statement to fill in. Shall I fill it in just to shut them up or continue with my 14 days on the LBA?
  10. Never had so many DCA's after me in all my life - I feel better now I have sent letters off to them all. I hate Cornflakes, egg and soldiers for moi please
  11. Hi Rory It is a account I no longer use and haven't done for a year (since I claimed all the charges back), I have been paying it off at £1 a month like all my other debts. I have sent a letter both to my bank and the DCA offering £1 a month - hope it works
  12. I have no charges to claim on my account, but I am being chased by DCA for money owing on an old current bank account, what can I do please?
  13. I think sometimes we just need reassurance and a kick up the bum. I have people all over the place demanding money right now - feel like running away Thank goodness for CAG
  14. This isn't a credit card, it's a bank account. I thought we could only CCA a credit card? I'm confused now.
  15. Thank you for all your help Kenny. Letter drafted and will be in the mail today.
  16. Hi I am having a real hard time right now regarding banks hounding me for payment. Today I have received yet another letter from a DCA. This one is for a Halifax Current Account. I claimed my charges from this account last year and won. This left me £300ish overdrawn which I have been paying about £3/5 a month as I am on Incapacity Benefit. They refused to stop the interest so my payments were getting me nowhere near to clearing this debt. I have no money going into this account as I opened a new account elsewhere. The letter this morning from Blair and co says.. Despite sev
  17. Thanks Tilly - these banks are doing my frigging head in
  18. Ok here's the thing.. I have received a letter from HBOS retail collections regarding my Halifax credit card. I have had an arrangement with them for a year to pay £1 a month with all interest stopped. I have kept to this agreement throughout. I called them today and the guy on the phone said that my agreement was up next month, the interest will start and I will have to pay the minimum payment per month. I told him I am in a worst financial place now than I was last year and how was I expected to meet these payments, he said that my account would be put in to collections and I would
  19. Yup will do trotter - thank you for keeping an eye out for me I am battling Barclaycard AGAIN too :o
  20. LBA in post today, recorded delivery.
  21. Thank you so much Paul, I'll get that in the post today.
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