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  1. I received a letter back stating they were going to arrange an AGM for this month and bring along copies of the accounts but have heard nothing since. Also we currently have no directors of the company so need to find out my next step. Can we demand the accounts? Can we demand an AGM? As we have no directors can we still get rid of them and hire a new managing agent?
  2. I have been reading the LEASE website but was hoping for some clarification on a couple of points... I have owned my leasehold flat for just over 2 years now and we use a management company to look after the upkeep of the building. I have never received a year end account of what the MC has spent my service charge on (although I've received the invoice for payments like clockwork ) and am wondering if I can get copies of these for all years (effectively last 3 years worth) I have been owner of my flat or only for the last year. Although I received a request to become director of the company that would maintain the apartment block (which at the time I couldn't commit to) a couple of years ago, I have never received a invite to an AGM to discuss matters concerning my flat and the apartment block and from discussions with fellow owners no-one ever has. Just because I decline to become a director should the MC still be obliged to arrange an AGM every year and invite all owners whether directors or not to it?
  3. Hi deep, No it's a Barclays current account.
  4. Right now I'm a bit confused. My OH received a letter from the courts stating on the 8th August the papers in our claim were considered by the District Judge and upon neither party attending that the claim is stayed until further notice, although we can apply to life the stay if we wish. 1. We never received anything to state we had to go to court on 8th August - if we had we would have attended, so should I phone up the courts and query this? 2. Is it worth us trying to lift the stay?
  5. Well my RBS & Barclaycard have both been settled and I won. However I'm still ongoing with my OH claim. I received a Notice of Transfer of Proceedings (now moved to Telford County Court) this weekend with a copy of Barclays defence - looks pretty standard compared to what other people have been writing. Also AQ has been dispensed with so I'm assuming I don't currently have to do anything but wait? Or should I phone Barclays to see if they'll settle?
  6. Can a mod please add 'I WON' to the title of my thread? Thanks jmf76 v RBS
  7. Thanks Sparkie - I did just that and received a letter stating they were prepared to drop conditions although still admit no liability. So I'm currently waiting for cheque to clear so I can cancel the court claim. Can a mod please add 'I WON' to the title of my thread? Thanks
  8. Well my letter must have worked, I receive another offer of payment which was charges + interest but mibnus court charges, which I again rejected and this morning I have received a cheque for the full amount plus court charges!! Yeah!! However... reading the letter it states I must keep the terms of the settlement private and confidential - why should I? I shall reply and state I'm not prepared to do this - however should I cash the cheque now or wait until I hear from them after my response??
  9. Hello, I requested my bank charges to be repaid back from RBS, heard nothing so submitted a court claim on 29th May. Today I have received a letter from RBS offering goodwil gesture which is the full amount of charges, but no interest or court charges. As I have now submitted a claim I believe I do not have to accept this else I will be out of pocket for the court fee -is this right? If so I was going to write someting along the lines of: Thank you for your letter dated xx/xx/xx. You may not have been aware that I commenced legal action against you for the full amount plus interest and costs on XX/XX/XX. If you wish to settle my claim in full, then please forward the balance of the claim (£amount + interest + costs) without further conditions and I will inform the court that the claim is settled. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.
  10. Oneofakind - you right and I finally persuade my OH to the same logic. SO I accepted my offer and have put a MCOL in for his - just have to wait and see now. Have also put a MCOL in for my claim against RBS - they didn't even bother to respond with a part-settlement figure. Fingers crossed!
  11. Well after working out I had £40 in charges (every little helps!) I sent my Prelim letter off back in April stating the £40 plus £14.55 in interest if I took this to court, got the bog standard letter back from Barclays so wrote back with the LBA on 1st May. Have been offered a settlement figure of £40 which I think I will take. My OH however is in a different predicament - worked out he was owed £1485 (and would receive £417 in interest if it went through to court). He's been offered £1115 (75%) as settlement and is considering accepting, however I'm not so sure!!
  12. Thanks for the info trucker - I suspected as much but couldn't quite remember!
  13. Well I completely forgot about chasing this up until I got my Barclays letter asking where to send the statements to. I've received my statements today (my OH will be getting his on Monday) so have had the highlighter pen at the ready to check how I'm doing, which wasn't too bad. However... 1. I have charges for 'Paid Referral' which I will claim but also for 'Overdraft fee' - £5 each from 2001. Are these unauthorised overdraft fees or standard acct o/d fees. I can't remember which they are and typically can't find any paperwork so was hoping someone could help me. 2. Fortunately on my Barclaycard I have only been onverdrawn once and charged £12 for the privilege - is it worth claiming this back? I understand things are slightly different for credit cards so was hoping someone could clarify. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi BoE, I got my statements through from Barclays today and suspect DDR is Direct Debit Request, in my case they are legitimate payments made by Direct Debit, eg gym membership etc. Looking at my statements my understanding is that they would honour your direct debits but would then charge you for this if they take you into an 'unauthorised' overdraft - looking at mine these charges are the 'Paid Referral' transactions listed at £20 a go. Hope this helps!
  15. Just an update on my progress - received Barclays standard 'Data Protection Act' letter today - request for schedule of charges turned aside, however copy statements will be sent within the next few weeks etc.
  16. After reading this website I decided to try and and retrieve my charges back from my old Barclays & Barclaycard accounts. My other half also has Barclays accounts which I'm going for aswell. Data Protection Act letters are in the post - I'll let you know what happens...
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