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  1. Hello sillygirl1 ,yes thats a good idea it would be a good "class action" from us all. regards S
  2. Hello babybear39, looks like a campaign is underway hooray for us Regards S
  3. Hello Allwood,thanks for the reply got to contact the OFT and send the details for 4th Jan 08 ,didnt know about the renewal of Thames credit license though. Might help many people on this site who have been unfairly targeted by this DCA. Regards S
  4. Hello All its been awhile since i last posted on here,but thought i would inform you that i`ve just had a letter from the OFT asking me to submit all paperwork /historical dealings with this DCA. The OFT want to investigate Thames credit`s fitness to hold a consumer credit license,my question is what would you do? as the OFT say that my complaint would be investigated on condition i have to give permission to reveal my identity to Thames so that the complaint can proceed. Its been very quiet as they unlawfully passed the collection of the alledged debt to another DCA whilst in criminal breach of the 1974 consumer credit act,i`ve had 3 letters from the other DCA todate Any help or advice on how to proceed so do i say yes or no to begin investigations on consumers behalf by the OFT. Can they take reprisals or damage my credit ratings etc Regards S
  5. Hello Dave well done old chap, the British stiff upper lip, backs to the wall has won the day horaaaahhh. This will be your anthem "Robinson Way Away away away " in last night of the proms style They will miss you err probably not. All the best S
  6. Hello Quoth,thats great that you managed to argue your case against this DCA,i wish in my own case with these people had known my rights over 3 years ago. Because i didnt this has cost me well over £1000 via direct debits over a 3 year period with apparently no chance of getting this money back. as this was deemed voluntary. I too thought, mistakenly now, that i had to prove everything to them and not the other way around. I too have sent off for my agreement under the 1974 CCA after finding this site, which eventually went way past the statutory time limits earlier this year,even so they have still pursued me in respect of my "alleged debt" as dispite having no agreements, or supporting paperwork, hasnt appeared surprise surprise. Also i have contacted my local trading standards but they have taken copies of my letters from this DCA but i am reluctant to pursue it further due to me having to give Authority to Trading standards to act on my behalf due to data protection Meanwhile this has been passed onto another DCA and i now have them asking for payment of the alleged debt. These are saying i must pay the alleged debt,or will escalate litigation I know i am in the right but they are so annoying we will see Best regards S
  7. Hello southcoastgirl,firstly let me say welcome to CAG,you have come to the right place in that people will try to help you and that hopefully no one will judge you. I`m no expert but talking to CCCS is a great move as you have realised that you cannot go on as you are, If i was in your position i would take some time to prioritise your debts,obviously things like the mortgage,council tax,utilities must be paid first. You have started the ball rolling on that score,by adding up your liabilities compared to income. With regards to bank charges have you got any info of the amounts involved ? as that could help pay off or go towards your committments Good luck regards S
  8. Hello Nicegirl1, no problem glad to have helped i can include myself in the fact that i felt alone with regards to debt situations,and i did receive support when i discovered this site and decided enough was enough Regards S
  9. Hello Nicegirl1, you right to assume that they probably dont have the agreement,i`d let em stew for the full 30 days,they are just huffing and puffing and they cant take action as the alleged debt is now in dispute. I`ve had letters from my DCA`s threatening this and that either directly or thinly veiled No agreement no payment simple as that Regards S
  10. Hello asbo11, I also read that on callcredit,its worrying as they seem to be planning to share the database information,also read somewhere that the sharing of more detailed information between financial institutions being more widespread. This is hopefully covered by the data protection act of 1998,buts still a concern that access is available to what is a commercial company with vested interests. It may be that we need to SAR these CRA`s aswell if we have a disputed claim with a DCA,like some members have done already. I am not against information being held on me in principle just the accuracy of records which could be detrimental to financial decisions being made about you if say you require a cheaper mortgage at a future date. Regards S
  11. Hello mrrj, I`ve had dealings with these under the guise of Thames credit,i had been paying these for years and like you found out they could be challenged under the comsumer credit act 1974 by asking for a copy of your proper executed agreement etc. They said that they would be contacting the original creditor,and to date not produced the agreement under the timescale allowed,and are in major default under these regulations. I have written confirmation that my original creditor hasnt got my agreement so they are well and truely stuck good luck with your campaign Regards S
  12. Hello Spiritgirl,thanks about the thread,and very well done to you,about zapping the DCA`s. I`ve sorted two companies out and to date apart from big bad wolf letters,this little piggy is doing just great without them. This has enabled me to concentrate paying off my "real" creditors and with various credit card shuffles have reduced my interest amounts down to 3.9 per cent thanks to good `ol M and S So spiritgirl you can now do the ultimate snowball to just one creditor Regards S
  13. Hello Folks,thanks for your kind words of support,i`m also rooting for the lawyer chappie Tom Brennan who is trying to get Gnat westy into court for the overdraft penalties,anyone else following this case? Hope you dont mind me asking this in your thread Spiritgirl Wonder indeed what they will send next my darlin DCA`s i dont know many orgs that can send letters which state random things like its been made up as its gone along very strange Regards S Ps payingonlyencouragesthem are you the debt buster record holder for zapping tiny little bills (alleged ? S
  14. Hello Spiritgirl and vampyra, been following this topic, and just to let you know, that, both my DCA`s have now gone over the total time allowed,and as mentioned elsewhere into crim offence territory This hasnt stopped letters coming though, but non this morning to add to my growing case files So good luck with your individual campaigns,looks like midweek will be a special one to look forward to,you can almost smell the freedom and your bank balance will be putting on a little weight (thats the good bit ) Regards S PS also its my 100th post yay!
  15. Hello demon x slash ,i discussed this topic with my son who feels the same way,whos off to do a degree in English lit later this year he said "would have to be ultra desperate, to sell any of his books". I`m the same though as i have a lot of aircraft books which are rare Looks like the OP might have to come up with something else Regards S
  16. Hello again Xanadu2,seems like you are running out of options,to reclaim your money,if the fella has a lot of valuable books then ,and i know this is a longshot could he be willing to auction some off or sell them to a rare book collector,or someone who collects first editions say. I know this because i can see both points of view and i must confess i do love books it all depends on your friends attitude to his books and his personal attachment to them,sorry trying not to come across as a wacko,but whatever you do the friendship is going to suffer. Maybe this fella had no one else to ask and couldnt part with the books to raise the cash originally,i`ve had to sell things in the past i`ve since regretted,but i`ve put it down to experience and moved on Its your choice in the action you take in the end. Regards S
  17. Hello stek2007 welcome to CAG,wow i suppose reading your circumstances £21K is a lot of money to be in debt by,sorry for stating the obvious. I know how the debts can suddenly mount up,and to be honest i would be worried about it especially if as you say the quality of life is affected. I am glad you have faced up to the fact that this situation cant go on as this is the hardest part to admit to,people often bury their head in the sand a la ostrich. I`m no expert and maybe someone can come along to advise you better but could you give up the gym membership for instance saving you a bit i know it can be awkward with contracts etc. Also how about contacting CCCS or CAB someone who doesnt make money out of your misfortune. Good luck Regards S
  18. Hello all just bumping this up anyone have any thoughts o the harassment angle? Regards S
  19. Hello cookie35, looks like myself and LAN01 are on the same wavelength regarding the SAR ,good luck with your request for it regards S
  20. Hello cookie35,has your mum recently obtained her credit reports,that might tell her of the payments she has made,although if its 2000 might not be on but they are worth obtaining just to see whats on there. I cant understand why the company wont give you a balance of account? surely if you sent off a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) with your £10 fee they would be legally obliged to supply you with the account payment history under the data protection act 1998. Sounds like the DCA (debt collection agency) has something to hide like where has the extra £3000 come from? If your mum has a court order to pay the £50 then thats all they should get ,how did the court arrive at this payment? and more importantly is it affordable? Regards S
  21. Hello all.just to update on this campaign,to date i`ve had 4 letters from thames credit asking for payment as i`m in "breach of my agreement " They are now well into criminal offence territory and my next move is to contact Bromley trading standards to report them. Also with sending letters asking for an alleged money owed does this constitute harassment at all? when the account is now very much in dispute The agreement hasnt arrived yet? and i`m convinced they havent got it,and are just posturing and huffing and puffing "I`ll blow your house in" Regards S
  22. Hello Lensue apologies for not getting in touch earlier,Thames credit/Aktiv kapital are now way over the 30 days and are still contacting me to pay them ,using all sorts of threats if i dont At the moment they dont stand a chance,and after paying these for years aint getting another penny from me,i will just wait it out and perversely want them to take me to court so i can wipe the floor with them At the moment its a war of nerves,they are paper tigers so cant hurt you. The thing is i did contact the original creditor who stated ( i have a written letter confirming this) that no agreements are in existance as this goes back to 2000 ,this due to the original creditor not keeping records beyond 6 years my SAR was returned with fee uncashed . Thames stated the account was assigned no evidence this is true. So i knew before i sent my quid to thames that the agreement wasnt available Keep up your spirits dont let them bully you regards S
  23. Hello Ikonik welcome to CAG,i would contact Annualcreditreport and ask about the wrong information they should investigate this for you,also i would reckon if your name is incorrectly spelt that could result in the other address being on the report, anyway its wrong and they should amend if necessary. The other thing i would do is send for your other credit files held by Experian and Equifax and Call credit,and send each agency a £2 fee for your statutory report. Im with Annualcreditreport and not all agencies have the same information so this would be useful in finding out who has the right information by cross checking the files,the reports should list addresses that you have lived at and give you the electorial roll address that you live at,now,and at the moment the local elections are coming up so you should have received your polling card (i`m assuming you can vote currently) Regards S
  24. Hello ArthurP,thats a good point,and most people on here arent legally trained either well i`m not for starters What most people are doing is quoting the relevant legislation to obtain their credit agreement under the 1974 consumer credit act,you would be surprised how many DCA`s choose to ignore this,especially with time scales eg 12 working days plus 2 for postal allowances,some say 30 days etc. Also if you dispute the alleged debt and you went to court,you would have to state under what right you are requesting the agreement,and more importantly a DCA`s possible non compliance,and also your defence arguments if appropriate. This is just my 2 pennies worth Regards S
  25. Hello again,i think thats a great idea sequenci ,if cash flow is a problem. they say "time is money" regards S
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