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    Thanks guys, I have read, read and reread the FAQs so much so that I am dreaming them, I just see everyone doing court claim forms and it scares the life out of me, I like to think that I am an intellegent person but this all seems like a lot. But I am doing it, so that I can show my friends (sceptics at the moment) just how easy it is to beat the banks and credit card companies at their own game and hopefully win. So thanks again for all your advice, Nikki
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    I got into a massive mess with Credit Cards so much so that due to the unlawful charges I had to sell my house this year to pay them off - I had four in total a credit limit altogether of £2,000.00 but ended up paying back nearly £4k, just due to charges. I know that there are a lot of people out there in the same situation and this site is really useful. I am currently dealing with NatWest claiming back my charges but have decided that the CC companies are not going to get away with it either. I had Halifax, Capital One, Citi and Monument, but only problem is I paid them all off in Februa
  3. Michelle thank you.........i know exactly what are you sayin - If I send the LBA letter so soon then it can be forseen that I am not giving them enough time to reply but they did reply - I think what I will do is give it till mid week next week and if nothing else recieved then I will send the LBA letter - mid way point of the 14 days. They clearly dont want to give me back my money and it is over £5k which is quite a substantial amount to anybody even the bank! But I have come this far and I aint backing out now despite what they say in their letter.
  4. again conflicting advice!!!!!!!! I have read re-read and re-read the FAQs and other peoples threads, I am even reciting the FAQs in my sleep! But it is still not clear - as it happens I havent sent the LBA letter today (son wont get dressed to go to Post Box) but I am even more confused than I was before........... Any other suggestions
  5. But surely the whole Idea of the prelim letter is to get them to reply! and they have 14 days to reply which they have done. It appears from some other threads that I have read that the bank is getting quicker at telling you to bog off as it is just a standard letter that they are sending out. NW have said in their letter that they hope I will reconsider my view on legal action but if I dont then send any Proceedings to their Registered Office. To me that means they are standing by their position of not giving in to my demands. Any advice is greatly recieved, but with so much infor
  6. So I have done my DPA letter - got my statements again like most people in a tatty brown envelope that the Post Office had to reseal cos it had come open but at least I got the 6 years I asked for in one go. Worked out NW owe me £5196 and sent my prelim letter off on Tuesday of this week. Recieved a letter (pretty quick me thinks) telling me to go fish!!!!!!!! Now I have read a few threads that say you should wait for the full 14 days before sending the LBA BUT to me they have replied, albeit to tell me to go fish, therefore I dont think I need to wait the 14 days before sending. So I have
  7. Is there a thread where there are winners stories, I am finding it fasinating reading everyones journey through the claim process. I have sent of my 14 day letter and waiting for a reply. I know that it takes time and effort but would love to read any stories about those that have beat the system. Good luck to everyone claiming back unlawful charges.
  8. thanks for the advice, I am an intelligent person (most of the time) but I know that this isnt going to be easy, at the end of the day they are not going to want to just hand over MY money back to me, and I am in this for the long haul. You say get more advice as my claim is over 5k. Any ideas where I can get this from. Nikki
  9. Hi all, It took Natwest 6 weeks to send my back statements to me but they were all sent as one. so far over £5k in unlawful charges. Most of the time the bank charge me for going overdrawn so once the account is back within the overdraft limit they put their fee on therefore making me overdrawn again - they certainly know what they are doing. Went to the bank today and been charged £38 AGAIN for going overdraft leaving me with v little money to survive on, but bet big fat cats are in their nice warm cosy offices and homes living the life. Sending off letter today recorded delivery t
  10. New to this, thought I would say hello as a new member, I have just sent off my first prelim letter to natwest bank with breakdown of charges so keeping my fingers crossed.
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