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  1. You can't claim those back as when you requested the text messaging service you will have agreed to pay the fee. When I first agreed to it, it was free. They then introduced the fee and I never got around to cancelling it. Maybe this happened to you??
  2. No, I didn't. I intended to wait until it went to court stages. However it never went that far!!
  3. refected???? I mean rejected of course!!
  4. No - go for all of it, it is YOUR money afterall!!! I was offered a smaller amount than I claimed and I refected it. A week later after my LBA was sent I was offered the full amount. PS If this has been useful click the scales of justice below my name on the left
  5. This happened to me too. I wrote back accepting as part payment and that I wanted the rest. I then sent my LBA and they sent another letter offering me the full amount (just under £3000). All in all it took 5 weeks. Hang on in there - you WILL get it all! BM PS If this has been useful click the scales of justice below my name on the left
  6. FD paid up to me in late December. In January I recieved £300 worth of charges. I am closing my account this month (already been using parachute account and just waiting for all DD's and SO's to be set up correctly). Once it is closed I will then pursue the £300 they owe me. Then they won't be able to do anything nasty!
  7. You'll need to send a prelim letter with a spreadsheet detailing charges owed. After 14 days if they haven't replied you then send the LBA. There are templates for both the prelim letter and the LBA letter on here. I got all my money back within 5 weeks - a very similar amount to you. They paid up after the LBA! It was all very simple. Don't worry you WILL get yours too.
  8. Hi I successfully claimed back lots of lovely money back in December. I opened a new account with Smile and transferred all my DD's and SO's in January. All companies have recieved and acknowledged my change of bank details and I can see their name in my list on my smile account. All that is apart from good old First Direct! I still have a loan with them and a joint account with which my rent & bills are paid from (will be changing that sgortly too!). They took money from my FD sole account to pay the DD to my joint account on 01/02. There was none in there so went into my overdra
  9. I gave them 14 days to respond. It depends on how long you stated in your letter to them. You have to stick to what you said.
  10. Mine crossed in the post two. Write and accept as part settlement and say you still want the rest. Remind them of the LBA and the deadline for that (stick to the original deadline you set). I'd start you o/h's as a seperate claim. But I don't know what others think! I hope you find this helpful.
  11. To be honest I'm not sure about that one! Maybe someone a little more experienced will help. Sorry!
  12. You can claim back overdraft fees and excess overdraft fees - I did successfully. The first charge is the charge for going overdrawn and then the second charge is for any subsequent times you go overdrawn. One month I was charged an excess o/d fee of £119.00! I too claimed for two accounts - sole and joint. I claimed them seperately, but always sent the correspondance together in one envelope. I hope this helps.
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