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  1. Write back and ask directly if the request for the card return is linked to your S.A.R. Have they outlined thier reasons for the card return request? Had the unfair scale of charges NOT been applied to the account would they have had a reason to be unhappy with your account performance? Should you have to return your bank card it will not affect your right to reclaim unfair charges. I think they may be trying to intimidate you so that you drop your claim (although this would be an approach not apparently seen by FD previously) Go for it, at "£150 per month for years" I'm sure the
  2. Vickicb I made a claim for both sole and joint accounts and reclaimed all charges. I would advise keeping claims separate and sending individual letters-it may be a bit of a pain but it presents a professional and determined front to the bank. NB I claimed £1485 for joint charges and £444 for sole charges and got the lot back! Keep determined, follow the process and the best of luck!
  3. The more they charge - the more you can reclaim ! Stick to the process and follow the guidelines available in the forum, take some time to set out your letters and claim from the templates, and you should be enjoying the satisfaction of a full refund within a reasonable timeframe. In fairness to FD they seemed to perform in a professional manner and you may find the sudden tightening of account procedure is due to the charging regime they announced last week. Good Luck!
  4. Goodluck Postie27 - my claim took 5 weeks from start to return of all charges (£2K) - remember; follow the process set out in the forum and you can't go wrong.
  5. I wanted to avoid further charges and so contacted First Direct to extend o/d facility by £100 (from £100 to £200) for 10 days until salary hit the account. The FD operator insisted on conducting a 'financial survey' before this could be done and communicated this in a manner which left me feeling VERY small. I declined the survey and found the CAG website (from a newspaper article), the dateline for progress was as follows (nb I had all bank statements so did not require a Data Protection Act stage. I have a sole account (£444) and a joint account (£1485) and claimed for both simultaneous
  6. Heartening to hear your news, I am currently between LBA and court action and have received an offer of 60% of that claimed. I have calculated interest and completed court forms and ready to go. Good result!
  7. Read your stream and this is day 1 for me with a sole and joint account with FD which have amassed considerable charges over the years and at one point pushed me close to the edge. Thanks for your inspiration - I'll keep you posted.
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