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  1. Hi, I wrote a letter to Pipex at the end of my contract in October 2006 cancelling their service, I then proceeded to cancel my direct debit to them. This was because I was moving away from my aunts back to london. I have now just recieved a letter saying I owe them £200, this is the first correspondance i've had from them since I wrote them the cancellation letter, and I got my aunt to check today and the internet is still active there. Where do I stand?
  2. I've got the same problem (among others) with T-Mobile:( I've had no luck
  3. I sent of my LBA today:)
  4. Hi Guys, NatWest has just sent me my Confimation of Overdraft agreement with details of my Payment plan (Not that im going to stick to it as im about to start a court case). Anyway, inside the envelope, I had the agreements for two other random people!!!! Names/Addresses/Account Numbers/Overdraft details. I want to know if I can sue Natwest as I am extremely worried that the other people may have got a similar envelope with my details in... I just want to know the best way to proceed, and if it would be legal for me to write to the other people? Rgds
  5. Theres a spreadsheet in the templates section where you just type in the dates and amounts and it calculates how much they owe in interest. Rgds
  6. How do i find out if they've entered a default notice against my credit record? Rgds,
  7. Bank charges: Reclaim them, they're unlawful, so you can get six years money back | MoneySavingExpert: Consumer Revenge, Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more, - This page had a calculator about halfway down that did the 8% interest calculations. Im not sure about the overdraft interest though as it seems confusing to me too:(
  8. Hi, yes, I've sent of the initial letter. In The LBA, what does this part mean when it referes to overdraft interest? I have added interest at 8% for the charges. DOes the overdraft interest refer to the actual interest charges they applied to my account whilst it was overdrawn? Rgds,
  9. Hi Guys, It's been a little while, since I last posted. I have written to the Natwest customer service department. I got a letter back last week saying they are looking into it, and will get back to me as soon as possible. This was in response to a letter I sent on the 15th. I have given them more then 14 days, and this is the only reply i've recieved. Im wondering what I should do now as it's now drawing out. Rgds
  10. Where do I find the banks rate? Rgds
  11. So they pay me interst in any money they have unfairly taken away from me? And why is the rate of interest 8%? Rgds,
  12. Hi Guys, Recently came across a company offering to do this for a fee of 10% so I googled and found you guys. I have just today sent in my request for my past statements etc. Im curious as to how to work out interest on what they owe me though? Can any of you give me some pointers? Rgds, Chris
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