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  1. Well, the bank has credited us with the £254, but in the immediate aftermath of the charges being levied just after I'd made the initial application for them to be paid back, we incurred another 3 charges at £35 a hit, which we would not have done had they not initially taken £254 out of our account.... any suggestions on wording of the next letter asking for them back, cos clearly they are admitting that the charges were unfair, cos they've credited them!!!!!!!
  2. Just a quick update, I've had another offer now, offering me £1596, which I'm still not prepared to accept. it was a standardish letter by my reckoning, but it was saying that there is nothing unlawful about their charges and that they are disappointed that I'm threatening to sue them..... wasn't expecting to get this far, where do I go now? I'm still not prepared to accept this.... Thanks in advance! Sam x
  3. LOL! That's my eye.... its my logo on all my business stuff!
  4. Thanks for this, and continuing to help a clear ditz like me! I'm normally fine with things like this, was just such a shock to get a response from the bank so quickly (literally only saw manager on Friday at 2pm and got phone call at 1pm today), so wasn't 'mentally' prepared for the next stage.... Sam
  5. HI NSM, I have sent something similar when I first asked them to refund my monies... am I now saying, 'no, I'm not prepared to accept this, so therefore I am ......' what! what am I doing next? sorry, I'm tying myself right up in knots here and coming out really confused! and I'm not like this normally......
  6. Hi SJC sorry, I wasn't being clear, I meant, did I have to request for the bad credit to be removed at the same time as claiming the charges? In an update though, the Manager telephoned me today, to say that the bank were happy to refund £140 which was charges for card misuse, OR they would give me back the full £254 on the proviso that my husband and I (its a joint acc) surrendered our service cards, and had standard cash point cards instead.... is this madly cheeky or what? considering, in the 4.5 years its been a joint account, we've never been over our OD apart from this 7
  7. Well, the bank manager has telephoned me today, to confirm that HO are making me an offer of £632. I do NOT want to accept this, I want to hold out for the whole lot.... Which letter do I need now? I'm now a bit confused, I suppose, naively, I thought they may say, 'sure Mrs D, here's the lot and a humble apology from us'..... can anyone help me? Please? Thanks! Sam x
  8. This is the 2nd account that I am claiming for unfair bank charges. it is a joint bank account that my husband's salary is paid into monthly. this is our main bank account, everything goes in and out of this account, and while we always end up within our OD, we never go over it... until September.... in the space of 7 days we have been hit with charged for card misue, unpaid cheque and unpaid s/o (to another of many accs we have with Natwest!) total charges in 7 days?? £254!!!! cheeky beggars!!!! I handed the letter direct to the bank manager this morning, he has agr
  9. thanks for this, I think my brain would fry before I worked it out, and to be honest, if I get the full 3.5k, I'll be very pleased, cos for the last 6 years, I've just 'lived with it' so to speak...
  10. Thanks Natwest Staff Member! Helpful insider knowledge! Can you perhaps do a bit of training on the delightful young woman at the Lending Centre who told me yesterday that I didn't have a clue what I was talking about, that OFT had only said CCard charges were claimable, and subsequently put a note on my file saying 'cust attempts to claim bank charges back, told her no, not bnk error'... (I read my file on the comp when BManager wasn't looking!!!!!!!!)
  11. Hello everyone! I'm in the midst of claiming back bank charges with Natwest, and I hope I can help people when and where I can! to date, so far, I have requested the statements for the last 6 years from my bank, which duly arrived after 21 days. I have gone through them all, and have calculated the fees that I have been charged amount to £3521.00 These break down into charges for unpaid DDs, unpaid cheques, card misue, unnarranged borrowing fees and paid refferal charges. I met with by bank manager this morning regarding another issue and presented him with my letter (
  12. okay, so its been a bad day. just looked at my bank account and have had enough. am sick to the back of natwest and their ridiculous charges, so thought I'd come here for some help, so..... Hello! I'm looking to claim back the moneys and charges that Natwest have whopped onto me for the 14 years that I have banked with them I started as a student with them, so there will be a chunk of charges there, and in post graduate days.... however, I haven't got statements going back that far, have probably only got them for the last 3 years or so. where would I start to make a
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