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  1. relating to original thread i have a megane doing exactly the same, put up with it for about 6 months now trying to get it sorted, had rac out, took it to 2 different garages, did everything they said; change this... this needs replacing... diagnostic test says this...all to no avail eventually took it to renault garage, they couldn't find any fault, although told us it was a common problem! we have spent hundreds in the past couple of weeks on the heap of junk and now we stuck, can't even sell it.
  2. Congratulations Dennis! at last! well done for sticking with it, its so worth it when you have the money!
  3. Hi, thanks for that I know my appeal is going to be simple but Im not sure if I can back it up, for a start ive only had the one letter demanding repayment, had no details on just the amount and a phone no to arrange payment. Ive spoke to 4 different people so far, 2 of which have given me different dates to which the apparent overpayment relates, so how can i appeal when they dont even know what period its for? the other thing is, after we stopped claiming we moved house, according to them they sent us something that we had to send wage slips etc so they could work out if they had paid us correctly in the previous year, we never received such request from them, but if they didnt receive any info from us how do they know they overpaid us? ive offered to send whatever p60/wage slips for the year in question but they wont accept them. My argument is how do they know they overpaid us when they dont know which period it relates to and they say they never had info from us after to confirm if they paid us correctly? how do we ask for an S A R from them?
  4. I'm glad i found this thread, sorry to hijack but does anyone know if there is any correct procedure to follow for appealing. ive got my form to fill out to appeal but don't know where to start with what to say to them, does it have to be in any legal terminology?
  5. Sorry to bother but; when you say write to the bank, is it the bank we write to or the solicitors? I received 2 blank copies of a Notice of Discontinuance from their solicitors asking that i fill that in and return one to them and send one to the court. Do I put a covering letter with this form or just send the form? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Can't she just cancel the order? Surely she can say that the item was for xmas, it has not been delivered in time, their service isn't good enough & demand full repayment. A similar thing happened to one of my friends last year, they ended up with 2 of the item ordered & loads of freebies thrown in!
  7. Have you not threatened him with reporting to ebay? A similar thing happened to me, after several emails back and forth I demanded repayment otherwise I was going to report to ebay, I was quickly refunded and I returned the item. Although some people just don't care. I have found though that they don't like the threat of being reported and being struck off. could be worth a try before having to go to court.
  8. Hi there, i have just ended my first claim with natwest. Claiming all charges for the past 6 years. I, like yourself had the bank statements, so no, you don't have to ask for the charges, although it does take time to go through the statements & work out what you are entitled to claim back!. As happyolddog says, read other successes with natwest, they always gave me hope when I was feeling down. it is a good idea to start your own thread within natwest section, people will gladly give you advice, knowing what happens at each stage etc. There will always be someone at a similar stage to you that you can communicate with & get an idea of what to expect. Also, read other threads, advice given by everyone else is fantastic, it could be something you hadn't thought of! Most of all, don't despair, we are all in the same boat. Don't lose faith and don't panic and back down! Remember, you will win. Good luck.
  9. Thanks Meagain, Your advice was helpful, I phoned them today (I know you said in writing, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling) asking for any documents they had to say what we had been paid and when. I'm sorry for saying but she was a right snotty cow. Basically she told me a different story to what I had been told the other day on the phone. Now she is saying that it was only the period that I actually claimed, nothing to do with my ex claiming after I left. She said that the period in question was April 03 to sep 03 where the overpayment was made (I indeed was claiming then). Previously on the telephone I was told it was for the period up to Oct 04. Apparently they wrote to me at my new address in May 04 to obtain my yearly p60/wage slips so that they could ascertain if I had been paid correctly between apr/sep 03. I never received this request. They say that we were overpaid during this time, but how can they know that if they didnt receive any info from me when requested? I have offered to send my relevant documents so that they can now check correctly but she refused saying that there was a time limit when the request was made and that time limit has lapsed. She demanded payment from me, or that I continue with my dispute. Now, I do not dispute that I claimed during the period they are now saying (apr/sep 03) but I do dispute that I was overpaid as she said on the phone, they needed documents from me & my ex hubby back in 04 to ascertain if we had been paid correctly. If they haven't got this info, how can they say we were overpaid? I'm wondering if there is any particular wording I should use in my dispute basically they cant prove I was overpaid (because they don't have the relevant docs)and neither can I (because I don't know how they work out what you are entitled to). Any more help is much appreciated. Lisa.
  10. Hi all, I will be more than happy to sign the petition. I received a letter the other day saying there were sending baliffs round to me for £1250. This was the first I'd heard about it! When I phoned they told me what period it was for, it was actually my ex hubby who was claiming in that period as we were separated, I had nothing to do with it, I wasn't even aware that he claimed anything, although they tell me it was a joint claim between me & my hubby! I had to tell them several times I wasn't even there, I didn't know anything about it! The woman then replied, "I understand what you're saying but you still have to pay it back". I told her I was refusing to pay due to the circumstances and asked her what do I do next, she casually said "dispute it", I replied saying that was the purpose of the telephone call! She then agreed to send me a dispute pack, but she has said that I have to give evidence that I told them about the separation, she is saying they have no record of anything, obviously I did tell them as they stopped paying into my bank account straight away. I also asked that in a joint claim, as she said it was, do they need both signatures on the claim form, she said yes and I was able to tell her that my signature wouldn't be on any claim for that period, for some reason, she ignored that response and changed the subject! I was wondering, has anyone got any ideas how I can send evidence proving that I didn't claim. I haven't got any paperwork, as I left it all with my ex. The only thing I have are bank statements to show when I changed address and when they stopped paying into my account. Do you think they will accept that as proof that I wasn't there? Any help would be appreciated. Lisa.
  11. Hi, I had the same situation, they argued in a previous letter to me about the 6 year deadline (when they sent the letter it made around 1 month over the 6years)but I replied with the template letter saying...it was within the 6 year limit when I first contacted your client... blah.. blah... will let the court decide..... I received my cheque yesterday for the FULL amount, including the month which they disputed with me, bearing in mind that month in question is only £60 of the total claim. Perhaps, reply saying thank you but no thank you unless it is the FULL amount requested originally, otherwise you would be happy to let the court decide. you could read round & see what other people have done. hope this helps.
  12. Forteboy, please tell me you have received your cheque? I'm a couple of days behind you and received my cheque today, in full, so hopefully, if you haven't received it yet, it should be soon. Good luck.
  13. Please move my thread & mark as *WON* : Robinson Vs NatWest Thank you!
  14. OH MY GOD WE WON!!!!!!! CHEQUE RECEIVED TODAY FOR FULL AMOUNT £2870.00 (INC COURT FEES). The cheque states pay: lnmrobinson into acc XXXXXXXX, but I have paid it into our parachute ac with A & L, so hopefully it will clear ok. Right, on with our second claim against NatWest for the charges we have had while the original claim was on-going. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON THIS SITE, MICHAEL BROWNE ESPECIALLY, FOR HELPING US ON THIS THREAD. ALSO TO ALL OTHER THREADS, ALL INFORMATION GIVEN HAS BEEN SO HELPFUL AND THE MOTIVATION IS THERE WHEN NEEDED (WHICH HAS BEEN A LOT!). Donation will be made to this site as soon as cheque clears GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ELSE. LNMROBINSON
  15. Thanks nattie for your info on these issues. I am a little confused though, I have recently been told during a telephone conversation by collections dept that my account is now dormant, although I have paid money into it, as little as 3 months ago, trying to pay off the overdraft, this was took straight away in charges and the debt is building, purely in charges. My thought is: Can the account be dormant if I have used it regularly until as little as 3 months back? if the account is dormant, should I have not been informed officially (ie not by just dropping it into conversation). Also, can natwest still apply charges to a dormant account? Surely if its dormant, then no activity should be taking place at all? Your help is much appreciated.
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