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  1. hello people , haven't been on here for a while . had some success withh PPI claims in the past but i have a question about a car i bought in 2000 . i bought a brand new car in 2000 from james edwards in chester with finance from lloyds bank . i have absolutely no records of the loan but believe i was paying PPI on it , would anyone have any idea how i go about starting the process of a claim if i have no records ( account numbers , payment details etc ) , feel like i was ripped off once again so once again into the breach lol. any help or advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello all , i've worked out how much i am owed on two claims and now need to send a letter before action but i can't find the darned one anywhere . Has anyone got a link or know where tha LBA is. cheers.
  3. I sent out an SAR to M&S and The Co-operative on 9th November and the forty days are up and I have heard nothing from either of them. Has anyone got any idea what happens now or a link to a letter I .can send to give them a kick up the backside. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  4. oops sorry my mistake , i asked for a copy of the credit agreement under section 77-79 of the CCA and recieved the above reply from them . Any advice on what to do next would be really appreciated. Cheers.
  5. I asked Barclaycard for a copy of the terms and agreements of the account and enclosed a cheque for £1. They have sent me a reply under section 78 (3) (a) of the consumer credit act which states '' as no sum is , will or may become payable under your credit agreement , section 78 (30 (a) provides that we are not obliged to provide you with the documents and information you seek '' , they confirm the cheque has been destroyed. Can anyone shed any light on what that means , seems to me like a fob off , what do i do next?? Cheers all.
  6. okay , thanks , letters going out soon i hope , i'll keep you updated.
  7. had a loan with marks and spencer which included ppi , just after some advice on how i go about reclaiming as we never needed or asked for the ppi and i reckon it could run into thousands. any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated . i have used this site a few years ago to reclaim bank charges so this should be a piece of cake as i once had a court order to send the bailiffs in to barclays lol. cheers.
  8. hello there , well according to electric lemon you should get your money next february cos of the scheming sods but at least you will get it. i have just started a claim for a mate who is a **** hot tattooist and he has promised to design a tattoo for me if he gets his 2 and a half grand back.(wether i get it done is another matter)i fancy dangermouse (not sexually , tattooily )but the missus would kill me. doing our lottery and euro and i will get the jackpot hehe. see you later.
  9. hello tori , long time no speak. i am still waiting for that big lottery win so when it comes up this weekend all your problems will be solved cos i am sure i said i will see you right a few months ago lol. stick with it mate , they are really on the ropes and you will get your money eventually. as always good luck , in life as well as in money.
  10. you are right when you say you are arguing the cost of the penalty not the fact that you have agreed to be penalised. this is where the other guys lost , they told the judge that they had not broken their contract with the bank but they had. please,please remember it is not the penalty we are arguing against it is the amount charged. i think this is where people are tripping up when it comes to court. don't worry mate you will get your money eventually.
  11. if i were you i would phone the court first thing monday morning and check on the stay , surely that's up to the judge not barclays. from what i can gather if you have a court date it's business as usual. give em a ring , see whats going on. good luck. i hate barclays.
  12. thanks very much for the replies . i am working from copies so it looks like my mate will have to try and find the originals. the unpaids outs come to around £400 but he reckons they have charged him thousands over the years which could account for the commission charges. he's a tattoist and has promised me a free tattoo that he will design if i can get him some money back and he is bloody good so wish me luck. priceless advice as usual , once again thanks guys.
  13. hello again everyone. i am just after a bit of advice concerning a business account i am helping a mate out with. i know he can claim for unpaids out and paid referrals but what else can you claim for on a business account. for example ''commission'' , can he claim for this and what is it exactly. any help would be greatly appreciated as always.
  14. wahay well done on your other claim. in exactly 2 months today you will have another 7 grand in your bank account. i feel a party coming on , chips , beer and a good holiday is what you need;)
  15. lol , don't worry kisstina all the letters you get off them will just be standardised copies. i started my claim last october and got paid out in april , so six months of hell , and i was the same as you , convinced i would be first to go to court and lose. just follow the advice on here and ask anything no matter how daft it sounds as the answer may be something crucial regarding your claim. good luck with your claim and your wedding (you will have that dress)
  16. i'm gonna write a book of el phrases. first off tiddly-peeps = kids. what the heck are scnuggs ?
  17. they must have told you they are paying out and you went out on the p*ss and are to inebriated to use the computer:rolleyes: . or gone out shopping lol.
  18. just logged on . well done the mad one. you off to florida as well?
  19. hiya caz , well done. got back from orlando yesterday , it never rained once in two weeks as they are having the worst drought in 10 years. went to all the theme parks (again) it is absolutely brilliant over there. the kids will love it and so will you.
  20. try not to worry too much about the court thing (easier said than done i know) as far as i am aware it's not the same as a normal court , you know juries etc , just you the judge and their representative , if they turn up. the guy who lost his case is a one off , there must have been something wrong with the way he presented his case because the same judge has settled other claims in favour of the claimant. also if people use the new draft order for directions the banks must produce a court bundle by a certain date , if they don't the judge may award a judgement as in my case. good luck.
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