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  1. HFC: So I had a rummage and came across my last failed attempt to get the PPI back of HFC in 2008. HFC rejected it on the basis that though i rejected cover for death, I accepted cover for accident, sickness or unemployment. They say that they explained this to me during the application and I signed up. Well, I remember this conversation as the chap who sold me the loan and PPI was an arrogant little hmm and he said no accepty no loany. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40156[/ATTACH] I had a lot on my plate then and I felt defeated by HFC and left it a that.:- Here's the crux: The form is cl
  2. Hi all A few years ago I had some relative success with unfair charges and managed to pay off my debts I've started again this time with PPI and would like to pick your collective brain in the near future should the need arise I've put in 4 claims so far with Barclaycard, HFC, Barclay Loans and CitiVisa. I'm yet to pursue Egg and RBS My case is: HFC: Was gainfully employed when taking out the 6K loan.With sick pay and redundancy pay off guaranteed depending on time served. PPI and interest bumped it up to 9k (beggers). PPI was compulsory I was told, for the comp
  3. Print our of payments to account from last SAR (2006) with account number. No agreement but contracts of employment etc Will start own thread now. Thanks
  4. Here's me hoping they'd come back to me as quickly as Shazza50 (nearly 6 weeks from complaint to settlement figure). If I got there at least then great. My case is: Was gainfully employed when taking out the 6K loan.With sick pay and redundancy pay off guaranteed depending on time served. PPI and interest bumped it up to 9k (beggers). PPI was compulsory I was told, for the completion of the application. Was made redundant 6 months later but I had a job to go to so left with a hefty cheque of 6 months salary and started new job 2 weeks later.No lapse in payments in that time
  5. Any news on this Shazza50? I put in a claim 10 days ago and am yet to receive a response.
  6. I last sent them a SAR in 2006 and nothing happened. I've since mopved house and came across all my banks statements and then sent the an LBA. Still nothing cam of it not a squeak from them. Well it's 08 now and I think that I best get myself in line for the big pay off with the OFT diving in there and what not now. What i need to know is: Do I start again or just send a timely reminder of the letters i sent and the lack of responses from Barclays? Should I add interest to my calculations or just send the letter as per the original claim? With the OFT court action in i
  7. Hi guys. I took a loan out with HFC in 1999 for 7800 of which including interest and the PPi it worked out to be 11800 in the end. I ran into some difficulty a few years later and made an arrangement to pay off the loan, so long as the interest was stopped (which the did). I was told to cancel the PPi which I did (in 2005/May). I have only 1300 to pay as of this month but would like to get rid of the debt sooner if i find that I can claim the PPi payments back. I am yet to look at the documents (i have the original contract) some i'm not sure of the facts. The last time I
  8. Oh, i also have the original contract i signed with HFC at the time detailing all the information including the true cost of the loan + PPI. The debt is not quite paid off just yet (nearly there) but is being managed by a third party. I'm down to the last 1500 but i strongly believe that this is just the PPI that's left. As i have all the details, do i need to send an SAR or do i just kindly asked for the money to be returned
  9. Hi guys. i wanted to know if anyone has dealing with HFC? I had a loan with them for £7800 and ended up with a total of 11800 after the PPI. When I was made redundant I managed to get a job asap and moved on but fell into difficulty some months later. the bill is now paid and i need to know if i can reclaim the PPI I paid on that loan?
  10. Chezt. Ndiwe? Nice letter guys adn oh, look out for the caller from customer services soon
  11. Hey guys After sending my LBA i got a mystery call a few minutes ago from MINT/RBS customer services regarding my complaint. Wanted information of my complaint etc adn I did not play ball. Apparently they are doing a survey on customer dissatisfaction so I said naah, can't do, wont do don't wanna talk. Just to let you know, they are watching, oh and the number is 0207 775 0145 Aluta continua
  12. Good on you mate. Thanks for the review of the letter, I did copy most if not all of yours though
  13. Well I have sent the LBA this very afternoon for Mr Raja and will see what direction the case takes over the coming weeks. Prior to this the Prelim Letter had been all that i had sent which drew that response. Thanks again guys for the gee up as i think I needed it here. Aluta Continua
  14. It was the Preliminary request so here goes.....
  15. Well?????? What happened? I got the same letter in November and have been tailoring your initial response to Mr Clibbens so i can try get some headway. They only told me of a Mercentile case and I should wait till they had got a reponse after the outcome of the case. Was about it jack in but the recent balance (considering how much i have paid off and the original limit) got the juices back and am ready for another round and more..... review:
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