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  1. I paid £104 to Omega Travel to be picked up by coach on 5th April 2008 at 6.20 am to be taken directly from Portsmouth to Wembley Stadium, London for the FA Cup Semi Final Match. After the game, we were to then to be taken to a Hotel in Windsor where we were to stay overnight, departing next morning for Park Lane for shopping and then journey home. On the morning of 5th April, I along with others was at the pick up point at 6.00 am. the coach did not arrive and by 6.40 I phoned the contact number and was told that the coach had an electrical problem and the battery was flat. Twenty mi
  2. no, she went thru it on the phone the original claim minus the charges already refunded - then made her offer. I made her put it in an email which she did, so all seems above board *crosses fingers*
  3. oh, also wanted to say thanks to all on this site, because without all the advice and support, I'd never have had the courage to go through with it all will make a donation as soon as i have the cheque in my grubby little hands
  4. Just received a phone call & email offering settlement of two cases. We were claiming £6200 altogether plus court costs of £240. We already had Goodwill of £650 paid a while back so have settled on £5500 (£6150 in total) which we are happy with. We had received a court date and needed to get our court bundle in next week, so this will mean not having to do all that photocopying Yay !
  5. Hi Everyone I have gone through all the steps up to now and have got a court date, my bundle needs to be in by 30th May. Just going through my statements now highlighting each charge etc and have found that because Abbey have a confusing system on some of their statements of putting the charges on the front page and then detailing them again the next month, I have added in some charges twice :O (claimed about £3000 but have claimed roughly £350 too much) Should I a) write to the court and abbey with a new schedule of charges - saying my mistake and giving the new figure ;
  6. I am at the same stage Foxylady - claiming for two Abbey accounts and got the defence letter back for both yesterday.
  7. Hi Been a long time lurker on these forums and have found them really helpful. I have sent off all the letters to the Abbey for two accounts - claiming about £3500 on each. I had had no response to my LBA letter and the 14 days was up this morning so I started a claim onlline for both accounts. However, the post has just been and there was a letter from the Abbey offering me £340 in goodwill for one of the accounts (no letter for the other account). I have looked at the "Rejecting Offers" thread, but just wanted to clarify - as I have started a claim do I write back to A
  8. I tried to send a recorded delivery to this address and it seems to have gotten "lost" with no trace. I queried with the Post Office and they said that postcode doesnt exist for the Abbey and the letter will be returned to me as undeliverable. I resent it Next Day Delivery and it seems to have gotten through. I have sent copy to Head Office & local branch just to be on the safe side.
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