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  1. the £63.26 being interest at 8%. I'm buggered if I can understand the intricacies of compound interest. Does anyone know of an idiots guide to working it out? I have a few other targets other Nationwide...
  2. oh yes, and for the record... I am claiming £186 plus £63.26. Total claim £249.26. I also sent a slightly shirty letter to make sure I get my credit card statements as well (as they 'forgot' to include them with the C/A statements, so that claim will be to follow...
  3. Hello all - I've rather been neglecting this claim, so much so that I've only just sent my Prelim! :o Anyway I shall post here as it progresses. Because Nationwide only sent me my C/A statements without the C/C statements I am pressing ahead with the C/A claim seperately from the C/C one. I have sent a follow up letter to the Data Protection Team to make sure I get hold of the C/C statements without having to cough up another tenner. I'm just claiming 8% interest because I my accounting ability is negligable and it's taken me months to get this far anyway! Just read the inspirin
  4. thanks for that... didn't manage to call them on friday - man i hope this doesn't set things back another 40 days! I guess I could press ahead with the flexaccount part of the claim anyway. ta
  5. Well, I just recieved the statements from Nationwide - however they only sent the current account statements, and I explicitly asked for the C/C statements as well in my data protection act request letter. Has anyone had any joy getting two lots of statements with one £10 payment? I'll be calling them tomorrow so will report back here to let you klnow how I get on. Alex
  6. Hello everyone Having finally cleared my Nationwide current account and credit card of all debt I am now going after the charges that I unquestioningly accepted for all these years (horray!), safe in the knowledge that the bank doesn't have any kind of stick to beat me with. I've just sealed the envelope on my data protection act request letter, so am excited to see how things will progress. I've no idea yet what kind of amount I am owed, so stay tuned to see how things play out! I will of course be keeping a full log of how things go on this thread, I know how much I have learn
  7. ok, i have found the FAQ so I am a bit less clueless now - clearly they can nail you on the credit score front by closing your account. But what if you beat them to the punch by closing your account and *then* reclaiming the charges? Could they touch you then?
  8. hi there first off i'm thrilled to have found this place - I spent 4 years getting walloped on a monthly basis by nationwide during my student years, and am awaiting the day I get to put that to rights with some relish! I have a worry that I need to clear up first though. As far as I can tell from what I've read here, making a claim for repayment can in no way harm my credit rating or ability to deal with other banks in the future. Is this correct? My credit rating is bad enough as it is, and the thought of damaging it further is the only thing that makes me think twice about firing
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