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  1. It may be less, but it is still extortionate (oh dear . . . . for some strange reason, I just can't remember how to use my debit card, and I have no idea where my cheque book is -
  2. Oh this is fun !! Since my last post, I had a letter from CPEA saying they were 'very dissapointed' that I hadn't responded to the 3 or 4 letters from Phillips & Co (I bet they are) and saying I would hear nothing as they are now immediately initiating court proceedings without further correspondence . . . . . Then, (drum roll) a few weeks on, I get yet another letter from CPEA now saying they have decided to give me a 'Amesty' and could I please pay a reduced 'penalty' of £90, and they will drop all action against me !! Oh, and if I'm being advised by 'certain blog sites' that I should be warned they give incorrect and missleading information, and they have to date had 'several sucessful convictions in the county court' including Nottingham and Cambridge' (my ticket was given in Norfolk !!)
  3. Hmmm, another twist, Phillips have now passed my 'case' back to CPEA who say they are VERY dossapointed that I have ignored the 4 letters from those very nice people at Phillips and will now initiate court proceedings against me 'without further communications' Do I need to be concerned ??
  4. I very much doubt 'gentleman' is what I'd call him if he turns up on my doorstep
  5. Thought you would like an update on my posting from Oct 2006 !! The car above finally clocked 189k, when in Sept 2009, I traded it in for . . . yep, another LR Discovery, this time a newer TDV6 (2007MY) auto, this has now clocked 130k and drives as good as when I got it
  6. This made me lol I saw one that said "If your Landrover isn't dripping oil - it's needs topping up" (I own a LR Discovery TDV6 - which is a SUPERB vehicle, and also belong to the LR Owners Club))
  7. Hi peeps, Yet another letter from Phillips - this time they say I have been really naughty and they will be passing my case to 'the enforcement department' Am I scared - noooooo might look at boading up my windows, and getting a BIG dog just in case they send a 'Enforcement Agent' to my house
  8. Hi, Texanbar and jamuk1987 . . . have you guys got any updates on your ones yet
  9. Hi all I'm a returning member from a while ago after a very successful bank charges reclaim) Now on to something new !! I have had a few letters from cpea, and, yep, you guessed, my first from Phillips & Co - no intention of paying, but would it be wise (or not) to send a template letter to phillips (to prevent me being accused of being 'unreasonible') if . . . IF it ever got to court ?? Any advice appreciated !!
  10. Dear ALL, My work in here is concluded having received a full refund. I shall not be logging again due to 'personal reasons' Thanks for all the help to those who know who they are !! Cheerio
  11. steve_n

    Ash v. HSBC

    Happy Birthday !!!!!
  12. And you would be 'Miss Turner' of course !! :D X x X
  13. Okie dokie - see if I can find her !
  14. Dunno - me too tho !! I got bored watching the sprouts cooking, so sneaked a quickie (on here :o ) xx
  15. Thanks - he's one of my favorite actors, the likeness is uncanny (some would say) xxx
  16. Hmm - fingers crossed then !!!! call them if you haven't heard by - say 3pm !!!
  17. The reasons why the charges have been applied is irrelevant - they are still punitive charges !! So am I correct in thinking this is your 2nd claim against HSBC ? You would be wise to have another account with another bank up and running, just in case they close down on you, it has been known in the past when submitting a 2nd attempt !!
  18. After you have 'filed' the court allows 'upto' 5 calendar days then it is 'deemed' to have been served on the defendant !! DG may well acknowledge sooner tho !
  19. It is 'standard' practice to enter a defence - it buys them more time, 28 days to be precise !! You shouldn't expect to hear a 'dickie bird' until the 23rd hour, and then if they follow their usual pattern you will receive a letter either making a partial or full 'offer' check this carefully !!! you will then be running around writing the acceptance, and preparing your AQ - if you listen carefully to the wind you may just hear DG laughing !!!! But what ever happens DON'T suspend your action against them until the money is firmly in your account !!! And if you do havve to submit your AQ you will add another £100 to the total ! Good luck
  20. The London address is possibly best, I am of the opinion that if you send elsewhere they only forward using their internal mail system wasting another couple of days - why give them that pleasure !!
  21. We have all been there, done that, got our money back, but you will have to keep on top of the process, they will do ALL they possibly can to drag it out (at your expense) and if you are overdrawn they will add more charges to add insult !!!
  22. It maybe because it's 'this' week !!! I guess their all on there hols, back next Tues I know that's absolutly NO help to you right NOW !!! xx
  23. Umm dunno, I heard about them (once) still waiting to actually get one tho !!
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