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  1. Hi Paul, All very odd really...I did speak to the CS regarding my overpayment and asked if they knew what was going on...she did confirm they had sent out loads of letters, first said it was to do with my mortgage from 2006, then said it was my 99 sub account, then she went off to speak to someone and came back and said it was basically because I made overpayment and they hadn't adjusted the interest. Complete load of bull.... I've sent a letter asking for breakdown of how the payment was allocated, when the error happened, what was it calculated on and what should it have been...wi
  2. Fingers crossed for you...I 'gave up' around 9 times over 10 years using everything possible - i looked like a patchwork quilt at one point, I had that many sticky bits on me. Stopped now for 5 years, using Allan Carr method. (not chatty man!)and I know I will never, ever smoke again...and more importantly, I don't want to and I don't miss it one bit. Good luck on gaining your freedom from the slavery! Tinks : )
  3. Hello all, Just had a letter from C&G - cannot scan sorry so please bear with me.... Refs etc AC Number Dear Ms >>>> Important news about your mortgage account I'm writing to apologise for a mistake we have made on your mortgage account. The mistake happened when we made a change to your mortgage. This would have been either when you took out a new mortgage product or when you asked us to complete a specific transaction on your account. At that poinnt we incorrectly calculated your new monthly mortgage payment because we did not include the
  4. Sorry to hear about you have been having such a harsh time...the place to start your complaint is really with the Chair of Governors...although you are not teaching staff, you will still come under the policies set by the govening body. There will be a set staff discipline committee who have to approve and actually issue this outcome, so it sounds more like you have had a warning, but more informal than placed on record. You can appeal to the discipline committee to hear your case, as well as the complaints committee as to how it was handledin the first place Best of luck Tinks
  5. The most recent figures I have seen for Morrisons are around 40%...not 80%...although I am open to correction on that. A large amount of those apprentices are Bakers, Butchers etc which I think is a pretty worthwhile occupation and demands a high level of skill. I believe the Foundation Management, as well as the Retail operations and Customer Service are also offered...and all of these have Maths and English qualifications that the learner has to gain, so if nothing else, they imporve their overall development. Shelf stacking may not seem important, until a customer is thrapped on the head by
  6. Probably wouldn't do any harm to mention as well that you really welcome the extra responsibilty and would welcome more...with the appropriate benefits of course. Tinks
  7. Hi Top, I think your showing a great approach to this, and hopefully you get what you want out of it. Are you still on an apprenticeship or did it end and you were taken on full time? It seems you are happy to take on the extra tasks, but the issue is in extra money to go with it? I would write a letter, to the decision maker, explaining you are very happy with your role, with the company in general and with your collegaues and boss, and that you have appreciated the apprenticeship opportunity they have given you. You feel you have progressed well into the role and in ligh
  8. Hi Sub, The problem with the images is that they could have been altered at any point - I take it you took photo of it, but it is very easy to alter dates on digital media so even if dated I don't think they will help...plus as already pointed out, there is the issue of breach of trust in taking those images in the first place. # I still think you should address the issue as it relates to you...if you could get others to corroborate that would be great, but I do understand it is difficult when in fear of one's job. If you have anything that points to you having done a good job in a
  9. Have you had appraisals in the last 5 years? If so and they didn't highlight areas of concern it would certainly strengthen your position if you raise a grievance. Also. are your meetings with the manager recorded or minuted? At your next meeting ask what specific areas of your performance he is unhappy with, and what he suggests you can do to improve iif he feels you need to...within current legal requirements, of course. Take notes of his responses...don't let yourself feel bullied, put the onus back on your manager to show how you are underperforming. Copies of your company policies re
  10. Did you read my posts? Of course, I understand that some will have complained about my views (why you are here, after all) and as such see my opinion as having no credibility at all as they have misinterpreted or chose to misunderstand....after all I merely left school at 14, pregnant and married at 17, was attacked and shot at, saw someone have the bottom half of their face shot off, had PTSD, clincal depression, anxiety disorder, addiction to prescription meds, be left on my own with 3 children in a new location with no friends and family located over 100 miles away and on benefits...that I
  11. Sorry but you are simply looking to cherry pick my comments out of context and find something to which you can take offence…efforts that don’t move the discussion on – and simply picking odd bits out of my posts and then ignoring my response…to then cherry pick another bit is just plain antagonistic. I am happy to discuss my viewpoint, and take on board the differing opinions of others, without getting personal on how people write, or the language they use, or imply they have no integrity, or assert they are ‘spouting rubbish’. However, if someone just wants to argue they can find som
  12. IMO Sidewinder and Emm have the right approach here...in addition, it sounds like you sign in and our of your employer's client premises, which may constitute part of the service level agreement your employer has with the client....so if you don't sign the client could perhaps not pay. Although it is part of your company policy to sign in and out, supervisors may not be subject to the same requirement if she is not part of the bill hours for service; it may be irrelevant that she does not sign out. Far better to address what applies to you, in a factual manner backed up by any evidence you h
  13. To the OP - I really hope that now you can see there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel for your sons that you too find something to get you back on your feet….it wasn’t my intention to diminish the difficulties you have, rather to hope that you channel your frustration and anger in the right direction so it helps you…you have got a lot of support not just on here but evidently from a variety of agencies,, I hope it’s a springboard to a much better situation for you. As for the attacking posters…perhaps you too could channel your evident anger in the right direction – it may galv
  14. This issue! Sorry but it is relevant to the 'entitlement' attitude that is all too prevalent - it is not an entitlement, it'is as the word implies, a benefit. What isn't helpful is to keep saying 'there, there. it all the fault of the horrid system' because it removes personal responsibility...I am so glad that the OP has found support -within that system- and she is getting some help for herself and her sons, as she is clearly in need of it. But the support shouldn't be seen as a life long option, as some unfortunately do. When it is in this lgiht, it stops people from taking steps to ge
  15. sounds like you've read far to many Daily Mail type stories and bought into government propaganda blaming all of a struggling individual's ills on the 'lazy, scrounger, benefit culture'. Maybe do some research on the true figures of fraud, yourself, before spouting this type of nonsense here. Your making an assumption based on your own personal views - don't attribute ideals, ideas or leanings to me of which you have absolutely no knowlege. Whether or not you know any fraudsters personally (if they are really fraudulant or you just think they are) they are not representative of the m
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