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  1. pete heard anymore? I've just sent my mcol today.... Anna
  2. So, to recap: 18th September 2006 - Prem Letter sent to HSBC (my branch) 4th October 2006 - No response has been recieved, continue by sending LBA (again, to my branch) 18th October 2006 - On the 14th day since sending the LBA, I recieve a request from Colin Langdale (Senior Service Quality Team) for a full breakdown of charges. 18th October 2006 - The full breakdown is sent to Colin Langdale, and in my accompanying letter it states that I give him 5 days to reply with an offer of a full refund. If this is not the case, there will be no further communication from me, but t
  3. Thanks for this!! Have checked finances, and will be unable to begin online claim until I get paid (a week tomorrow!!!). So I have decided to send the breakdown directly to him, advising him that he has 5 days to respond or else, without any further communication from me, I shall make the online claim. If he does not reply within the 5 days, I will have been paid, and the fun will begin!!! Watch this space.....!!
  4. Ok - Sent Prem letter, followed by LBA two weeks later. Had recieved no response at all to either letter, and the two weeks since sending LBA ended yesterday. Just about to start with online claim, when today's post brings with it a letter from Colin Langdale (Senior Service Quality Officer), HSBC, asking me to send a complete break down of charges I am claiming back. What do I do? Hold off online claim, and send list to him? I have complied he list, so if I send it today, do I have to give him another 14 days, or 5 days maybe, or what???? Please help??? (...Getting so exc
  5. Hey Digger What has happened with Cap One now? anna2388
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