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  1. What about the letter from CSL threatening court action? Can that be ignored? Why suddenly in touch after so long?
  2. I was getting some phone calls/texts from an unknown number in November 2013, and then a letter from Credit Solutions Direct saying they were collecting a tax overpayment on HMRC's behalf from 2006. The amount £126. Just before Christmas (20th Dec) I had a letter from them saying they were going to court unless I paid the money within 2 weeks. Now, I have no idea what happened with Tax Credits - I claimed for about 3 years and it was always a mess. I got several letters saying I'd been underpaid/overpaid and found dealing with them a nightmare. At one point I was told there were two files for me so it looked like an admin error. I was also told I didn't owe them anything. Then got a demand for overpayment for about £300. I filled in an appeal form and have never heard anything since. I haven't claimed anything since 2006 even although I didn't qualify for it. Too much aggro for about £40 per month! My daughter is now 20. So I have no idea if I owe them or not. I looked on here for advice, and the advice seemed to be ignore it. My circumstances have changed significantly in that for the past three years I've been self employed, and hardly worked since October last year due to a medical issue. As a result funds were low (and at the time of the letter I had maxxed my overdraft). I've just had an invoice paid so could pay the £126 to get them off my back. (still getting calls and texts and possibly a court letter ) . What should I do? I really don't know if I owe this or not, I can't bear the thought of phoning HMRC again, and this seems a lot of harassment over a two month period after years of silence. P.S. As someone who campaigns vocally about tax avoidance, I do pay my full requirement of corporation and personal tax.
  3. Well done animal lover! I'm in exactly the same situation and been arguing with them since May - hoping to get a conclusion soon.
  4. :D Went into the branch today AND THE ACCOUNT IS FULLY ACTIVE! She said my overdraft limit has been decreased because there has been no deposits, however, if I wanted I could have that raised. So paid off the overdraft and my shiny new flexaccount card is in my purse. I'm so happy - Visa Electron was terrible! Still want to hang on to my Nationwide account MTM - I'm fighting with GE money over a default which they have wrongfully put on my account so right not my chances of getting anything above a basic account elsewhere are slim. I also like the free withdrawals abroad with the Nationwide card. Thanks again for all your help and support! Cheers!
  5. many many thanks for all your help, Milk Tray Man. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond. it's definitely a flexaccount card and the accompanying letter also says it's a flex. I won't be doing any more reclaiming - no charges! got my credit report from Experian and I'm monitoring it monthly at the moment as I'm trying to get a default removed - nothing to do with Nationwide. Nationwide don't have anything on my credit report. You're right, I should clear the OD and I have the money to do so (in another Nationwide account (savings) ironically). I gave up because I couldn't make a payment at the branch and obviously I have no cheque book with the Co op account. I'll try the branch and let you know how I get on. thanks again Cx
  6. Thanks MTM I did cancel all DDs with the exception of a quarterly one I'd completely forgotten about and one I'd missed - which was paid twice but just meant the loan was paid early. The current OD is well within its limit so no charges and interest free. I've decided to go into branch and ask - the branch staff are always so helpful whereas the call centre staff are less so. Although might be better off writing then I can quote the ruling on closing accounts?
  7. I claimed back charges from Nationwide in December 06. I got the charges back, and also got a letter giving me notice my account would be closed. I was to return my card. I opened a parachute account, transferred all the DDs etc. Nationwide sent me a cheque for the balance left in the account. After the date of closure, a direct debit came out of the account. I went to the branch with my card and cheque, intending to return it and pay what I owed. The teller said the account seemed to be closed, she couldn't take any payment and told me I was "quids in" and to keep the cheque. About a month later, another debit came out my account. I called the call centre who told me my account was not closed which was why direct debits were still allowed to come out. I was advised to go into the branch to pay what I owed. have to confess - I didn't go. I've now had two letters saying my overdraft has been decreased due to inactivity on the account, and a few days ago got a new Flexaccount card!! (Ps the standard letter I received back in dec 06 said that any attempt to to use my card after date of closure would be treated as fraud) I would love to go back to Nationwide (so much better than Coop Visa Electron!). What's the best way to do this? Write? branch? Not the call centre... I am wondering if this has happened because not long after this happened, it was deemed illegal/unfair (not sure which) to close accounts.
  8. This is helpful to my case. Would the claim be against the car salesman or GMAC?
  9. Does this mean I can still pursue GE Money? Or send an initial letter to Living Design?
  10. I've sent the template letters to GE Money (formerly First National Bank). However, they have written back saying as it was the double glazing company who sold me the loan and therefore PPI, I have to address it with them. I'm quite sure they (Living Design) will not be covered by the CCA. Where do I stand now?
  11. I have a default (marked as a red 8) on my credit file by GE Money. I had asked for statements to go on and try to reclaim charges, and the statements appeared with a zero for current balance. I called asking for an explanation and the girl said she wasn't sure but looks as if the remaining debt had been written off. Got my credit file and saw the default which was dated about the time they sent me the statements. Wrote to them using the template letter on here asking for a copy of the notice and they said there wasn't one, as they had not issued one. Where do I stand now? They are so difficult to deal with! Anyone any pointers?
  12. the double glazing salesman who strongly implied that the only way to finance it was through the loan, and that insurance was compulsory - even though I already had unemployment/illness insurance.
  13. I used the template to try to reclaim PPI from GE money (formerly First National). They have responded by saying that as it was Living Design who sold me the policy I have to raise it with them? Is this correct? I know it will be a nightmare trying to get something out of a double glazing company....
  14. Good luck, Dee - watching with interest as I have charges reclaim, PPI misselling claim and a request they remove a default from my credit file. Useless shower!
  15. I have written to the Clydesdale Bank regarding a default lodged on my credit file. After four weeks I received a letter from them saying they need another 4 weeks to investigate, they take all customer complaints seriously blah blah blah. 4 weeks later I got another letter saying exactly the same. Today - I got the same letter. So it is now 12 weeks since my original letter. The account defaulted in 2005 - was paid in full three months after the late payment. I do not recall any communication from them at all. (My father was seriously ill (subsequently died) and I was spending most of my time at his house 300 miles away and really just didn't find the time to make the payments. These were the only ones not on direct debit - how much do I regret that now) so question is - is it reasonable for them to take 12 weeks to find the paperwork lodging a default against me? What do I do now?
  16. Watch out for GE Capital. I pursued them for bank charges, got the pile of indecipherable statements, and they offered to write off the outstanding amount owed instead (which was probably about the same) I called them to clarify I owed nothing more, and they confirmed that both accounts were settled. This was December. Got a copy of my credit report and find a default of £345 in December marked gone away with no address!!! How poor is that? I've since written to them to have the default removed but the usual "wrong department" shuffle has been going on. they are now out of time to respond so I'm escalating it.
  17. Bankfodder - what do you mean by your last sentence? I claimed back from nationwide, and they subsequently closed my account. I had a few letters confirming this and they issued a cheque for the balance and interest. I miscalculated how much to leave in, so in effect the account was in debit when it closed. I went into the branch to return the cheque they had sent me, together with £20 which would bring the balance to £0. The counter staff said they couldn't accept it, and said it looks like the money was written off. (about 80 quid) Since this happened a standing order has come out, and also a direct debit I'd missed. I'd thought that once it was closed they would not pay anything out. I called the call centre and they agreed that nothing should come out and suggested I go back to the branch and try to pay the balance. She couldn't accept over the phone. I now have a negative balance of -£221. Matter of time until they start hitting me with charges Getting to the branch is a real hassle - can only go on a Saturday morning and I'm doing a course and the classes are on Sat mornings. At a loss what to do now. Wait until they get in touch??
  18. Confirmed this morning that both accounts have been fully settled. Good point, Chorlton. They still have me at the address I was at 4.5 years ago despite three notifications of changes! (the statements showed two addresses) So counting that as a win, don't think the charges from the past 6 years would have come to that amount. So subdued yippee, as I feel totally stupid being talked into taking out such a crap loan, paying interest at 22% all these years. Older and wiser Cazzie!
  19. Got a huge pile of paperwork from GE Money today and spent the last hour trying to make sense of it. I called the customer service number (which I had to surf for, does not appear on the documentation. However, what it does look like is that they have written off the remainder of the debt. Both accounts show balance as 0, with £350 minused from one, and 6.90 from the other. I'll call them tomorrow. Hope it's not that they have sent them on to collection agencies! So I'll hold off celebrating until I get confirmation.... Fingers crossed Caz
  20. I don't think you put anything in there. You wait for the defence to be filed (if they don't settle first) nationwide filed a defence in my case about 7 days after I filed the MCOL - and the refund was in my bank within 48 hours Good luck Cazzie
  21. I wrote to Sarah Wainwright at the above address but got a call to say it was the "wrong part" of GE Money. Got a giant pile of statements today and if anyone has a home lending account with them, the address is Kathy Lampard Compliance Department GE Money Home Lending Ltd Malvern House Crawley Business Park Watford Hers WD18 8YF Good luck! Cx
  22. I sent a sar out to them before Christmas. Got a phone call last week to say they didn't recognise the account numbers, and were sending to another department. Going to hold them to the 40 days (with a wee allowance for Christmas and New Year holidays) then report them. From reading the threads, they are such a complex organisation they lose track of which account fits where (mine was originally First National Bank). I think that's their problem not mine, and they still have to comply with data protection laws. My loan was for double glazing. Good luck, watching your progress with interest. Caz
  23. Good luck Seawall! My fingers are crossed for you....
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