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  1. Well, Jason. In the post today I received two letters dated 30th December (2 days after I was told that the charges were removed) intimating charges totalling £11 (2 x £5.50) imposed on 28th December for "Late Fee"! Maybe I'd be better going to the FCA or Watchdog...
  2. Their latest ripoff - I always make my payments over the phone by debit card on a Saturday. My call normally goes through to the store. Last Saturday was of course Boxing Day so I assumed that some sort of automated payment line would be in operation. I was away over Christmas and got home just after 4pm on Boxing Day. I'd received a text earlier in the day to advise that it was my due day so I could call in or phone "before 530pm". I phoned just after 410pm, to be told by the store "sorry, the tills closed at 4pm, so can you call on Monday to make your payment?". No
  3. Got a call from them tonight "Hello, I'm calling from Apex Credit Management. Can I speak to Mr Matchmaker" M "Speaking" A "I'm calling on behalf of a High Street bank" M "Which bank?" A "I can't reveal the name of our clients" M "Goodbye, then" and I hung up WTF! Now I've got to deal with an anonymous creditor. What a bunch of twonks!
  4. The situation is that I am contracted to a 35 hour week, Monday to Friday, that's all. But in addition I am expected to socialise with clients once a month, at a dinner dance or similar at a weekend. I don't get paid for my time (5-6 hours) but don't have to pay for my meal. I don't have to attend, but it has been made clear to me that I am expected to. On the few times I haven't been able to attend (I do have a life outside work!) I have not been popular :mad:
  5. Might sound daft, but can employer insist that an employee works a number of hours a month for no pay? I suspect that the answer is no........
  6. General question - what seems to be various banks policy about clearance times for salary cheques? I get paid monthly by cheque and it used to be that if I paid it in and showed my payslip, I could access the funds at once. Now my local HBOS manager has said the normal clearance times apply - and as I've a crappy Cardcash account that means 4 bank working days :mad:
  7. Hi My first post, so be gentle;) I have a Bank of Scotland Cardcash account - they won't upgrade it. It has a few direct debits coming off and also an Electron card I sometimes use. On Monday 14th May I had £40.78 in it - enough to cover a £30 DD. There was also an outstanding £55 Electron authorisation. I also had £60 in my internet savings account. I logged on that morning and transferred the £60 over to the Cardcash to cover the Electron payment. I noticed that the DD hadn't been paid. I logged on just before midnight - balance showing £100.78. Next morning the Elec
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