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  1. Hi My husband works for a road traffic management company, because of the olympics no road works can go on throughout the olympics which will last approx 3 months, he has had a letter saying that they will have to lay him off for 3 months and when the work picks back up he can go back. This doesn't help us financially though, as he is the main earner and I dont know how we will manage without his wage coming in, just because they have decided they should have the olympics in great britain should not mean people should suffer for it through loss of jobs. Does anyone know if there is a go
  2. Hi I am asking this on behalf of a friend. My friend sent a CCA Request off to American Express, as she is having a few problems with them at the moment, she received a letter back a few days later saying: Please find enclosed a copy of the online application and Terms and Conditions relevant at the time the account was opened and closed. These documents form the executed agreement between you and American Express. Attached to the letter was credit card agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 (printed on the bottom was executed agreement) this credit agreeme
  3. Hi all I am after some advice AGAIN! I am still trying to sort this issue out with Welcome, I received a letter back off them after sending the letter before action, they refunded me part of the charges, which I accepted as partial settlement. I still wanted them to reconstruct all three accounts though to take into consideration the partial refund they had given me. They ignored my request when I asked them to provide evidence that they had reconstructed the accounts. I then sent off all the information to the FSA to see if they could order them to reconstruct the three accou
  4. Hi I have received a letter off welcome saying that they will investigate my complaint and get back to me within 8 weeks, what should I do, wait for them to get back to me or file mcol? Many thanks Hayley
  5. Good afternoon all Right, I finally recieved my SAR back from Capital one and am a little confused. I have gone through all the statements and made up a speadsheet From Dec 04 - April 07 my debits were £1384.18 and my credits were £1598.18, so my credits were more than my debits (by £214), they sold the debt to Arrow on 19 April for £398.20. I then looked closely through the statements provided and up until August 06 my debits were £1344.18 and my credits were £651.91 then an additional £40.00 was added for overlimit fees and late payment fee so that left me owing £732.27
  6. Great thanks ims. I have issued a MCOL before for bank charges but was years ago, I remember it being quite straight forwrad but not sure if it has changed since. I have actually started filling in a mcol this morning for Welcome, I am definately going to take it all the way. I have looked for the letter before action this morning as I was sure from years ago I sent another letter, but cannot seem to find it anywhere, could you point me in the right direction. Many thanks for your help! p.s. I have tried to click on your star but it will not let me for some reason?
  7. Good Morning After some advice again. I sent the preliminary letter off to welcome concerning all the different charges and gave them 14 days to respond, I have not heard anything from them at all. I checked Royal Mail and it was signed for on 7 July. Do I send out another letter now or just put a claim in straight away? if so is it easy to do? Many thanks Hayley
  8. Ah ok thanks for explaining that. I am not trying to get out of paying the debt, I had the items so am happy to pay, I only owe around £160 anyway and as soon as I recieve the SAR i will be sending a letter to settle, so it wont go to court anyway. All I would have liked to do is got them to remove the default as it is affecting my credit and wont be off for another 2 years , my mortgage deal is up in February and would like a better mortgage but with this default I doubt they will even give me a good rate. Thanks for the info though
  9. What do you mean? Sorry I dont understand.
  10. Great thanks Tingy, will send a letter back to them now. Can you tell me where I can download the EU Directives as i have typed in google but cant seem to find it to download. Thanks again
  11. Hi Tingy and Teaboy I am sorry that I have not responded but only just seen your comments when I come on to upload this letter I have recieved from Next. Thank you for all your information, I will download the EU Directives and see if I can make any sense of it. I have received the letter attached off Next in response to my SAR and was just wondering if someone could look at the points made and make sure they are not fobbing me off. I have to write back to them, before they will send me the stuff out so any advice would be great. Many thanks for all your help Hayley Next
  12. I never ever signed a credit agreement with Next, I also have a letter off Next saying that I never. I never set out to open an account, I went online one day to order something and was going to pay off my debit card, but it automatically opened an account for me with a £300 limit.
  13. Good Morning IMS Can I just ask, would it be ok to use the bank charges spreadsheet to work out the charges and interest and also, should I put on the spreadsheet the interest on the charges they charged me, if that makes sense. Cheers Hayley
  14. Ok thanks for putting me right, I was under the impression that a company could not process any data about you on your credit file unless they had permission of you, as it is your personal data, i.e. permission in the form of a credit agreement.
  15. Ok thats great, I will start the ball rolling tomorrow. I think I will leave the PPi as I am sure Medicare was something like if you have an accident they pay you so much per night you were in hospital something like that. I have reclaimed charges on a few other things in the past I may have even tried with Welcome without any success, but will have another go I will keep you posted. Thanks again you have been a great help.
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