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  1. Hubby says it was a debt agency as when we contacted Halifax they advised the debt was now with Blair Oliver Scott.
  2. It was a Halifax credit credit card. They sent a letter accepting 75% of the balance as FFS.
  3. Thanks for the reply. There was no discussion regarding removal of the default - I understand that after six years it will be removed? six years from 2009? Does this default mean that until it has left the credit history we will not be able to get any further credit?
  4. In October last year hubby had a free trial of Experian and got his credit report which despite a default from back in 2009 (default in 2009 because we were struggling back then and the credit card agreed to freeze the amount, not add further interest and take £70 per month) came up as "Good" on Experians overview page. We decided to look around for a better mortgage deal but were declined due to aforementioned default. We decided arrange a full and final settlement with the credit card and were told to wait for it to show up on the credit report. Last week
  5. Just to say Barclays called just now and have settled in full!! Just got to await the paperwork and then they will credit my account!! Yay!! DH is still waiting for them to settle his, but his court date isn't until late April....
  6. Right, I chased them yesterday lunchtime and was told that they would be in touch in the next 24hrs. I missed a call whilst doing the school run and rang them again and they said they are still waiting on "confirmation of the figure" (that I am claiming) and would be in touch today. I'm still waiting - do you think I'll p1ss them off if I ring them again?
  7. So, have now spoken to the person dealing with my case and he said that due to the fact that I have only got my court date today they haven't had confirmation yet from "customer services" that the figure I am claiming is correct. The figures will be checked and they should be getting touch to "discuss an offer" within the next 7 days....
  8. OK, just got off the phone to both the court and Barclays. My date (for an "Allocation Hearing") is the 13th March !! How is an Allocation Hearing different to a full hearing? Do we have to go to this hearing and then they decide whether to have a "full" hearing? The chap at the court said it's because these are usually settled out of court and rather than give a full hearing date straight away they do this to give the bank chance to settle. Anyhow, I called Barclays and have been told to call back in 10 minutes when the chap is who is handling my case is off the phone so we can "dis
  9. When do we need to send the court bundles off and who to? We've got a court date for 26th April for DH's claim but despite submitting my QA on the same day, and regularly chasing I still haven't got a date!! Interestingly, the letter from the Judge with the date said that "the matter should take no longer than 20 minutes as there is no real chance of success by the defendant" :grin: I called Barclays with the date and they said they are dealing with them in order of the date of the hearing and will "be in touch" 2-3 weeks before.
  10. Today I chased the court and was told that the court date for hubby's claim is 26th April :o!! My AQ has not yet been given a date but will be done shortly. I telephoned the litigation department at Barclays and was told that they are contacting people in order of their court dates and therefore we won't be contacted until 2-3 weeks before our court date to see if "we can come to a solution". I asked why they couldn't just discuss it now seeing as I was on the phone and was told they had to follow protocol, blah, blah.... For what it's worth I asked for notes to be put on both m
  11. Section G - "Set out any other information you consider will help the judge to manage or clarify the claim" Just checked in the library and it doesn't say what to put and am now panicking, what did you put on yours?
  12. Today I got my AQ with the defence from Barclays attached which is long and involved and full of legalese. Am fretting a bit as it all seems a bit scary now!!
  13. Barclays "acknowledged" my claim on MCOL yesterday. Does that mean I get the AQ and then the court date or vice versa? :-?
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