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  1. well I heard that you can only take it to the high court if its over 600, im only claiming 500, 535 with court costs
  2. But is it true that bailiffs dont have that much power, just turn up, ask to enter then leave ??
  3. Well I went through MCOL, he doesnt seem to have even responded to my claim so had a judgement entered against him .... good news I would have thought but what now... Its pretty obvious he isnt going to be paying me anything
  4. I am giving you seven days from receiving this letter to fulfill the completion of the sale on the Rover 200 BRM LE, Registration T25 BRM that I paid £1500 for. The car was delivered without the correct, refurbished alloys as was stated in the for sale advert and was in fact delivered with mixed/non matching not refurbished alloys. If the deadline is not met then further action will be taken without notice. Is this better then ?? Obviously with huge bold LETTER BEFORE ACTION at the top
  5. No I have not... I have kept this very private.... I started a thread months ago asking if anyone had heard from the guy as he wasnt replying to my messages, phonecalls ect and the most derogatory post I put in a seperate thread was that anything he seems to have touched turned to "ahem ...poo poo " lol ... this was refering to the coolant lid not being on properly so the car boiled over and overheated ( caught this just in time before any damage was done ), one of the wheels almost fell off due to nuts not being fastned tight and headlamps not fastened in properly amongst other things. Even in posts texts and emails I have been nice... dammit your right, even in the LBA i'm being too nice.. sod it, short sweet version it is
  6. Does this look ok for a LBA letter I will be sending ?? It is with deep regret I find myself having to issue you with this letter before action notice. As you are aware, the car ( Rover 200 BRM, T25 BRM ) you put up for sale on thebrm.co.uk forum on November 28th 2013 was secured by a £500 deposit on the 3rd December by myself followed by another 2 payments of £500 and the car was finally delivered on the 5th May 2014. The car was delivered not only without refurbished alloy wheels as advertised but with 3 of the 4 wheels actually incorrect. Again as you are aware you took 1 of my alloy wheels from my other car ( Rover 200 BRM, V840 OEO ) with the promise that you would get this wheel refurbished, along with the other 3 you have back at your workplace/business ( Chester MG Rover specialists ). Giving me a full set, as advertised refurbished Rover BRM alloys for T25 BRM. Then the 3 incorrect wheels went back to you and the 1 correct wheel moved back over to V840 OEO. However, its been almost 11 months I am still waiting for these wheels.. I have had various excuses and I have been very accommodating and understanding over the various problems/issues you say you have had. I have told you to forget other parts promised to me as part of the sale and at one point even offered to come and exchange the incorrect wheels for the correct ( non refurbished ) alloys just so I had the correct wheels for the car and I would have to pay for the refurb myself. After so much time and patience however, it is plain to see that I wont be receiving the wheels as the 2 cars that the wheels are currently on, are up for sale on Ebay and Gumtree and you are ignoring any attempted contact from me. Therefore I am giving you until the 30th March ( 14 days from this letter ) to supply me with 4 refurbished Rover BRM Cosmos alloy wheels with suitable legal tyres as advertised. If they are not supplied by this date I intend to take you to the small claims court to recover a reasonable cost of finding wheels getting them refurbished and putting suitable tyres on. Regards
  7. Thanks a million guys.. I do now feel more confident in going ahead with a claim, just a reasonable amount to think of now and whether to include just what a nightmare the purchase has been from day one or keep it simple and just go for the wheels approach
  8. Great, so screenshot everything, print it out and put it together, in order so it's like a story of the whole fiasco. That's easy enough.... Going to be lots of printouts though and I wasn't sure if a judge would use Facebook or forums as a credible source of evidence. Again thankyou
  9. thanks again for the replies, I can confirm that I can provide the following proof I can show the original for sale thread showing what's included in the sale. I can show private messages of me an him discussing the points of the sale. I can show proof via private messages, texts,Facebook chat and maybe emails that I have been trying to get the wheels sorted for almost a year and most of his replies ( he deleted on of the Facebook accounts so although my chats are there his responses are not. I can prove that throughout the ordeal I have been very sympathetic to his various excuses for not getting the wheels done ( wheel company he used went bust.. Very busy with his new business venture and the latest that his marriage broke down) I can show that I sent many many mails with no response ect and that the only reply I got was kinda abusive and alleged that I had been "slagging him off on forums" and that he would only send me my 1 wheel back which I still have not received. I'm just not too sure what a judge will be interested in seeing if you catch what I mean.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, really means a lot. Just out of curiosity... if I was to claim for a certain amount, lets just use a round figure of 500.... if a court doesn't agree with the amount will they adjust as they see fit or reject my claim ??
  11. He has 2 businesses, a scrapyard/parts and a car transport business..... and ive found out he is trying to sell the car parts business. I will draft a LBA out and get it sent Monday as advised What would I do with the 3 wheels I have on the car as they are his property once I get replacements or a payout ??
  12. Id just settle for the wheels as promised rather than the financial gain and I know that he currently has 8 of these wheels ( 1 being my property with my reg no engraved ).... the problem is that the 2 cars containing these wheels have just gone up for sale on ebay and gumtree.. if/when these cars are sold then the wheels are gone and im stumped
  13. That's where I start getting confused... The wheels themselves are near on impossible to get unless a car is being broken on ebay ect and then its a complete car usually. Also where abouts does one of the wheels being my property fit in all this?? What I don't want is a court to think im being greedy.. but at the same time I only want what was advertised, Im afraid that if I put a claim in for say 5-600 then the court would see me as trying to claim an excessive amount. Its worth saying at this point that I did offer to just take the alloys in the state they were in and would look to get them refurbished myself... again followed by silence and false promises
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