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  1. HELLO AGAIN, just a quick question. Is there a link I can go to such as the HSBC link which deals with people claiming back from MBNA? I cant seem to find one.
  2. Thanks you guys, I couldnt have done it without you. I decided not to push for the court fee, yes I know they owe me but over the four months this has taken to be settled Ive found it to be very stressful plus I became very depressed during the middle period as I convcinced myself that I was not going to get my money. The overwhelming relief I experienced when they did pay up {my daughter let me know over the phone while me and my other half were in madeira, there was very loud cheering over the line} was fantastic I felt that Id acheived something almost impossible and was so happy that i
  3. Well done Bankfodder & Dave, I dont know how you keep up with it all, but Im glad you do. Many thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply Lat, I dont have a problem doing this except that Ive already informed the court that the claim is settled and DG solicitors sent me a letter asking if I would inform the court that the case is concluded plus they sent me a form to sign & date confirming that the case is settled which I signed. There were no other conditions such as me agreeing not to go through this process again, this I would not have signed. Youre going to tell me Ive cocked up now arent you?
  5. Hi Laura sorry youre in a dilemma, yes you can claim back the court fee, you would include that along with youre claim plus interest when you enter a judgement, as far as I can see you are making a claim for youre charges back therefore they have to return the money to you, if there is an outstanding debt which has gone to a collection agency then I would think that would be dealt with after this case is concluded. I dont see as they can sideline youre money like that. Dnt quote me on this though, there are far more experienced people on this site, have you spoken to anyone in the chatroom con
  6. Er, credited, that was it. Sorry Im so happy Ive turned into an oaf. No they didnt include the court fee, yes I know youre right but Im so happy to have got back the claim money plus the 8%int after 4 months of trying its very satisfying as Im sure you know. I couldnt be asked to push further for the court fee, Ive been lucky enough to avoid their solicitors intervening, and anyway Ive now informed the court that the claim is settled. I think that you were right in an earlier message you posted, they must be bogged down so much with claims that theyre making mistakes, which is good for us. b
  7. Hi all, I received a letter from HSBC last week {while I was away on holiday} saying they have debited my acct with the full amount which they have £5,402,61. Thanks to all of you for your help.
  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! As you may have guessed I have won. I was on holiday last week and while I was away HSBC sent me a letter saying they have debited my account with the full claim amount plus the 8% interest. They filed no acknowledgement or any sort of defence, although I did receive a letter from their solicitors saying that they hope the matter is concluded and asked me to inform the court of the settlement. This I have done as the money is in my account, and they made some excuse that their client paid me purely for commercial reasons. Thanks very much to all the people who helped me t
  9. Letter sent by special delivery yesterday so theyll have it monday morning. Im commited now The only problem is Im going on holiday abroad for a week tomorrow, wont be back til the 15th, so Im not going to know if theyve responded or not.
  10. Went to court today to check if any acknowledgement had been made. Absolutely none, tomorrow im sending them a letter giving them 7 days to pay the full amount or I shall enter a judgement. Im trying to avoid a set aside so I hope this letter will help me with that.
  11. Thanks for that, I shall be at the court tomorrow, only round corner from work.
  12. If the 40 days have elapsed and they have not supplied you with statements, then they are in breach of data protection act and you can report them to the information commissioner. you'll find a link for that in the faqs. Did you use the template sar letter or did you write your own? Also did you send the £10 fee?
  13. Thanks for that info Lateralus, put me right if im incorrect, since I recieved their response making an offer 1 day after the deadline date and since they have not actually acknowledged my N1 can I push for a judgement. Incidentally, I sent a simple rejection letter [posted today 4-1-07]. Think Ive finally got the hang of this thread business.
  14. I might be able to help slightly, you say you sent your letter RMSD [ROYAL MAIL SPECIAL DELIVERY] I happen to work for R.M. When a calling card has been left and the item is returned to the sorting office it is kept in a secure locker for three weeks. I suggest you ring your local sorting office and ask for it to be redelivered, it wont cost you any extra. good luck.
  15. This is good advice Laura, remember HSBC will hang this out as long as they can to try and discourage you. also remember that nobody has lost yet, the banks have no case against you. Stick with it and once you have your money kick this bunch of guttersnipe losers into touch. POWER TO YOU.!!!!!!!
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