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  1. I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting fed up with all these online casino and bingo sites that are being adverted now. Last night I saw an advertisement for Roulette Nation about 6 times and the programme was only an hour long. Sun Bingo, Foxy Bingo, Wink Bingo and probably a lot more all offering incentives for joining up like pay £10.00 and they will double it etc. Of course playing these online sites is a personal choice but I think during this time of the "credit crunch" with people being worried about how they are going to pay their mortgage or loosing their job etc I feel the sponsors of these sites are not being very responsible and should at least cut down on the amount of times they show these adverts. They must feel they are on to a good thing or there wouldn't be so many of these gambling sites. I apologise to any people out there who like playing Bingo on these sites, but I think some people may be gambling more than they can afford and getting deep in debt. Sorry for my rant I don't post very often I usually just like to read the other posts but I feel strongly about this:-x On a happier note everyone. Chrissie:)
  2. Yes, thanks babybear39 I will send them a letter first, and get it in writing before I pay. Didn't think I'd get a result on this, and would never had sent Moorcroft a CCA request had it not been for this site. Thanks everyone. Cheers Chrissie:)
  3. Whoops sorry!!! I didn't know the attached thumb nail would come out too. I thought I'd unsuccesfully sent the attachment so I typed the page out. So I know how to do it next time:razz: Chrissie:)
  4. Hi just an update on this I wrote to the OD telling them that Moorcroft were trying to pursue an unenforceable debt. I didn't think they would reply but this morning I got a letter from them this is a part of it: "Under the circumstances, I can confirm that we requested the account to be returned to ourselves from Moorcroft Debt Recoveries and we will not be pursuing the above account for the outstanding balance of.... However, if we subsequently locate your signed credit agreement we reserve the right to recommence collection activity. As the debt remains unsatsifield this will be noted on our internal file for future reference. This information will also form part of your records at the credit reference agencies where we share information. This information will remain on your Credit Reference File for 6 years. However I note that you are making payments via Payplan. Should you choose to continue making these payments it will reduce the debt outstanding on your credit file". So basically I've "won" but I never at any point said I wont pay I'm even thinking about offering them 50% of the debt as full and final. As this debt will remain on my credit reference file and when we go to remortgage when our fixed interest rate ends at the end of next year, we want to get the best deal possible. Chrissie:)
  5. Hello Andrew, Yes sorry this has only just got sorted out though. E.on finally admitted in the end it wasn't Mum's bill it was her neighbour's. it was funny because her neighbour said she hadn't received a bill since she lived at her house and didn't even know who her provider was. I told Mum I'd write and see if I can get some compensation for the treatment she received from E.on, but Mum doesn't want me to do this she basically has just had enough so told me to leave it so really all she got from E.on was a "sorry":mad:. I think I should have wrote though because I think it was terrible what they put an old lady through, threats of debt collectors, courts etc. Cheers Chrissie:-)
  6. Hi debt4get, I've had the same problem with Moorcroft as you. When the original creditor passed it to Moorcroft I sent them a CCA request they wrote back and stated their client the OC had been unable to suppled a signed credit agreement and they returned the payment of £1.00. They said and I quote " We accept that under the section 127 (3) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 this debt is therefore unenforceable via a court order. We must inform you however that the account still remains outstanding". They then go on and ask me to forward my payment propsals. I've since had letters from their "Pre-Court Division" headed NOTICE OF INTENDED LITIGATION and court charges added on:shock:. I agree I owe the money I'm still paying the OC through Payplan I don't want to "back down" now and pay Moorcr*p. I've e-mailed Payplan asking them for advise now as it looks as if Moorcr*p wont 'go away'. In other instances I've read if a CCA can't be produced the debt get passed back to the OC but not it seems in this case. I think they maybe breeching OFT guidelines by trying to pursue an unenforceable debt and sending letters with "Pre-Court Division" on as a means to try and frighten people into paying them. When I get a reply from Payplan I'll post on here what they think. I've told Payplan in a couple of months I may be in a position to offer the OC 50% of the debt as full and final (its not a lot anyway) they can pass on it to Moorcroft if they like. Cheers Chrissie:)
  7. Just a quick update on this, Moorcr*p have sent me another letter stating they have noticed I'm still paying the OC and not them and if I don't respond to their letter they will instruct their solicitors to commence legal proceedings etc etc. How stupid are they? They already said in a previous letter because they do not have the signed consumer credit agreement the debt is unenforcable in a court of law, now they are telling me they are taking me to court!!! I've e-mailed the Office of Fair Trading as I feel now they are in breech of their guidelines. They have appeared to ignore letters I've sent to them. I've also sent a letter to the original creditor (Littlewoods) telling them I've contacted the Office of Fair Trading explaining what Moorcroft have been doing. I'll keep you posted. Chrissie:-)
  8. Thanks for your reply ScarletPimpernel, okay I'll send a letter to Littlewoods (the original creditor) maybe I could mention I'm complaining to Trading Standards about Moorcroft and telling them I shall continue to pay them until they tell me Moorcroft has a right to this debt? When you say reconsider my position do you mean if Moorcroft don't drop this I should stop paying Littlewoods and start paying Moorcroft? or stop paying them altogether? sorry if I sound "a bit thick". Thanks very much Chrissie:)
  9. Hi, Just an update on this Moorcroft thing. I sent an edited copy of the letter kindly submitted by 42man, but this morning I got a letter dated 25th March which had "crossed" in the post. This is a "Notice of intended Litigation" they want the money by 1st April in full, if I do not respond they will assume I'm purposely avioding epayment of this debt and will take the necessary steps to secure settlement which may include issuing legal action against me. They then continue to add court costs on to the debt of almost £100,00 on top of what I owe. Are they bluffing or what? I've already received a letter saying because they cant produce a signed consumer agreement they cant take this to court, so now are they using scare tactics? I'm not refusing to pay I do owe this money but as they can't prove they have the right to collect it, I'm going to carry on paying the OC through Payplan as I've always done. I've noticed at the bottom of the letter they have put and I quote "Please note we have confirmed with a major public utility that you are in occupancy at the above address" Can they do this? in this age of data protection etc? Would a gas, electric or water company tell them yes this person lives at that address? seems wrong to me but maybe they are bluffing again. Shall I just wait and see what answer I get from the letter I sent? Am I right in thinking they can't take me to court if they don't have the credit agreement and the account is in dispute? I would be grateful for anyone's thoughts on this please. Chrissie:)
  10. Thanks for the reply 42man, That is a good letter. I wasn't sure of the wording and you have to look as if you know what you are talking about even if you don't:wink:. Moorcroft did actually respond within the 12 days with a letter saying they didn't have the credit agreement but still want payment, and whilst I do not dispute the debt, they have no proof they are legally entitled to collect it. The OC didn't write to let me know the debt was being passed on to a DCA. Although Moorcroft have the right account no. etc. I've heard these old debts (and this is an old one it defaulted in 2003) get bought at auctions for next to nothing and the DCA's just try to get as much money as they can from them. Anyway I'll send a version of your letter and see what I get back. thanks again chrissie:)
  11. Hi Thanks for all your replies, I have read through the thread from elizabeth1, and this is similar, Moorcroft cannot provide the signed credit agreement, although they still want to be paid. They also want me to confirm I had the goods. To start paying them now would be like "giving in" and they have "won". I can just ignore them and carry on paying the OC through Payplan or stop paying altogether. Not sure what to do for the best. On looking through threads here regarding CCA requests most DCA's who cannot provide signed credit agreements just pass the account back to the original OC but Moorcr*p didn't they kept the account and even though they have no credit agreement still want the money. Any ideas from anyone as to what my next step would be would be appreciated. Chrissie:)
  12. Hi PriorityOne, Thanks for replying, The default has probably been on my file since around 2003, and it was the original creditor who put it there. So you think I should just ignore them now?, I think the default only stays on my file for six years am I right? then it comes off. They wanted me to reply to their letter stating that I confirm that I have received the goods (it was a catalogue) and they want my payment proposals. I have been paying the OC through Payplan so its not as if I don't want to pay, its just when these DCA's come along and start sending letters etc trying to make you pay more than you can afford, thats when it annoys me. So this time when it got passed to a DCA I thought I'd go down the CCA route. Thanks very much Chrissie:)
  13. Hi, I've looking around the site for a template letter I can send to Moorcr*p. I sent a CCA request to them and they sent a reply stating that although they cant provide me with a signed credit agreement and so the debt is not enforceable in a court of law they still want the money I owe as I had had the goods and a default remains on my file. I would like the default removed but I'm not sure how to word the letter is there a letter in the library I can use? I've looked and cant find one. Any help would be much appreciated. One other thing I was paying the original debtor through Payplan before it was passed to them, should I carry on paying the OD or what? I'm new to this and have never CCA'd anyone before. Chrissie:-)
  14. Hi spamheed, Thanks for the reply. The original creditor was Littlewoods who we had been paying through Payplan for 3 years until Moorcroft raised their ugly heads:rolleyes:. I sent the letter on 4th March by recorded delivery, their reply letter was dated 10th March. They haven't really had any payments yet because I've been paying Littlewoods. So I should just write and ask them to remove the default, then if they don't I follow the complaints proceedure? Right I'll do that thanks very much. Chrissie:-)
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