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  1. At the time people who had already bought them at full cost were giving them away almost on Ebay as they probably ended up not using it, just like I did. I'll be happy to give it away for free.
  2. i recognise the Solicitors (based in Scotland) and they have enclosed a statement of account which looks accurate. The Timeshare is in the UK. I'm happy enough that it is genuine. Once I sort out the debt, then I'll hand it back if I can or get rid of it for free. Only cost me less than £100 in the first place.
  3. I have recently managed to get rid of some historical debt as it became statute barred and thought I had gotten rid of old debt. However, I have received a letter from a firm of Solicitors chasing the recovery of fees for a timeshare we bought in 2010 privately from the previous owner. We have visited it once and paid fees once in 2011. I have not communicated with them or paid anything since 2011 As far as I am aware, I haven't received any communication from the Timeshare company or the representatives for probably 5 or 6 years. The total debt is £3670.
  4. Yes it is but I'm trying to remove it from my credit file. As there is a footprint from RBS and one from Cabot. Experian pointed out to both of them why I was diputing the accuracy of the data yet both seem unwilling to remove the defaults.
  5. Thanks. Is writing to them as bad as phoning? RBS have asked me to contact them too but they sold the debt in 2016 so am I safe enough in phoning them?
  6. Experian have gone back to the original lender, RBS with my concerns and they have said i need to contact them to discuss. Experian also did the same with Cabot and they have stated that the information they hold is correct and I need to call them. Guess I'll now be phoning them both tomorrow.
  7. I notified Experian yesterday that I was disputing the accuracy of the information that they held in so much as the debt is now SB. They have responded today to acknowledge my email and advise they have written to the parties involved. They've also put a note on my CF explaining that there is a dispute. Fingers crossed.
  8. Thanks DX. So what's my course of action now? The DN should have been sent 3 months after the last payment which would have been June 2013. I really want the Defaults removed if I can.
  9. Hi guys, this must be th elongest running thread on here. Anyway, I have an update following on from a SAR made earlier this year. The original Credit Card issuer was RBS. Payments were made up until April 2013. Since then, no payments have been made and there was no written or telephone contact with RBS. The amount owed has been fixed after that time and never increased. Furthermore, it doesn't appear that a Default Letter was ever issued by them as there is no copy in the SAR documentation. The Debt was "sold" to Cabot in 2016 and I have never communicated with
  10. OK get thanks. Last question. In order to make sure I have the correct information before asking for a Notice of Correction, can I request relevant details from the original lender (RBS) without jeopardising my position? I guess I should ask for a copy of the default letter and when the last payment was made? Should I ask for any information that has given them the idea that the day was 2013 such as a fictitious payment or perhaps phone contact?
  11. But I'm disputing the dates. They say 2013, I say 2010. If 2010 I should get them removed but I need information from the original lender (RBS) and/or Cabot. Will any letter do or is there a specific template so I don't reset the clock so to speak.
  12. Thanks, thats what I thought. Are there templates for these letters. I don't want to write to them in the wrong fashion and trigger another 5 years if not SB.
  13. UPDATE I never got around to chasing this up a recent check has shown that the duplicate bank defaults have dropped off a few months ago. I'm now left with two defaults, the original lender, RBS and Cabot. Both are for the same credit card. I'm now going to pursue this. Are there template letters to use (Scotland) to send to both the original lender for all the relevant details and to Cabot to eventually get the defaults removed? Thank you.
  14. Thanks. Debts were taken out while resident in Scotland. The current account defaults are both duplicated in my Experian Report. The accounts were terminated in Aug 2010 and both show a default date of 28/2/2011. However, there is another default date shown on the report of 31/3/2013 shown on the one with a zero balance. Should both of these come off in Feb next year? As for the credit card, I was unable to continue paying this in 2010 but the default wasn't registered with the CRA until 18/4/2013. What should I do next with these? I want them off my Repo
  15. In Aug 2010, The Royal Bank of Scotland terminated my current account and associated borrowing. At the time, I had 2 current accounts and one credit card. The debt on the accounts is £0 and £834 respectively. It was initially chased (although not sure why they were chasing a balance of nil) and I never made any payments, wrote to them, answered their calls etc. Both these accounts show on my Credit File as defaults. However the date doesn't show 2010 as it should but 2013 and 2014 presumably when they last updated them. The credit card balance was £7k+ and was again ch
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