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  1. i have received a letter from the **** asking for payment for a debt that is statue barred but they are asking for exactly £1 less than the original amount Im guessing that another **** (BCW)have used my cca payment to try to keep this alive i have no proof that this pound was a cca as that was a couple of years ago.So my question is if this did go to court how would i go about proving that . on the positive side i havent contacted them and have no intention of doing so im just curious?
  2. cg7 sorry to jump on your thread . Yes the above is perfect to send to them . But i have had the same problems as you in the past with another bunch of pests i got fed up sending them letters so stopped i get one every couple of months but i just ignore them and nothing has happened. These pests just keep going untill you pay dont give them your time if they had the right paperwork you would have already been in front of his lordship they dont so you havent.dont worry!!!!!
  3. thats what i was hoping for thanx rory
  4. go down further discdave i have used photobucket
  5. priorityone thanx for your reply but i cant see how if it doesnt say what the other items are
  6. hi diskmandave its allready on a thread ( bcw again help) just a couple below this one
  7. but the point is it doesnt state what the over items are and i dont know??
  8. the comet one is legible just but still looks like an application and still has the details above which im sure are not right how can someone enforce a debt when it doesnt say what for am i right????
  9. on my credit agreement it states the following item cost panasonic tv £0.00 other items £1290.86 total cost £1290.86 obviously they messed up but is this allowed as there is no way to find out what these other items are on this agreement
  10. some companies can cut and paste very well, not that they would ofcoarse????
  11. they do both have direct debit instructions on ,which i heard were only on applications is that right
  12. well i cant read it on the copy i have. But what i can make out is on the dfs sheet it says customer information and data protection in ascessing your aplication (then i cant read it ) thats in the box they have stamped completed. In the box under it says important please read before you sign by signing this application form and again i cant make out the rest also i see on the discription of items purchased it says furniture but not what type i dont know if thats ok on the comet sheet its a bit clearer it says customer information and data protection
  13. try this Image of bcw - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  14. oh bugger that didnt work anyone got an idea how i get the link to the agreements on photobucket
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