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  1. Thanks folks....... Havent slept for a number of nights......... In truth i had forgotten about it and havent heard anything about it for quite a while will ignore it and see what comes of it
  2. So, do i simply ignore them and wait and see if any happens?
  3. so... with all of the above in mind, what options (if any) do i have the agreement was pre 2007 - does that mean they have to supply a copy with signatures? Would appreciate what options i have
  4. The original account was an Egg account. what they have sent is the current T&Cs from Barclaycard....i believe barclaycard took over Egg?
  5. So, Given they have requested i make contact to arrange payment, what options do i have? This is an old debt and am certain it has gone through a number of Credit agencies beforehand.......... I may even have a letter stating the debt will not be enforced from the original creditor..... this obviously doesnt stop agencies from buying up this debt to pursue it Do i have any options, other than ignore it and see what actions, if any they take?
  6. So, I'm more or less stuffed then? I did recently have another letter from a creditor stating that as they didnt have the original record, they werent going to pursue the debt
  7. Hi folks, recently received a letter from m4rlin Financial Services confirming they had supplied me with a "true copy" of my CCA request. The wording of the letter is such "We can confirm that under the Consumer Credit Regulations of 1983, as permitted by these regulations, the copy of the agreement that was provided was a "true" copy reproducing the original terms and format of your agreement, but omitting signature boxes and signatures, as a matter of law the documents we provided previously constitue a "true copy" of the executed agreement along with the supplied terms and co
  8. Tried doing the Noodle Credit Check Trouble is...I now dont own any credit or debit cards............
  9. Have just been trawling through my paperwork relating to this and have found the following 1. Default letter from Halifax dated 30 Apr 2009 2. SAR letter sent 05 May 2009 3. Agreement terminated 13 May 2009 4. Copy of unsigned T&Cs received 21 May 2009 5. Letter of 'Intended Court Action' received 11 Nov 2009 6. 'Account in Dispute' letter sent to solicitors dated 18 Nov 2009 It appears this debt has been sold on many times. It now sits with 1st Credit Finance 3 Limited who wrote to me on Wednesday stating "As you have disregarded our recent letters our
  10. to be honest, not checked credit file for years Last acknowledgement must have been sometime around 2009, maybe earlier when i wrote to halifax asking for copy of agreement
  11. Hi folks, Have a credit card debt with Halifax for £4989 Sent a request for original paperwork enclosing the £1 fee a few years ago No details have been sent back to me although this debt appears to have been passed around a few agencies Never answered any of them, nor made any payments Had a letter today from 1st credit finance 3 limited stating "As you have disregarded our recent letters our local Debt Collector has been instructed to call upon you for payment. To stop this action send payment IMMEDIATELY to the above address What is my nxt action? Don
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