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  1. Thanks guys - I'm not concerned overly about the defaults but sadly Banks will be when applying for a mortgage So if I CPR Lowell and Cabot and then drag them through the courts I guess? Or can I skip all the CPR stuff and take them to court over the lack of a valid CCA??
  2. Lowell have responded and the HSBC one they have admitted to not being able to furnish a valid agreement - how can I now insist they remove the defaults in place?
  3. Hi All! Quick one - Have been dealing with Cabot for a debt with Monument (now Barclaycard) for a while now and after bouncing letters to and from got a supposed agreement from them. Its totally unenforceable as it has not been signed by them AND they have sent me a signed rapid reply card thing on A5 (which they have blown up) and 3 pages of Monuments conditions on A4 - thus not linked to my signature at all. Lowell was a HSBC debt and again is not signed by them - it may have other problems but its so small its hard to read!! Have sent them both the below - what ca
  4. Sorry if this one is obvious... If a DCA does not "own" the debt but as they say "acting on behalf" are they within the law to chase the debt or does it have to be the owner of the debt directly? I have one saying they are part of HSBC but I very much doubt it and sounds like a fob off to me
  5. Hi Guys - new guy here but I have been doing way too much reading of this forum at work! My current situation is as follows - 6 defaults on my file with Experian which obviously I would like to do whatever possible to get rid of The first is to Egg for a loan which I settled with the DCA and its marked on the report as settled in one place yet a few lines above is a second entry for the default?! I have sent Experian a brief email pointing this out to them and got this back so far... Thank you for contacting us. Your query is being handled by one of our specialist credi
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