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  1. Many thanks to everyone on the website - I settled with Barclays Bank plc out of court and now a few more of my friends are going to pursue them as well. Stevie x;)
  2. Just checked my records - I claimed up to 8% on all the dates, as per the excel spreadsheet we were originally provided with - so here's hoping.... Fingers crossed. Once again - thank you. Stevie x
  3. Yes, the female Steve. Thank you so much for this - very much appreciated. Will let you all know if I get that all important cheque / offer. Stevie x:)
  4. Hiya Glad you got a good outcome today. I only found on Tuesday about the hearing and therefore wasn't able to take time off work. My case is with Barclays. I spoke to the Court and they were very good about it and said I should submit a letter to say why I couldn't attend and that I would probably hear in about 10 days or so as to the outcome, etc. Can't believe Barclays actually sent a lawyer up - I should have rung in sick or something, but want to a clean sheet at my job Did you get the name of the Barclays lawyer? I've had no formal offer of settlement from Barclays, so just wondering what I should do next - can't really send another letter demanding payment, when I don't know what happened in Court today. Thanks so much for the update though - really appreciated. Stevie x;)
  5. Thank you so much for advising of the thread. Very much appreciated. Stevie
  6. Hello everyone Only got my papers on 5th Feb for this one in Leeds tomorrow. Rang Court and they said I had to fill in the Case Management Information Sheet - which I downloaded off the court website in pdf format, but it won't let me type into . Does anyone have a soft copy I could use? please please I've received no correspondence from Barclays since 9 Jan 07. Not sure what happens next with this. Many thanks Stevie
  7. Hello everyone I got my hearing papers for this on the 5th Feb. I'm really not sure what to do now. Rang the court and they said I had to fill in a Case Management Information Sheet - they are only in pdf format, so although I've saved it, it won't let me type anything into it. Just about to start typing it out from scratch tonight, so I can log it via email in the morning. Any advice would be great. The Court said all these cases had been listed together as they were similar, in that they were all claiming monies from the banks. Stevie
  8. Dear All Received Notice of Transfer of Proceedings yesterday 5th Feb, to say that Leeds District Registry are hearing my case, plus 57 others at 1030 am on the 7th February. Major panic, because I thought I'd get more notice. Apparently, I have to fill in a CASE MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SHEET - but the one I downloaaded off the court website is in pdf only and cannot be written in to........ HELP PLEASE...... Has anyone else had to fill one of these in? Apparently I don't need to attend, and wouldn't be able to do anyway now, as I wasn't given enough time. Apparently Judge Kaye QC is sitting in the Mercantile Court and preciding over these cases in all one sitting....... Any advise on the Casement MAnagement Infomation Sheet would be gratefully received, before I start typing it up from scratch. Stevie
  9. I've received Notice of Defence as well - hang on in there.
  10. Tanz Many thanks - will keep you posted.
  11. Hello everyone Just wondered if anyone has got to, or been past where I am? Filed my Claim form on 19th December. Just received Notice of Acknowledgement from the Court to say Barclays are intending to defend all the claim. They have 28 days from date of service, ie. 29 Dec 06, which takes me up to the 25th January. What happens next and do you think they'll settle? Thanks Stevie;)
  12. Thanks very much for the responses. Just got back from Leeds County Court, having filed my N1 forms - what a great feeling - we need to keep telling everyone we can about claiming charges back from Banks - there are still many people out there who don't know about it and this great website. Basilbusk.
  13. Hang in there with Barclays. They made me a well below parr offer, which I've rejected. Just got back from taking the N1 claim forms to the Court to take the next step - boy what a good feeling. Hang on in there - its a great feeling taking them to court. Basilbusk
  14. Welcome on board. I'm just about to get Court documents drawn up for Barclays, so hang on in there. Basilbusk
  15. Hello Tried to do my court document on line last night - a mare! It kept telling me that I was over the 1080 words, so I took quite a bit out and it still wouldn't let me continue. Point is, if I take any more out, its not going to read like I know what I'm doing, etc. Anyone else had problems and what did you do? Also, if I filled in the N1 form and took it to the Court myself, could I pay my fee there and get it stamped up and official? and then send to the bank, etc? Thanks Basilbusk
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