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  1. OK. Off to MCOL we go then. Thanks for your advice. I'll keep you posted. KB.
  2. Hi again, My better half sent off her request for payment to A+L and got the usual standard sod off letter. The LBA went in and the replay came back with a timetable outlinining their complaints procedures. I think this is just a delaying tactic but as they have now indicated a timetable to review the 'complaint' as they call it and not refused outright to repay my wifes charges can we still go ahead with court action ? . Is this a new tact or has anyone else had this before? Thanks KB.
  3. *SUCCESS* Sent off the LBA and got the standard reply. So Off we went to MCOL and A+L put in a defence. On the same day a cheque for £1656:70 arrived from one of there appointed solicters Optima. Usual format that their client rejects my claim but does not want to pursue it throught the courts so have decided to payout in full providing I drop the claim. This I will do and now look forward to do battle to keep my account open. Thank you all so far for your comments and advice. KB
  4. Yep! Standard letter. I got the same then took them to court and won. Just a stalling tactic. KB
  5. Hi Again, Recieved today the standard sod off letter. One paragraph in the letter actually say's the OFT statement refers to credit card fees and not charges on current accounts. Do they think we are stupid or is this just playing the game to the end. Anyway, LBA goes off tomorrow. keep you posted. KB.
  6. Ok, One last question. although I have an agreed overdraft the charges did not take me over the agreed overdraft limit but I can still claim contractual interest? Sorry if I am missing something here. KB
  7. Battleaxe, Thanks for that. Did you include the interest claim with the preliminary approach for payment or can i wait to add this with the LBA ?
  8. Hi Battleaxe, I have sat on this for a few days now trying to work out and get my head round contractual interset. Could you please advise what method you used? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi All, The wad of bank statements finally arrived after 42 days and just as I was about to send the LBA for non compliance of the SAR. Anyway, I have collated all the data and will send off with a preliminary approach for payment. Can anyone tell me why I can not add the 8% interest now?
  10. OK. All correspondence from now will go recorded delivery to Narborough. Thankyou all for your help so far. I'll be in touch soon with an update. KB.
  11. Does it matter where the SAR went first? I sent it to the head office at Narborough rather than Bootle. Infact, should I send all correspondence to Bootle? They are trying to extend the start date because the letter was transferred from Narborough to Bootle and are trying to use this transfer time as an excuse. Regardless, I have sent a follow up letter to Bootle expecting the data no later than 24th December.
  12. Thanks for the reply. A letter is on its way today.
  13. Thought I would give them a call today to see when the data I requested would arrive. I dated the SAR letter 12th November but they didnt present the £10 cheque until 22 November. They tell me the 40 days is from when the cheque was presented and not when the letter was first receipted at the head office so looks as though I will have to wait until 2nd Jan before start chasing again. Is this right?
  14. Hi All, New to the forums and have just started out on the road to reclaim the bank charges. The data request letter went out along with the £10 a month ago but nothing back as yet. Will keep you posted how it goes.
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