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  1. Hi, thanks for that i already have all my statments, my wife keeps everything,can you tell me,do i send the letters to halifax, or to blair oliver an scott, thanks
  2. Hi like many people me an the wife got ourselves into debt, and we used a company to help us cope,(spectrum) this was a few year ago, and i am still in the arrangement now... the interest etc on the card was stopped until around 9 month ago when they said they dont agree with spectrum etc, then started adding late payments. charges etc... the amount of £12 charges which they have added has now made the total we owe back to what it was years ago, it has now been passed to blair oliver an scott,,, can i still claim the charges back... thanks
  3. Hi, hope this helps... i sent off the cheque and request, it took them over a month to cash chq. then they sent me 1 a4 sheet of paper with only my charges on, that was on the 45 th day, i then phoned them and said this is not what i asked for, they said they was really busy because if the requests... 1 week later i got 17 envelopes through the letterbox with all my statements.... i think you should phone them
  4. Hi this has just been passed to me, dont know if its been posted already but have a read.... BBC NEWS | Business | Bank's overdraft charges upheld
  5. Hi thanks for the replys, but is it ok to send as i have shown. is that how it is normally claimed back, or is it just added onto total
  6. Hi, When filling out this letter, where it says What I require I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX etc...... i want to include my 10.00 SAR fee do i add it into the total and put a note on, or do i just add it, i dont want them draggin there heels anymore. and was thinkin if i just add it and it doesn't match their records they might start takin the howard again... somthin like this What I require I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £10.00 S.A.R Fee Total = xxxx.
  7. well this is what they said.... we are really sorry for that, WE PRESUMED you wanted to claim your charges back, so to make things easier we have sent you a list of what info you needed... i said that is fine, but i have asked for my transaction history, i have paid 10.00, you have taken it, i have not got it Sorry we will get them out... i have sent a non compliance letter...... .. it then went quiet....... i fully apologise on behalf of the halifax, it was a wrong box ticked that's all, we will make sure you receive what you have asked for..
  8. Another thing, i'm still tempted to ring them,, as they told me 10.00 for statements, 5.00 for data, i'm gonna do it now
  9. Hi, i was tempted to ring them, but why should i waste my time, i've rung them 3 times, anyway i've sent the non compliance letter, i've had enougth of them
  10. Hi Well i got somthing, can anyone tell me if this is the norm, Yesterday i had delivered a couple of A4 Sheets of paper, 1 of them with my charges on, not my statements , not my history, etc. Obviously that is not what i asked for, has this happened to anyone else. Thanks
  11. on fri, i was too busy to sort the non compliance letter out, so today i got it all ready ,gonna post it when i was on my dinner, then i thought i'll phone them. i spoke to someone in customer relations, just got the num off their web site, I couldn't beleive what i was hearing, i actually spoke to someone who was not in defence mode,, this guy fully apologised to me about it running over the 40 days, he said he would reorder my statements, and email the dept and try to find out why i had not got them , but did say because of the volume of people claiming they were busy, it helped that i had gone down the right channels as he wanted to know if i sent it all recorded, i had proof, when the cheque had been cashed, etc, then he said,sending a cheque for 10.00 is too much and people should be only sending 5.00, as this is what the halifax charge for Data , he would try and get 5.00 refunded to me,, I NEARLY FELL OFF MY CHAIR.....
  12. thanks for the replys, like you rebe my chq was cashed around 3 weeks ago, it is frustrating, but you know it's like waitin for christmas.. i'll send non compliance letter on fri, i will keep my thread updated thanks
  13. Hi, sent SAR letter off recorded,have proof,and with chq, which has been cashed,, no statements yet,, 40 days up on Fri. i emailed halifax first , no surprise,no reply... so i thought i'll ring them, spoke to a guy in customer relations, who has told me that the 40 days is 40 working days. is this correct please can someone confirm this or will i be sending them the non compliance letter.. thanks
  14. she was ok, i did feel like i had to justify why i wanted my money back, also she threw a couple of statements in like " you do know that the ruling has not been judged on bank accounts, and only credit cards" . blah blah,, i was rockin a bit,, but stick in there an she'll crack
  15. Hi, my claim nearly same as yours , same women, same story,, anyway i spoke to her on the 6th march,, i got it yesterday
  16. Thankyou everybody who has encouraged me,,, i have a result... i phoned 0121 234 1068, told them i wasn't happy with what they offered, i then felt the need to justify why i should have more, the lady then said let me see what i can do,,,, tap tap on her keyboard,, "no no i want more" i said,,, tap tap again... she then upped it to 80.00 short of what i want,, so i said ok,, one thing she did say to me in the middle of it to make me buckle was "you do know Mr josephleon that the charges which have been ruled on are only credit card charges and not bank charges" so what are you sayin,, i asked,, just thought i'd let u know,she said when money comes in,, i'll donate , i couldn't done it without this site an members... i have 2 more acc with them,, so we will be on that road again very soon
  17. Hi all,, just to let you know,, i received a letter today makin an offer 300.00 less than what i asked for,, the funny thing is, the account which i have claimed for is highly overdrawn,, and the amount of money they offered goes over the amount i owe them by £1. hope this makes sense... anyway i'm gonna ring them an see what they have to say..... gettin a bit of courage of you all before i ring em
  18. Hi, i posted same kinda ques, as i was unsure,,, it is 14 calender days
  19. Hi, another update,, Yesterday i sent LBA, sent it recorded, they got it today,, countdown has started...
  20. Hi, i have sent first letter off, on the 12th feb,, they signed for it on the 13th feb i have proof etc..i got standard letter back..(sorry your not happy,blah blah) i am just about to send my LBA letter off, before i do i want to check this with you all,, they state they didn't get the letter till the 14th.. do i send my lba off today for tomorrow as today is the 14th day , or do i wait another day, then send... just being carefull, thanks
  21. thanks for your replys,, bring on the 27th (LBA),, will keep you updated
  22. Hi all, just an update an bit of advice,, received letter today from halifax.. wot do you think, just ignore it, wait till 27 then send my lba, or phone them etc... anyway here what they said.. Thankyou for your letter which was received at this office on the 14th feb 07. we are sorry you are unhappy with the charges debited to your bank account.Please note the complaint handling rules set by our regulator, the financial services authority,gives us 8 weeks to investigate and respond to complaints. our commitment to you is that we respond to your concerns at the earliest possible opportunity. however we want to ensure the issues raised are thoroughly investigated. if, for any reason we are unable to respond to your concerns within the next 4 weeks we will write to you to update you of our progress. enclosed leaflet bla bla please quote this num if writing or telephoning bla bla malclom baxendale.
  23. Hi, i am in a similiar position, i am already in a debt managment plan with halifax, but i am movin to the cccs with a better repayment amount, i sent the first letter off 2 days ago, my reclaim of money for charges will not go in my hand, i am doing it to pay off some of the debt i owe them.. thatb is my argument if they start.....
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