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  1. I've won Junklunacy v Alliance and Leicester Donation on its way Junklunacy
  2. Have checked my account and taken out the money. Took a while but I have got ALL of my claim back. I am a bit miffed that the court has not been in touch as i haven't heard anything from them in weeks. Anyway i'll be posting a letter to them to formally close my case.
  3. I've received a letter from A&L saying that they have calculated my claim and have now paid the interest they failed to pay me. However they paid me the interest and charges and NOT the court fee. Anyway I'm £5.16 up on the overall amount so matter now closed! I have to check my account though as they were to close it at end of last month and that's were they were going to pay the money in to.
  4. Nothing yet from the court on a date nor anymore communication from A&L...
  5. I am continuing with my claim to get the court fee. AL hasn’t replied since I sent the AQ which the end date for submission was today. I expect a court date shortly.
  6. They paid me the charges and interest but failed to include the court fee even though it was made clear to them what the FULL amount was.
  7. AL have still not paid me the £80 court fee!! They sent me a letter saying they will look into my complaint!! What complaint!!! I'm sending off my AQ to the Leeds Court and AL today. Hopefully this will speed up the money men at AL.
  8. I will pay the o/d back but I am definately irrate about AL treatment and will be glad to end my banking with them and will draft a letter for the FSA. To date I have received £832 from them which excludes the court fee.
  9. Yes I have an account with Barclays even after winning my claim with them and will transfer to this if I have to. I just wanted to know my position.
  10. Received a letter today from AL saying they are going to close my account in 30days and that any overdrafts should be paid by this time. If after this time i'm unable to make full and imediate payments they can accept repayment proposals. Although doing this may result in my 'situation' being registered by a credit reference bureau. Can anyone advise me on this as I have no plans to pay £500 odd straight away and will gladly enter into a repayment plan? NB Still pursuing them for the £80 court fee!!
  11. Well done Ros2710!!! I have cashed the cheque from AL, however I sent them a letter and the courts saying AL still owe me £80 for the court fee. Still waiting for that however I am still going to start a judgement via MCOL if I don't receive anything back from AL by the end of the week!!
  12. BTW they mentioned nothing about confidentiality agreements, although they did say like the others that there is no admission of liability and that my account would be reviewed since I did not accept the banks terms and conditions.
  13. I've received a letter from AL offering to settle. However the total amount doesn't include the £80 court fee. I will be cashing the cheque (once cleared) writing a letter accepting it as partial payment. I will also be informing the court of this development.
  14. Most banks fall over at some point from here on in but for my piece of mind I'll keep up the pressure with my paperwork
  15. More than enough of my time has been spent reading threads on this forum and I've been through the process with Barclays. What else do you think I can learn from reading more blogs saying I've won I've won bla bla bla....?
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