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  1. Thanks Baz for your reply which is valued. But could someone out there plese tell me whether or not i am still liable for the whole years amount? I had a liability order againist me but as you know it is for the whole year. Can i contact council and get the amount amended as i only owe half the bill? Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. I received a liability order in september but have just moved out. Can i now go back to the council and have the amount amended? Any help thanks.
  3. I have today received a hand delivered letter through the door. The amount owed is £470. It states unless pay in full, we make take committal preceedings or commence bankruptcy preceedings. I made a payment of £26 a month and made my 1st payment with the offer, received a reply rejecting my offer. 2 questions though, as I understand it I can only be committed for point blankly refusing to pay, and also how can they make me bankrupt when it's under £750. Any answers anyone. Thanks.
  4. This is this earlier link I found. I posted it on Pepipoo before I went to work this morning. Sorry forgot to update this site. Fury At Parking Fines Extortion (from Lancashire Telegraph) Sorry again to you boys/girls debating this for not posting.
  5. A private parking company has won a case in the county courts regarding parking charges. Bayliffs Called In After Car Park Court Victory (from Burnley and Pendle Citizen)
  6. It is, they changed them on October 9th 2006. That's by an FOI request and I have seen the one's they now use. But unfortunately they started DPE on Sept 6th 2004. 'Restitution' rings a bell!
  7. Ring and ask them for a copy of the photo.
  8. Hello Tony. Was wondering if you could complete the story of what happened in this Poole case, as I read somewhere (can't remember where) that Fred was victorious and got £80. Could you fill us in as he never completed the story? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-wardens/43654-my-claim-restitution.html And wouldn't go into detail on pepipoo. Any comments welcome about this reply from Poole? - FightBack Forums
  9. It got sent back to Cr*p 1, it's now with Capquest. Useless muppets!
  10. Got offered 50% of claim £770. Which was refused. Told them we will accept 85% which is £1309. Cheque has arrived, so have accepted it. Thanks to all on this website. Natwest & Leeds done. Birmingham Midshires, Citi Financial. You're Next. Thanks again.
  11. Hello Shunn 1st point. Is it your car, i mean registered to you, as the copy you have scanned says: 'To the driver' And if and if not. I wouldn't worry. Because they will pay £2.50 to DVLA to get the keeper details, and try to get the fine off them. But it says 'To the driver', and you are under no obligation to inform them who was driving. So politely tell them to 'fcuk off' with their p*ss ant point threats.
  12. He won. I read somewhere the total was £80, but I don't know how it came to that, but I read his thread on Pepipoo. Been meaning to start my claim before now, but the letter is going tomorrow. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-wardens/89773-restitution.html
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