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  1. Hi After rejecting their offer, Barclaycard sent me a copy of the first letter that they sent with their offer. Time has passed now and I am now starting my MCOL. Could anybody help out - could you please supply me with an address for Barclaycard that I am able to put on the claim. Apparantly I can't put the PO Box 599, Manchester address. Does anyone else know the proper address please? Thanks
  2. Hi All I have begun my great journey to reclaiming my charges of £670 + interest £159.01 from Barclaycard. Sent DPA letter - received copies. 26th Oct 2006 - Sent 1st letter Preliminary Approach for Repayment 8th Nov 2006 - Received first offer of £274. They even credited the amount to my account that day! 8th Nov 2006 - Politely declined offer of settlement and accepted the sum offered only as part settlement on the understanding that I would pursue the recovery of the remaining amount. Awaiting response. Does anyone know - do they then take back their settlement amount that they have credited to my account now that I have declined it or do they let it sit there until matters have been resolved one way or another? I am getting a little nervous as I now have to sent my final letter to them before action tomorrow - which means I'm gonna have to get geared up for the legal work - is this easy peasy? What info is easy to understand? Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have just joined this forum and have already begun collecting my information to write my first letter to my bank. I have opened a new bank account and looking forward to retrieving some of the funds that have been unlawfully taken from me from my old bank. I was tired of phoning call centres and then being told when I get a £10 refund that I should be grateful!!!? - I don't see how when in one month they took the equivalent of 20% of my net salary and trust me that is a lot when you have a family as big as mine. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading your posts on the forum and hoping to give you some good news regarding my situation in the near future. Thank you for this forum - I really do believe that as consumers we can change the way in which banks practice. Cheers skyscully;)
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