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  1. They have put a temporary overdraft limit on my account while im paying it back which will decrease by £100 every month so i can avoid any more charges
  2. they basically said that because they are two different departments in the same bank that they cant do a deal. I made a repayment plan and they have put my account on hold until it is sorted. Then they suggested that i carry on with my charge claim as i have been but they couldnt do anything about it. Not much more than i expected but at least they are not going to put a default on my credit record now.
  3. a few months ago i got drunk and ended up using my barclays debit card to gamble online, i ended up going about £500 overdrawn and i dont even have an overdraft limit. I still have a claim with them that was put on hold for about £700. Do you think that if i phoned them up and offered to drop the claim if they reset my balance to 0 they would accept? To be honest they should never have let me go that far overdrawn in the first place, there should me measures in place that just stop people going over their limit.
  4. Ive got a pretty bad credit history over the last few years. Does anyone know if this will have an impact on my ability to get student finance??
  5. Hi, I recently received a letter from NatWest asking me to pay my outstanding unauthorized overdraft of about £400. The thing is all of that money is just charges that the bank have added to my account at £28 each month, I havnt used that acount in over a year and they had been charging me every month because it was a negative balance and i dont have an overdraft. I have already sent my request to NatWest for the repayment of my charges but because of the OFT case it has been put on hold. Can the bank make me pay this or would i be able to send them a letter saying that i refuse to pay the balance until the OFT test case is over because all of the negative balance is made from charges that they gave me. Any help would be appreciated
  6. How would i go about claiming back on my old barclaycard from about 3 years ago that i had a default on when i have lost or thrown away all of the statements and details about the account
  7. ill give them till monday since their letter was dated 21st june and then if no response send the LBA, Thanks
  8. I sent natwest my inital aproach for payment and then received a letter back saying that this could take 6-7 weeks for them to come to a decision. Is this usual? Shall i send the letter before action anyway or just wait for what they are going to send me in the next letter. Any advice or help would be appreciated
  9. ^^ i have myself a green card already, so there will be no visa time
  10. Hi, Ive got a loan at the moment with beneficial finance and i have about £4000 left to pay. Im meant to be emmigrating to america in two months though and doubt ill be able to pay it off while im living in america as effective as i would be in england. Would they chase me all the way to america to claim the £4000 and bring me back to england to take me to court or would they just see it as lost money. Also, when i come back to england on holiday will I be stopped at customs because of my unpaid debt?? I did plan to pay the loan back when i got it 5 years ago but its just been slow going and now ive got this chance of a lifetime to move to the states but i cant afford to pay back the loan. Any responses would be appreciated
  11. How would i go about claiming back on my old barclaycard from about 3 years ago that i had a default on when i have lost or thrown away all of the statements and details about the account
  12. hi, im new and am hoping to gain some information from here as to gain back my bank charges that ive been charged over the last year or so, it must be at least £800 by now that theyve charged me because of being a penny overdrawn or because i paid off the overdraft one day too late.
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