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  1. I spoke to my local council about my council tax debt and they said I only owe them £130... but the bailiffs are wanting me to pay nearly £400 and adding charges all the time! I cant afford that!
  2. The original thread was written by my daughter, the url is http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/currys-dixons/63574-currys-laptop-sales-goods.html
  3. Currys have answered my complaint about my faulty laptop but they have missed some vital points in there defence... where do i put the points that are wrong? Iv got an aq and im not quite sure what to do with it? Thanks
  4. Woolwich have agreed to pay up but they want us to stop court action, when we rang the court, they advised us to not stop action until we had the actual money but we have a court date on 5/4/07 for a directions hearing, does anyone know what we do now please? Thanks
  5. So have they settled yet then? x
  6. Yeah, thats it.... what is it? do you know? x
  7. We received a letter today saying that we have a case management conference taking place on 5th April and we have to attend. Its also been transfered to a different court! x
  8. Thank you so much, you have been of great help! x
  9. Right, iv got that... Iv put them in the other info bit, is that right? I dont need to send another copy of the charges at this stage, do i? I wasnt going to... also, do I have to send a copy to the bank as well as the court or just send the aq back to the court? x
  10. Sorry to interrupt on someone else's thread but what do you do if the judge grantts the directions? I dont understand exactly what theyre saying x
  11. I understand how to fill the allocation questionnaire in, im just confused on what the directions are saying I must do afterwards... Im also unsure as to what part of the other information applies to me x
  12. bump... someone must know please?
  13. We got this today and we have set about filling it out and sending it back but there is one part where im not sure what to do and that is part F: Proposed Directions... What do we put and where please? Also, I seem to have a problem understanding the defence or part of it anyway, if i scanned it, would someone look please? we dont want to do this wrong. Thanks
  14. Thank you, that works better!
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