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  1. This topic was closed on 03/08/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi there I have a problem with the above companys I bought a camcorder from ebay, and with paypal. Both of us left possitive feedback for each other and i thought that everything was good. I took the camcorder out of the box, and charged it up and it didnt work. I emailed the seller, but received nothing. So i waited a few days and emailed again. Still no responce. So i took the camcorder to a repair shop, to be told that it's as dead as a brick and it would be cheaper to buy a new one. I paid with credit card, NBNA. What can i do? paypal chargeback has failed as the sell
  3. I bought a new xbox 360 drive from a shop called mod chip fitters. My old one died and i needed a new drive. I got it, and it was not working. £65 inc special del I was told by them to send it back to them and they would replace it with a brand new drive. So i sent it back, with the whole consol (£11) i got a phonecall today, from them to say there was nothing wrong with the drive, and i would have to pay £35.99 to get it back - i asked why and they said £10 fitting, so i took that off right away and came to £25.99. He broke it down and said it was £10 for his half hour "
  4. Hi, want to go a holiday with a friend, somewhere in the middle of england. We looked at the lakes, and it is a very nice place, however there is not that much to do. We want it quiet though, and we do like the countryside. York is one place but we wnated a choice to look through and then decide. It has to be the middle though as we are both coming from opposite ends. Any ideas?
  5. Do the banks have legal access to our accounts without our permission? I mean, in taking the fees. If we owe anybody money and they want it back, they normally write to us telling us to pay them, and then if we do not, they take us to court. The banks on the other hand just go in to our accounts and take without our permission. Is this legal? When we signed the terms and conditions when we opened our accounts - did we sign the right for them to do this?
  6. mclaren


    Put in a claim for £17.50 to be refunded - i know its small but still.... got the letter back from them, saying they would give me £8 back and not the full £17.50. He said that legally they should ask for £12.00 as reccomended by the OFT but they put it to £17.50 because they want it to be a deterrant. Should i reject the £8 and go ahead to the £17.50? I think i will but i want to get some other opinions on it first. He said he would refund the £5.50 and the rest was intrest "out of good will"
  7. eBay.co.uk: RECLAIM YOUR BANK CHARGES! SAVE ££££`S IN BANK CHARGES! (item 220026492492 end time 20-Sep-06 19:01:21 BST) as you can see, links to here are being sold!
  8. i got a letter this morning - telling me a cheque had bounced (very starnge cos i had enough cash in the account) - and that a charge of £38 would be applied. I got a call about 30 mins ago, asking me to get to the hospital quick as my friends sister has been rushed in - i went to the atm to lift money out to get the taxi up there - and i put it in and my account is now at -£28! the [edit] have already taken out the charge! - i called up about 5 numbers and got through to the telephone banking - to dispute this, i explained my circumstances, and the person couldnt care. he said the
  9. quick note on this i wrote a letter in to them explaining all this and that i felt i was being not welcomed to telewest - they phoned me up, and they said we will give you tv drive for £5 a month + extra for channels, i declined, and went ahead with uninstall. they then went on to call again and offered me normal tv pack with normal box, 4mb broadband, phone with caller id for £29.50 for the next 12 months. the phone and internet was costing me £35.50 alone before so i am saving £6 per month £72 a year plus the cost of caller id £1.75 so im saving a total of £93 a year because of this
  10. Basicly, i have had the telewest tv drive for 13 days (this is the 9th working day). When i went to get the tv drive, i called up telewest and i expressed my intrest in the tv drive. I said that i was already a sky customer and i was going to have to wait till sky installed HD box which would take weeks. Anyway, the man at the other end of the phone said that i would have the box installed for the 7th june. He then went on to ask how i wanted to set it up. I said tha ti wanted a new contract so i would be in full control of the tv. He said that iw odul be better to put it on to my mums account
  11. well went in today and the money was in, the whole £238. Unfortunatly the pending charge was still on the system. I called up today, and spoke to a man, and gave all the details, and he was nice as anything, UNTILL i mentioned the words "out of court settlement" and he started to change. I told him i was not happy and even although i have signed a statment to say i will not take the bank to court over this matter, that because they have broken the terms of that agreement, i have the right to do so. He then said "unfortunatly" and i said, "what, system down?" and he said "yes, im afraid s
  12. Yes, i got written conformation on the 12th of April 2006. I will go to the bank tomorow, and if it is not in, then i will take your advice and say i want all 100% of the money and i will send the 2nd letter, and i will not take no for an answer I think the bank has a cheek saying they will give me most of the money back but do not put it in straight away.
  13. how long should i wait till the money is in my account again? if it is not in by the date advised, what should i do.
  14. i got a phonecall from BOS this afternoon. Friendly person said they are willing to give me a maximum of £127 from the £292 (at the time of 1st claim £264) - i said it was a nice offer but i am not going to accept it. I knew that i could have taken the bakn to court and got all the money back. She then went on to talk about the legality of the fees - and she said that they were legal, i claim they are not. I went on to say that i would not accept £127 because it was such a low sum compared to what i could get at court. She then went on to say she would be willing to give me the maximum of £200
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