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  1. Hi thanks i will get on with doing just that.. they sent another letter to my sisters today? this is a large envelope with county court judgement information in it and they say they are going to issue a claim form within 3 days? how can they do this when my sister has told them countless times that i have never lived there? she has even started putting the phone down on them and her OH has sworn at them a few times too...they just wont stop. its driving us all very angry! especially me has i thought this was over and done with in 2004. i also feel bad for my sister and she i
  2. Hi yes two different addresses which is why i think the bank passed that one onto their other bank.. My sister however has rung me again upset because these people who are now identified has HFO are still ringing her daily and sending letters there. which letter do i send to them from my sister warning of harassment? which i would copy the TS into it with a complaint. she is worried so i have told her i am coming back on here for the next step. I dont want to ring them myself until i find out the dates to make syre it is statute barred which i am sure it is. thanks
  3. Hi thanks for your replies. I understand what you are both saying. i only mentioned the bin because i do not see what i get from the council and i havent ever asked them for anything, so basically after bad experiences with them i washed my hands of them. its a disgrace they put costs on top so quick though. Thanks.
  4. I rung the council after getting a letter saying i was in arrears of £35. The lady said i was supposed to pay near £4 a month and i was £ 36 behind and if i didnt pay there would be costs and further action, i told her that i was awaiting advice from the cab and i would get back to her. I said i was on incap ben anyway and the assessment said i should pay 0. 3 days later they have now sent a summons with £30 costs on top!!!! i also said not only do i not have enough to live on but i do not and never have had a bin and i take my rubbish to the tip. I live alone on £87 p.week and my o
  5. would hitting both the company and the the hospital/medical with a commercial lien work?
  6. The thing is that it is only from this company that i recieved the dca correspondence from.. like i mentioned the other was sent to my sisters house which leads me to believe they worked between each other and surely that cannot be right under the data protection. would that show up if i did a subject access request?
  7. Hi Thanks for your reply. I am working out just what to do here so the first thing is the HFO problem. I am trying to get over to see my sisters neighbours. i will post what i get back if thats ok. A
  8. Hi Well i have found out that the legal people defending my employers also do government outsourced work for the dept of justice and that they do the DoJ and tribunal payroll! So they virtually run the DoJ and tribunal service?? doesnt that amount to a conflict of interest? because like i have said it seems like i am fighting against my employers as well as the tribunal who are clearly biased and block any attempt i make for disclosures or anything and seem to want to throw my case out at the first excuse.
  9. Hi I am trying to get to see my sisters neighbours to find out more and if any names were mentioned. I will call welcome and ask them for any details but it was from that long ago that i dont have anything in writing or any details of account etc, would they still give me any details? I'll get in touch with the oft too after I get some details and then I will then call back here and post my findings. But firstly I have just been knocked over and in shock by 2 letters that have come to my house over the last 2 days from a company called Capquest. I have only been here for 6 m
  10. Hi Coledog and dadofholly Thanks for your replies. Did this letter come to your correct address? No because I have never lived there ever, I asked to use it once as a postal only address because I had split up from a then girlfriend, it was only an c/o address. Did the people who contacted your sister's neighbour say they were from HFO? I don’t know this but cannot think who else it could be especially has that letter came through, I don’t know this neighbor. Do you know when the last payment was made on this? I am pretty sure the last payment made was in 2004. W
  11. Thanks GH Well done on your case stayed outcome I read with interest the great work that was done from coledog, brig and donkey et al. I think in my case as others, its another typical rush tactic for them to get money in by any means possible before SB, even if it involves harassing people you dont even know who may or may not live in your district but are close to a relative!
  12. HI After seeing the great help you have given others to beat these animals can you help? My sister is in a panic because one of her neighbours contacted her and said they had been getting harassed by 2 blokes on the phone 06/09/11, who were asking about me and my whereabouts and whether or not i lived at my sisters. Well i have never lived at my sisters but a few years ago i used it as a C/O address once to something not connected. My sister does not know these neighbours and neither do i, yet they are being harassed by phone. It concerns a Loan I had in 2003 for a car which wa
  13. Hi when i was phoned and told my case was struck out prematurely the lady said i could appeal. I did this in writing and by email the same day with an email receipt from them confirming their receipt. when eventually i received a reply they stated that if i complied then they will allow my case! They never mentioned anything about the appeal that i had put in they seemed to ignore that and my questions also about not following procedures etc and basically are treating me like **** because i am not represented, its all of them against me. I had sent them a letter from my doctor confirmi
  14. Hi No not complied yet as i told them if i was to comply then i would take the time given in the last order because i was sick, awaiting a reply on that.
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